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what’s up guys welcome back to healthy
recipe we’re going to be making probably one of the easiest recipes we ever had
on this channel as far as ingredients we’re gonna make a chuck tender roast
and we’re gonna do it on the airfryer we’re only using like three or four
ingredients for this recipe it’s gonna be really delicious super simple for
those of you guys that are a little intimidated by cooking or the amounts of
ingredients I use sometimes this is gonna be something that anybody can make
and it’s gonna be super easy so let’s get right to work okay so I told you it
was gonna be easy look at the ingredients there’s absolutely nothing
to this recipe I’m using first Worcestershire sauce as our marinade
this stuff is great if you don’t use it on your meat I highly recommend it it’s
cheap it’s all natural and it’s delicious I’ve been using this stuff
forever I have about a two pound grass-fed chuck
tender roast this is a nice little roast meat piece of meat that people usually
use just for that really really delicious it’s pretty tender not a lot
of fat I have some fresh pepper garlic salt and dried thyme and that’s
basically all the ingredients that we’re using all right so we’re gonna marinate
this right here I’m gonna put first Worcestershire sauce so I’m doing
generous amount probably four to five tablespoons at least this stuff guys
like I said even on your steak after it’s cooked you put this on it is
absolutely delicious is so good so I’m gonna do about a half a tablespoon or
Lori’s garlic salt and this is the only salt that will be
on this so you kind of want to use a decent amount especially when you’re
roasting it’s not a very salty garlic salt you could also use garlic powder
and your own salt if you like then I’m using about tablespoon or so of dry
thyme so now we’re gonna add about a teaspoon or so of black pepper freshly
cracked and you just set this aside for like 30
minutes to marinade and then after that you can put it in your oven or your
airfryer like I’m doing so we’re gonna set this aside and we’re gonna come back
and put her in our air fryer okay guys so it’s been about 30 minutes we’re
gonna go ahead and put our beef in our air fryer I put it on the bottom rack
here juice over the top I’m gonna give it about 20 minutes or so try to get it
towards medium-rare so 20 minutes maybe 15 minutes at 350 degrees things I love on the airfryer okay guys so this should be about done
go ahead and take it out bring it over to our cutting board and we’re gonna
slice it okay so I’ve let this rest for about 15
minutes I’m gonna go ahead and cut it see what it looks like here we go perfect medium looks really juicy guys like a medium tourist a medium rare
maybe look super tender got great that looks I’m gonna go ahead
and give this a try for you guys looks beautiful right so there you have
it guys there is my chuck tender roast cooked in
the airfryer super easy recipe as you guys saw let me know if you guys want to
see more simple recipes like this not a whole lot of work and a whole lot of
taste so I hope you guys enjoyed it give us a thumbs up if you liked it subscribe
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys really soon on the next one okay so
I’m gonna give this a try let you know how it is guys let me see how it came
out with it smells really really good I was actually gonna put some hot sauce
on it but I just want to have the real taste of it to give you an honest
opinion hmm Wow hmm simple is so good sometimes this is really really really
delicious guys I think this is the first time I might have actually cooked this
cut of meat but it’s pretty cheap I think I paid around $4 for and some
change a pound for grass-fed beef that’s amazing they had an actual special and
one of our local stores here I think I’m gonna actually enjoy eating this more

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