Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC visits Brewery Fire in Taneytown, Maryland

Hey my name’s Kirk Seese. I am owner of
BB murals out of Lutherville, Maryland. I got involved with Brewery Fire by a
phone call from I think Dave Palmer and was interested in contracting a large
exterior mural. And the fact that it was sci-fi and fantasy themed got my attention immediately. I have painted many Star Wars themed murals for you know kids rooms, but something like this where it was just an amalgamation of all
characters across the spectrum from you know gaming, TV, film and when I got the
list from David & Jesse about what characters they wanted they were all my
my favorite characters from my favorite movies so it’s been a real treat. You can check out my work at this kind of work you got to see it in
person and if you’re in the area come out to brewery fire in Taneytown and
get your picture taken you know next to your favorite character bring your
friends dress up have a good time [JAZZY LOUNGE MUSIC] [COIN POWER UP SFX]

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