Ada Kettle Ajaib! Automatica Pourover Brewer [Review]

Ada Kettle Ajaib! Automatica Pourover Brewer [Review]

Hi, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Youtube Otten Vlog’s Channel ! For coffee lover who has hobby on using dripper or pour over coffee. Or even brewing with V60. The biggest challenges are to arrange your flow rate, timing and the rotation of kettle. What you produce today, might be different with tomorrow. Especially when having bad mood will possibly produce bad coffee. To specially produce consistent brewing, that’s why it always has innovative thing. That is Automatica. With this super innovative thing, which is all has been automatically. It’s from Saint Anthony Industries. Where their workers are veteran designers, engineers, and craftsmen. Automatica is produced by Machina Maximus, the machinery division of Saint Anthony Industries. The most exciting part is just doing nothing. Just one click of button, all will be brewed specially to get a delicious coffee. Beforehand, don’t forget to hit subscribe button ! We’re going to explain what is on inside and discuss about the weight. Of course, it’s quite heavy. You can’t bring it anywhere. Just place it on cafe, home or office. It’s great, but not suitable for traveling. Precisely, it’s 5.1 kg. This rounded black can spin slowly. This is table turn. To pour from the kettle to server, There is a tilt on this side. Let me up this kettle for you ! You can move kettle into a sloping position. When pouring, the kettle will be in sloping position. All materials are from stainless steel, aluminum and brass. On this bottom, you can see light buttons there. This is power button. Where it shows your kettle is being heated. This button shows that it’s on ready position to pour on server. For the kettle itself, I have fill the water. The kettle can fit 1650 gram of water. Make sure to not pour over the maximum line. Just don’t pass the maximum line. Let’s start brewing ! Before brewing, you need to download first the Automatica app. Download Automatica app for Android and IOS. Then, connect to bluetooth to adjust the recipe selection. Click the button and brew automatically. Brew by itself without you to keep on watching the process. And also pour with using kettle. No need to that, use the app only. I have download the Automatica app. Just click like this. To connect the phone and kettle, just push the button. It turns on already. As to connect the phone and kettle with bluetooth method. After that, click 3 points button and search machine. Click and it shows your machine ID. Wait for a while to be connected. After you click your ID, Fill in the default password which is 000000 (zero in six times). I have tried it just now so I’ve been logged in already. Connect then fill in the default password which is 000000 (zero in six times). You can make your own recipe. Click library. Add recipe. Make your own recipe. It has many selection of choices. Fill anything on the recipe name. Next is boil delay. Choose time for boil delay even it has till 20. Boil delay is when your water has boiled already, don’t want to pour directly. You can wait for a while. It can drop the water temperature. So I choose for 15 seconds after boiled. Click save. Next is volume, how many ml you want to choose ? It starts from 250. This kettle can brew until 450ml. I choose 250 ml with 1 : 15 ratio. Next is pours. You want it to pour for how many times. It starts from 0 to 10. I choose 6 as it’s beautiful number. Next is brew time. Choose anytime you want it done. The number shows as seconds. It starts from 150 seconds. Click save. Everything is done, click save. It’s failed as the recipe name can’t be more than 12 characters. Let me edit first the recipe name. I change it to Otten. As Bernice coffee is too long. Click save. I have got the Otten recipe. You can just click send. Then your recipe will be brewed by this super kettle. Let me prepared first my server and coffee. So it can brew automatically. Wet the paper filter. Next, put medium coarse ground coffee. It’s 15 gram of coffee. Lightly even the ground. Turn down the lever from this back. So the kettle can prepare to heat the water. Put the server on table turn. How to know if you are connected or not ? You can see the light blink three times. I don’t think it has connected, I will press send button again. All we can do is just keep waiting. Simsalabim! Look at that ! The kettle pours by itself. While waiting, you can do any kind of activities without keep watching the process. Let the kettle works automatically. You can see the rotation and water flow are quite precision. Straight right to the target 😀 Just now, I chose the rotation of pour was 6. So, it will rotate 6 times for 3 minutes (180 seconds). It seems like this is the last rotation. The last rotation ! This time looks like I just did nothing. The newest innovation is so cool from coffee world ! If you have done with your coffee, The light will turn off. It’s time for you to enjoy your coffee. Push down the button to turn off. Let the water flow for a while. It’s done ! Then, you can enjoy your coffee. I’m going to try the coffee. Amazingly delicious ! Maybe the taste is a bit bitter. I think as the water is too hot. It’s better if I choose longer the boil delay to 20 seconds. So, it will have much longer resting time. When I brew, it’s surely not to be very hot. The taste will be bitterless. Maybe that’s the reason why. You can adjust the setting app based on your own taste. I think this Automatica is very newest innovation. It’s very easy and simple to use. Adjust the setting app. You can make a lot of recipes. Depend on what coffee with different rotation. Mostly in F&B (Food and Beverage) wants to get consistent result. Whether it is food or beverage, needs some consistency. To keep consistency on your beverage. This kind of equipment is so perfect for the consistency of beverage. Sometimes barista is so busy or having bad mood. It will probably produce bad coffee. It might be happened while brewing coffee, you know human error. We have done reviewing this coffee equipment. What is your opinion ? Do you like this Automatica ? All with full technology without any human touch. Or maybe you prefer to have barista brew coffee at the bar while talking some unimportant stuff ? Do you prefer barista or this cool kettle ? Comment anything on comment box below. I want to hear out your reason. Subscribe Youtube Otten Channel ! Follow Instagram : @ottencoffee Comment, Like and Subscribe !

19 thoughts on “Ada Kettle Ajaib! Automatica Pourover Brewer [Review]”

  1. Sepertinya alat ini lebih cocok digunakan di cafe / kedai. Kalo untuk barista amatir rumahan malah justru mengurangi kenikmatan dalam menyeduh kopi

  2. Saya sangat apresiasi sekali karena semakin banyak alat kopi yg canggih, berarti dunia kopi sudah sangat diperhatikan.
    Beda orang, beda lagi cara menikmati proses. Mungkin alat ini cocok untuk orang2 yg super sibuk sehingga tidak bisa nyeduh kopi sendiri. Tetapi, saya pribadi bersyukur masih bisa nyeduh kopi sambil menikmati ritual seduh.
    Salam kopi, dari Kerinci, Jambi

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