Amateur Chef Vs. Professional Chef: Hangover Foods

Amateur Chef Vs. Professional Chef: Hangover Foods

– What am I gonna make? (burp) Got no idea. (upbeat music) – I’m Kayla, I’m a
lifestyle writer at BuzzFeed and I tried to be a cook today. I have some food experience, I know how to make general stuff. I think I can get away with making food that tastes and looks good. My name is Vaughn, I am a Tasty producer. I grew up working in a barbecue restaurant in North Carolina. I have lived in France and I’ve lived in Thailand. I’ve got kind of a slight
background in pastry. I didn’t really know Kayla
before this all started but when I met her, I was like, wow, who is this beautiful angel that I have to go against and hopefully crush her soul. I’m nervous, I’m but I’m ready. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. (techno music) – Preferable that we have more money. – Like 50. – Can we bargain? – No, he said no. (techno music) I don’t know anything
about being hung over so this is gonna be tough. – Are you kidding? – Okay, yeah. – I saw your Instagram story from last week.
– I’m a liar. Well when I heard that the challenge was hangover food I was like, yes, because at first off, it’s has to be like greasy and probably not healthy for you. At least it wasn’t something like make a nice dinner for someone. I’d be like, ohrr. – I think it can happen. – I’m confident that I have some skills in hangover food that I have the potential to kick your ass. – Okay, well I mean I’ve been around that block a couple times so you aint no hollow bad girl. (laughing) – Wow, it looks like there’s a lot of good stuff in here. I feel a little better now. – Let’s do this.
– Alright. Are we ready?
– Alright, bring it on. I’m gonna go in! (upbeat music) Pasta, I don’t wanna make pasta. So I walk in and the first thing I see is the bread, it’s like right in the front of the store and I’m like, yes, because in the back of my mind I said, if they have stuff for
grilled cheese that’s the perfect hangover food. Vegan, oh my God, perfect, like greasy, bacon, some
tomatoes in there would be good. I was thinkin about all the things that like I could have been missing for something as simple
as a grilled cheese and I was like (ding) ding butter. Key to a delicious grilled cheese. I knew I was under budget so I had a little bit
of extra money to spend and I was like what else would someone have when they’re hung over. Hair of the dog get some beer. I don’t know if a grilled cheese is like enough to win but it is an easy food
that people would make if they were hung over. I like dump everything on the counter and the guy rings it
up and it’s 25 dollars. Perfect, I’m under budget five dollars. I’m gonna take that five dollars and celebrate later when I win. – Go get ’em tiger! – Thanks. (upbeat music) – 10 minutes starting. I was thinking fried food, greasy food. When I’m hungover I want a meal. I don’t want just like
dainty finger sandwiches. I initially grabbed bacon because bacon is amazing on anything. I could literally shit on a stick and cover it with bacon and the crowds gonna go wild. I’m gonna get some eggs. Ah man. I stumble across chow mien noodles. I find water chestnuts. I find baby corn. I find Hoisin sauce. I find chili sauce. I find ground garlic. You need something spicy. You need something flavorful to kind of get your immune system back in order. Time is ticking down. – 25. – 25. I’ve got five dollars left. So I’ve got to go get a beer. We’re gettin’ some booze y’all. – 29. (gasp) – 29 dolla’s. (upbeat music) I’m getting all my stuff prepped and the only thing running through my mind is like, how am I going
to make this food within 30 minutes. I’m ready, you’re goin’ down, yo. – See you on the other side. – Are we dying? (laughing) – You are once you try my food. It’s amazing. – From food poisoning. – Thokay. – Hey, I need some help. (laughing) – Like we literally just started. (laughing) – I don’t know how to turn this thing on. Literally they’re like go and Vaughn’s like ho,
zoo, zoo, zoo, do, do, and I was like, what am, I don’t know how to turn this thing on. – As we say in the South, bless your heart. Well the on button might
be your first hint. – I think it was pretty
obvious that I was making a grilled cheese. I had very basic ingredients and I look over and Vaughn has this like selection of condiments, and like noodles, and oranges and I’m like, what the hell is he making? Like what in the world could
he be making with that? What are you making over there? – Wouldn’t you like to know! – Oh, I’m Vaughn, I’m mmmm. (upbeat music) – Oh, hear that sizzle? Amazing. Ahhh! – Do you need some help over there? – [Kayla] Yep. – Alright, come on. – Show me how to get this bacon to not stick. – It sticks at first because it’s like developing all that fat content and then it’s going to naturally release from the pan. (upbeat music) – I can’t hear you over here over the smell of my delicious bacon. – [Vaughn] You’re deliciously raw bacon. – [Kayla] True. – True, your sposed to
trash talk right back girl. We were tryin’ to trash talk each other and she just kept being like oh, but I know you’re gonna do great. I’m like, girl, this is a competition. – We’re like smack talking each other. It gets easier. (laughing) It gets easier to talk shit about him. (laughing) – I takin’ a trip to flavor town. – He’s over here like, throwin’ salt in his like dish and squeezing oranges and I’m like, what is this? Like I’m over here like
butter, bread, toast. – Gonna give ’em somethin’
that they won’t forget. Just like mom used to make. – I don’t think Vaughn
knew what he was making. He just put a bunch of ingredients in a pot and it looked good. Ooh, you’re gonna do that? You shouldn’t do that. (laughing) I’m so. – Shouldn’t do what? – Whatever you just put in there, are you sure you want to do that? – [Vaughn] Yes, I’m sure. – [Kayla] Ooh. – These are at like
spicy, delicious noodles. I am literally making
what I call everything but the kitchen sink chow mien. It’s got depth of flavor, it’s got acidity, it’s got your sweetness, it’s got your saltiness, it’s got texture, it’s got a fried egg, it’s got bacon. – I’m torn if I wanna make like a stacked grilled cheese. I don’t know how that would really work. – All competitiveness aside, I would say a double decker grilled cheese would be bangin’. Go big or go home. Again, this is a competition. If that’s what helps her win, then I kind of does a win for myself. – I mean, come on. If you were hung over, wouldn’t you want to eat that? Ta-da! (upbeat music) – Oh, mamma! A double decker grilled cheese is wild in all of the best ways. – Thank you. – I’m very impressed with you. – I’m glad I took the risk and I would like to say
that sunny side up egg on top is like, perfection.
– Thank you. I looked at it earlier and I almost wish I could do that myself. Friendship grew out of this. – Out of darkness. Let’s get people to eat it. – Alright and. – So they can tell me that I’m gonna win. – And that I’m better. – You need something quick, easy, simple and tasty when you’re hung over so, sandwich for me. (beep) – This was definitely a good attempt and there’s a lot of bread in there to soak it up but if I want carbs, I’m goin’ for pasta. (beep) – When you’re hung over you don’t, you’re not excited about dining. You’re trying to find anything that will make you not feel bad. I’d definitely go grilled cheese. (beep) – This spicy Thai thing is pretty good. I’m gonna go with that one. (beep) My favorite. – So you got two drastically
different executions. This one is everything and tastes like nothing. This is simple and tastes the best I think. I would say my winner is definitely got to be the grilled cheese. (beep) (laughing) Hair of the dog. Oh my gosh. (laughing)
(zap) Wait, do I have to like retaste everything now with the beer? – I’m scared. – Dddddddddddd, ahhh. – Me? – No! Probably more appropriate
hangover food than – I liked.
– Chow mien. – I liked the creative direction you were going in.
– Thank you, thank you – People just picked mine because they’re like bah, cheese and bread! – But it was deliciously executed – Thank you.
– Cheese and bread. – I’m actually really proud of myself. Was really nervous you know, going up against someone
who works at Tasty. Hello, that’s a big deal, so he wouldn’t be there
unless he was really talented and he is. – I know who I’m catering my cuisine to now. The audience of a less sophisticated palate. Let’s just say. (laughing) – Load a slight jab in. – A low blow. – I’m sorry I can’t see
– A little defensive there. You from the shine on my trophy. (laughing) – Alright, I’m done, I’m done.

100 thoughts on “Amateur Chef Vs. Professional Chef: Hangover Foods”

  1. 7:36 'It' s everything but tastes like nothing'
    Me : Hold up, were you not born with proper taste buds. 🤔

  2. I don’t understand why greasy food is the consensus choice for a hangover food. It’s good while your drunk but not for a hangover. So you could have a headache, fever/chills, stomach ache, vomiting, weakness, and fatigue. Greasy and heavy doesn’t sound good with those symptoms. Let’s not overthink the fact that a light soup is the best thing for a hangover. Plus if your hungover you don’t want to be making anything that has more than one or two steps. Pho soup is probably the best thing you could have.

  3. Wtf does the chef know what hangiver foods are? He ligit said when I am hungover I want a meal, not dainty finger sandwhiches. Bro, when u r hungover, all u want is dainty food not a MEAL

  4. Clark: This is everything and tastes like nothing!
    Me: Bro, what are you eating that’s making your taste buds weak?

  5. The judges didn’t understand the point of the food… it’s which one is better for a hangover not which one would you preferably make for a hangover.

  6. Im sorry yh but 25 dollars/19 pounds for bread, butter, bacon, cheese, tomato and beer is that fattest rip off. London is like 10 pound

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