All Grain Brewing System – My Beer Story #1

All Grain Brewing System – My Beer Story #1

Hi guys, my name is Matthew and this is episode one of My Beer Story — an episodic series that follows my adventures in homebrewing.
If you haven’t seen the prelude to My Beer Story, check that out. If you have already
seen it, don’t click away. So guys, Spring 2015 is approaching, I’m
interested in homebrewing and I don’t know where to start. First thing I think of is let’s plant some hops. So I get up to the home brew shop in Chico, talk to Dawn and she says, “Hey Matthew, we have hop rhizomes!” So I planted hops! That was mid-February and
I got them in the ground immediately. So the hops have been growing for about three months. Back in February, when I picked up the hops, I asked Dawn if they sold any all grain home brewing systems. I was a beginner but I didn’t want to start out extract brewing. I wanted to get as close to commercial brewing as possible but scaled back enough to do it at home. And she informed me that her husband Alan was building this! Why don’t you come over here and I’ll
give you a tour of the system. Over here guys is the hot liquor tank. The
hot liquor tank just has your boiling water in it. Inside is also a recirc. That is for
incase you need to take your mash back up to temp. Mash tun is right here. To use the recirc you would gravity wort out of here and into the grant. The grant, of course,
has a false bottom and it gets pumped up into this tube here, goes through the top of that recirc, through the copper coils and back out down here. That gravities straight back into your mash tun. Hot liquor tank has a sight-glass so you don’t have to climb up
to see how much hose water you’re pouring in. Over here we have the boil kettle. The boil
kettle would gravity out into here when you’re done with the boil (into the grant). Again,
the grant has a false bottom and pumps into the Blichmann wort chiller which is mounted here, you’ll just have to imagine that. And then through the wort chiller into my
glass carboy. I will show you that in a future video when I’m actually brewing a beer.
But this is the all grain brewing system. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please stay tuned to episode 2 of My Beer Story when I brew my first beer. Please subscribe to my channel to be updated. Thank you very much.

4 thoughts on “All Grain Brewing System – My Beer Story #1”

  1. Great video. Welcome to the home brewing community. We have a fantastic world wide community on you known as brewtubers. Also the HBW(Home Brew Wednesday) community. Look forward to seeing you brew. Cheers and Happy Home Brew.

  2. If you were 7 ft tall then I would swear you are Dirk Nowitzki. But then I see later in this video that you appear to be as tall as your door — about 7 ft! And Germans do LOVE beer. HEY, IT'S DIRK!

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