Action Bronson Eats The Best Colombian Food in NYC

Action Bronson Eats The Best Colombian Food in NYC

as a intense game this is Mexican volleyball it’s modified you could throw you don’t have to really only hit with fingertips oh what a save that was you want to play [Music] I have X I have athletic travellish man oh now I’m warmed up I’m ready to go dance my little heart away eat some amazing Colombian food we’re in Flushing Meadow Park right now the home the mecca five minutes from my crib we just show you the lake is one of them and you can see Home Depot from here we’re about to enter into a Colombian thing it’s a mini festival in the park every Saturday all different types of people from around here people that travel from all over the world just to come eat the food show with the people everybody just comes out here and starts cooking up tell me what is nobody what do we have here for young people eat oats and pork sausage we got some steak useful for right here what should we do so we do some training when I think we should go with a little dummy I’m on the move Cody Sego funky night [Music] one cheese on this one cheese on it that’s what crazy that beautiful chorizo panty Arabic on cash on them god this is something else [Music] Oh [Music] it’s just why you do this is the have that feeling of home comment we can just you know we gotta get a feel of Cali whether ye Bogota everyone who stops together we have a good time you know to eat it’s beautifully [Music] this is the homemade tamales constrain from one of the most famous claims former city Columbia tamale native to Cali Colombia made by this lady every day for I don’t know how many years and this is probably the most you see what’s going on I snuck off to get shrimp come on shrimp ceviche I don’t like to be save it’s not made in the street we only like Street ceviche [Music] I love it amazing which one with the empanadas over there please right there thank you we’re gonna go back over to him what’s in chicken take a little fight to make room for the sauce tastes like a tea flippin northern [Music] [Music] what is that over there the fruit the drink up with the heart begone shall be called a fellow fool punch Columbian fruit punch apples grapes bananas everything in it in choosing who go with some lower condensed milk and everything is just a mixture of the fruits like a fool but I’m ready to do so many different things doesn’t that empower you I feel like I’ve just read six books [Music] [Applause] they’re those my doodles of blue star so beautifully damn son straight through I’ve had that dish before but I’ve never had it shot on the barbecue like that that’s next level where they mess is crazy it’s saying that this shit’s been going on for twenty years under my nose right here and we didn’t know this has been going on since I got to the US which was in 1999 I grew up playing soccer here we should spend all day here if you go on two to three in the morning now it changed a little bit but it is what it is you still have fun we come out here with the family you guys trust me you part of us you part of us now go give different queenship our Colombian straight out but never going almost full color I’m straight of wood but yeah cheers everybody but yo – hi Jo Jo right here this is Calle Ocho right here in Queens ah talk about now we got to do 20 more of those to have me dancing like a citizen [Music]

100 thoughts on “Action Bronson Eats The Best Colombian Food in NYC”

  1. That’s shit Ain’t Mexican volleyball Mexicans don’t touch Balls pops !!! FOh with that shit Action you coming from Queens should know better

  2. 'This is how we grow up'

    'You saying this shit has been going on for twenty years under my nose and we didn't know about it?'

    Action Bronson is a fraud. Ask Ghostface Killa, too.


  4. I love how nobody is bitching about "cultural appropriation". People are just enjoying eachothers company, and sharing some food of their own culture. If food cant bring people together, then idk what will. This is something beautiful, lets all embrace one anothers differences!

  5. I’ve noticed a lot of black Latino love letting everyone know that they created all the dances & music in Latin American, and rightfully so bc they did. But here? Arepas are an indigenous food and so are the tamales. In fact tamales are a mesoamerican food. Colombians don’t even have a lot of Native American blood to be claiming these dishes like mestizo’s in Central America

  6. Dude, that quote " I feel like I just read 6 books". I know exactly what he means. Traveling or embracing other cultures, broadens the mind. Respect.

  7. What's up with the "F-Bombs" hermano? I know your vocabulary is better than this. Strong believer of "free speech", "live & let live". Don't take this the wrong way, NOT AN ATTACK, just coming from a positive place. I know ur mama "learned u better than this." Enjoyed the video, been to many Colombian parties in SoCal over the years, but at private homes or event venues. Wish we had something like you have in Queens out here. Colombians do know how to have a good time. Thanx for sharing. "Solo bajale unas rayas a las F Bombs".

  8. Why don't I live there right now!!! My peoples! I miss it. I always grew up away from it. Only seeing bits here and there. And once I lived a year in Colombia, finally, I got to experience it all for that year. I wasn't ready. I came from the US to Colombia. I hated it at first. All the amenities gone. But now, that's all I'd want. Chill fun times every night if you wanna. Good food, street food, street fun, music, girls, dancing… Party! Cali, Colombia. The city I was born in. I don't know about LIVING there though. It's dangerous. I might try NYC one day. I can't seem to stay in one country for too long so it's getting time to leave London in a few more years.

  9. Everything tastes like the bomb when you are high af, I once ate bimbo cookies when I was faded and that shit tasted like the most bomb ass dessert i’ve ever eaten in my life 😂

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