Amateur Chef Vs Professional Chef: Raid The Fridge Challenge

Amateur Chef Vs Professional Chef: Raid The Fridge Challenge

– Amateur vs. Professional, man, keep your food in the pot,
that’s the number one rule. – Don’t put…what?
– That’s the number one rule. Keep the food in the pot! (hip hop music) Hey guys, my name is
Jade, I work at Buzzfeed. My cooking list is a little short. I know how to make mac and
cheese, shop and feel cookies, like when it comes with
the dough ready already. I have a slight cooking background. I actually used to work at Chipotle, my whole college career. Making burritos, making
quesadillas, making salads. Man, I was killing the game. – I’m Alvin, I’m a Tasty producer
here in Buzzfeed New York. I’ve been cooking for a while. Love food and I love cooking. I believe that food is super beautiful. I really focus on making food
that I think is presentable as well as delicious. – I feel super confident
going against Alvin. You know, this guy might be the Tasty King but I’m, like, the Lemonade King. You give me anything
and I can make lemonade. – All I’m saying is,
may the best cook win. We’re gonna find out. (tense hip hop) – [Jade] Everyone’s
fridge is very different. When I go to my cousin’s fridge, what they have in their fridge
can be completely different than what I have in my fridge. (tense hip hop) – [Alvin] Thirty minutes
is not a lot of time to make a meal, especially
because you’re in a new kitchen, you’re not sure what you’re working with. But I think I can make it work. – You ready to do this one? – Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – All right, it’s on. – I’m coming for your ass, Alvin. I’m coming for you, man. We’re on our way to Tara’s house. – What do you think she has in her fridge? (scoffs)
– I have no idea. I feel like Tara lives
right on 34th Street, so, like, she’s around
so many restaurants. What would you have in your fridge? Let’s go see this house. – Let’s go do it.
– Let’s do it. – What’s up?
– What’s up, T-Wiz! – [Alvin] How’s it going? – Wait, wait, why are you here? – We’re here for the Chef vs. Amateur? – Well, it doesn’t
matter, we’re coming in. – That’s tomorrow–
– We’re here today, girl. – [Alvin] Are you hungry? You better be. – Don’t you want some lunch? – I just woke up! (door slams) – I got five minutes to check out what food we got lying around, what kind of equipment we’re dealing with. The special ingredient that I brought is smoked paprika. I brought it because I think it adds a really nice flavor to a lot of foods that could really take
things to the next level. – [Alvin Voiceover] So, open the fridge not knowing that to expect, I see eggs, I see cheese, I see
maple syrup, I see bacon. Tara’s got some leftovers here. This is broccoli. Oh, I
could totally use broccoli. That’s, like, a breakfast thing, broccoli goes with eggs. Things are starting to
work, it’s easy to sort of follow a dish when you know
what angle you’re going for. So I think I got something going on. Some sort of omelet
over, maybe, some bacon, stuffed with some cheese. Sounds pretty good to me. – Because I am the Master of all things wrapped in tortillas, it’s only right that my special ingredient was tortillas. I’m just gonna take
whatever is in this fridge and put it in this wrap
and make it taste good. Let’s check out what’s in this fridge. – [Jade Voiceover] She
has onions, cilantro, she had the lemon juice and the salt, those are really the
only three ingredients I use in, like, most of my foods. Oh, we got avocado. Girl, all I need is avocados and we get this guacamole popping. I got pico de gallo and guacamole, I could make a vegetarian burrito. I really want to make one with meat and I was going through the fridge, there weren’t too many leftovers, but there was this little
Tupperware of Chinese food. It looked like some rice with some carrots with a little bit of chicken… Let me see what this smells like. It’ll have to work, guys. (tense, confrontational music) I know burritos. He knows Tasty. Let’s see what that looks
like versus each other. – [Man Off-Camera] Three, two, one. – We’re going? All right.
– Oh. – Here it is.
– We’re going for it. I don’t know if all my
cooking techniques are right, so, don’t judge me. – [Alvin] You’re going down, Jade. – I’m just going downtown
after I whoop your ass. (Alvin hoots)
Go back to work. Shoulda ran this under cold water because I’m about to start
tearing like a bitch! – Oh, you’re cutting the red onion, too, that’s gonna make you cry. – Yeah, it’s gonna–
– Someone cue the waterworks. Oh no, red onions are the most acidic… All the onion gas is going in the air and making her cry and I felt so bad. – [Jade Voiceover] I started
cutting those red onions. The tears just started falling, man. I could not make them stop. It was really, really bad. It’s gonna be such a beautiful victory. – Gotta whip it. If you dance while you’re doing it, it gets more air into it. I don’t know if it helps aerate the eggs, I personally believe it does, but that might just be me talking. It’s the part where the syrup goes in and it gets all glazed. – Look at what he’s doing! Like, are you serious? – [Alvin] I gotta get
this nice and sticky. Wanna taste one? – All right.
– It’s hot though, be careful. Oh come on! Gonna be a bed for the omelet. I now gotta use my secret
ingredient, the smoked paprika. – [Jade] This avocado’s really hard, so I have to slice it and
dice it before I mash it. So that I’m not sitting here
all day mashing this thing. Prep these simultaneously. Little lemon juice. I put jalepeños in my pico
de gallo and guacamole. But because we don’t have jalepeños, I saw some jalepeño Pringles, I think. So I’m gonna mash these down, hope it turns into sauce. (grungy rock music) – [Alvin] Now I gotta add the leftovers. So it’s this broccoli cheddar mix, gonna kinda, like, put on
the side of the omelet. I think the moment I rolled my omelet, I kinda knew I’d taken it home. – [Jade] He really thinks he’s gonna win. His confidence is here and I’m gonna need him to come here. This guy thinks that
this is a Tasty video. – [Alvin] That’s my boy, right there. Woo! – What the hell was that, Alvin? Alvin’s over here with chips and he’s making some
kinda chip concoction. And he’s calling it a “garnish.” – [Alvin] There we have it. – [Jade] Let me make it
an even playing field and let me make a
breakfast burrito as well. So instead of using the
leftover rice and chicken as, like, a dinner-style burrito, I’ll take the chicken out of the rice and then put that in some
eggs, make a little omelet. Put the omelet in the burrito, with some pico de gallo, guacamole. Success on a platter, bitches. Ooh, boy!
– Are you trying to copy me? – That’s what I do when I cook. I just throw shit together. Whatever’s in front of me,
that’s what’s going in. – I’m just gonna cook
some bacon as a snack. – [Jade] I’ll just go ahead
and throw these eggs in there. I like my eggs cheesy, actually, too. – You’re copying everything I’m doing! – I ain’t copying you, Alvin,
get the hell out of here. – You’re using Kraft Singles, too? What? – That’s the only cheese
she has besides Parmesan! – [Alvin] No, there’s– (smoke alarm beeping) – Fire.
– Where’s your fan…? – I know for a fact it wasn’t me that set off the fire alarm. – I’m 100% sure Jade
set the fire alarm off. There’s no way I could do it. – Now, back to what I was doing. Gonna lay that guacamole
on the bottom, you know? Pico de gallo next. You know with my Chipotle experience my rolling skills are impeccable so that burrito looked
immaculate after I rolled it. (peppy rock music) – I’ve been sitting in my room
for what feels like forever, because I’ve been smelling
all kinds of different smells, some good, some…intense, some fire alarms. But we have two beautifully
presented dishes. And I’m gonna start with this one. I can see there’s some Doritos on top. Got some bacon on the bottom. Oh, ooh! Look at that cheese pull! (mellow hip hop music) That is so good. Number two, just some toppings. But it’s a burrito, so I’m
just gonna kinda like… Saucer it. Also really good. There’s
a lot of different flavors. It looks like we have some
of my leftover chicken, which has been in there
for…not really sure how long. But I love the creativity in that. There’s some eggs, there’s
some pico de gallo… There’s a lot. So both dishes were really so good, but now I have to choose a winner. So let’s bring in the chefs. It was a really hard decision and you guys are both
my really good friends. I’m gonna have to go with
the bacon and egg omelet. The bacon, the cheese pull… – [Alvin] Keep saying it. I’m appreciating it.
– I’m gonna have to award you with this trophy. – Woohoo! – It’s okay, you know, Alvin put his foot in that. You know, that bacon does look good. – I think you should try it. I think you should try Jade’s. – Yeah, I’ll try Jade’s. (peppy rock music) – [Jade] Mm. Mm, okay. – [Alvin] I like Jade’s. – I think what did you
is that broccoli, man. – Mmhmm.

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  1. Your videos are lit but I hate the fact that you guys have to put ads all the time without skipping which pissed me off.

  2. Ill be honest if i was able to bring a secret ingredient i would have put a tomahawk ribeye under my shirt. And been like 'hehehehe im so smart'

  3. Alvin at 6:26 "You're using Kraft Singles too?"
    Jade at 6:28 "Its the only type of cheese she has besides Parmesan."
    Also Jade at 6:50 Puts Shredded Cheddar in the burrito

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