Aloo Tikki | आलू टिक्की | Chef Ranveer

Aloo Tikki | आलू टिक्की | Chef Ranveer

There is a word in Punjabi “Lip Smaking” And in all the lip smaking dishes, no. 1 lip smaking dish according to me is, “Aloo Tikki” There is nobody, who does not finds “Aloo Tikki” lip smaking. But then a lot of people ask me that, how do you make aloo tikki? How do you make the best aloo tikki? Well i can share an aloo tikki recipe that’s close to my heart. Hope that helps! Let’s make the filling first. So for the filling, boiled bengal gram, grated potatoes, chopped green chillies, very important, fennel seeds powder, you can also slightly roast and crush fennel seeds, roasted cumin, chopped ginger, for little sourness, dried mango powder, and red chilli. Now this has to be really spicy, this is the filling, so it has to be spicy because outside the casing is very neutral, basically potatoes. Now the most important thing here is that the bengal gram should be almost cooked. It shouldn’t be well done. Nice! Now add salt and coriander leaves. Just.. Roughly torn coriander. Okay? Especially where you’re using the coriander as a marination, there tearing the coriander is a good idea, because the flavour comes out equally and now the kitchen is filled with aroma. Filling’s done. Now.. Spices for tikki. For the outer coating let’s grate the remaining potatoes. And we’re done. Done! Apply oil on your palm. Okay? And.. Now… Make a cup like this. And add the filling. And then we… Seal it. Simple! No rocket science! The tikki should be this big, otherwise what’s use of making it. Alright! And now for roasting the tikki’s. Oil Ghee Now this is the most important part. People often don’t press the tikki’s. It is very important to press the tikki’s. Shape does not matters, it gets crispier by pressing it. So what happens, by pressing it becomes crispy from inside, the crust becomes thicker and secondly the filling cooks perfectly. Let us see where we are! What an aroma! So you see this? Outer is nice and crusty and there’s still filling inside. And bengal gram is cooked through. Okay! Time to plate. Smells so good! So good! This special chaat masala is from my potli. And i don’t share this recipe with anyone, because it has equal parts toasted fennel, equal parts toasted coriander, equal parts toasted cumin, equal part red chilli and equal part salt. I don’t share this recipe with anyone. This spice is only made in our Lucknow. You can never take a Locknow out of a Lucknowite. And then if you don’t add coriander on chaat so it’s not called a chaat. This is my portion. No! I’m on a diet, but chaat is also diet food.

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  1. This video shows “dried mango powder as सौंठ “ which is not correct. सौंठ is dried ginger. Hope this will get corrected.

  2. One more thing seedha aaloo ki tikki kaise ban gayee.. bataya nahi ke isme kuch mix karna hai..only aalloo ki tikki hold nahi ho sakti

  3. Legend says that Ranveer didn't take the bite of that tikki at last. 😕

    Ranveer, aap ne chakha nehi… 😑

  4. ranveer ji ik bat aapne dekha nhi dekhiy last ka jb aap tikii pe dahi dale ho same to same ganpati ji dikh rahe hain plz chek

  5. Yaar you dint add anything to aloo to soak its moisture and add crispiness and add binding to it. I think really imp in a tikki

  6. Presentation and flow of script is too good Ranveer, after Sanjeev Kapoor….I found you who is so good at cookery show

  7. Sir na bahut smart ho but Kya ek bar aap puri taraha Panjabi dress or pagari pahana Kar vedio banayige pls main master chef se dekhti aa rage hu or Meri wish hai ke apko ek bar pagari pahano

  8. Sir aaj maine try kiya sab kuchh badhiya gaya but sekte time aalo bikhar gya.. binding me liye kuchh Dalna tha kya sir plzz reply…..
    Main aapko bahut din se follow kar raha hu..

  9. Use only pure steel or iron or brass or earthen vessels please. No non stick vessels please ..howmuchever high quality it is.. say no to non stick

  10. Meri sab ki sab tikki तूट गयी…..और बन गयी …….बोइल्ड आलू मैं मिक्स चना दाल की सब्जी……usme corn flower bhi dalna tha kya?……

  11. bro Me mazak nahi kar raha par tum bollywood me as a suppprtive role actor ban sakte ho…u have that stuff….try karo agar kar sakte ho toh…comedy and kind of serious movies tumhe suit karegi…

  12. Liked the fact that you did use corn starch/bread crumbs for the cover. BTW is it necessary to make the filling as 🌶 🥵 as you made it?

  13. Ranveer kuch aisi recipe bataie jisko fever me kha sake jise banana easy ho or tasty b ho. Usually hum log ko mummy saadi si moong ki daal ubal k khila deti hai 🤒😟

  14. Thanks for the recipe….u r d best Ranveer……planning to make aloo tikki for the International Food day…wish me luck👍

  15. Yr boss tikky recipe batayi uskai liye ty. But mai part to apnai bataya nhi uski chutney kese bhaye bhai wo sabse imp role play krti h tikky mai.. Mithi chutney n green wali

  16. Hi Ranveer Sir,
    You are god to me in terms of cooking.
    Yesterday guest came to home and I tried your mushroom masala.
    I used to make fantastic mushrooms.
    But your recipe was very different and I tried for the first time.
    Initially it didn't come out well.
    But after adding peas it has come out well.
    Thanks for everything.

  17. You are so simple and down to earth! You always acknowledge your love for Lucknow(I love this gesture of your's Sir) Simple hai.. No rocket science.. Fir ap kahenge Ranveer.. Apne bataya nahin…. I watch your videos for delicious recipes made simple by you.. Also the way you connect with viewers.. Awesome Sir! Keep up the good work 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  18. This is perfectly Punjabi style tikki.. Mere mummy same ahi recipe banaude ne.. You presented it in very nice way…

  19. Ranveer I always eagerly wait for those tiny fascinating anecdotes you share. Please share some stories behind chaat recipes.
    Definitely I am going to make this next weekend 😊

  20. hi bro, did you use any binder like cornflour or maida in the aloo tikki?my tikki's were not taking the shape of cup like yours, they were breaking up ? please help. thanks.

  21. Dear Ranveer Sir….jo secret potli chaat masala recepie aap kisi ko nahi dete (kisi ko bhi) ab vo hum sab ki bhi secret hei….and we are also not going to share it with anyone like you for sure….🤣🤣🤣.

  22. RB yours superb amazing outstanding fabulous chef …. I'm biggest fan of your cooking Sachchi I really love your cooking style and style to presentation infect I'm Crazy for your cooking really your supperb 😍😍😍your inspiration for me

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