AMAZING All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet in Singapore!

AMAZING All You Can Eat SEAFOOD Buffet in Singapore!

Apparently this hotel has an awesome all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, and that’s what I’m gonna be feasting on today. Of course I love seafood and I love buffets so I cannot wait and… oh man, I’m just kind of distracted. Look how pretty? Wow! Everything looks so good. Yep. So this is will be the raw section. We have seafood, oysters, lobsters. My god Oh Oh nice so I got to make my own salad here, yeah Now what’s that look spectacular Wow? This one is just the honey syrup Gin jail by the way. This is Martin. This guy is a genius. Uh he said he’s a just just a genius with drinks and Martin prepared Check this out. This is this is crazy. Honey syrup going on to cotton candy Lit up ice cream inside ginger ale because I don’t drink there we go Martin you are a beverage genius Thank you so much. Thank you, so just two awesome and That’s delicious. Let me show you around the buffet This is the salad bar or the salad show is like a library of meats and cheeses. This is the cold bar king crab mussels Claw fish I love it when seafood buffets have lobster. It’s always important So money no score, and you guys make ceviche on the spot here, no, that’s awesome I think this here is my favorite section, and he’s my best friend. He just doesn’t know it yet Yeah, but yes What is this fish head curry Wow saffron rice? Tandoori mint crusted lamb leg this has got highlights eight hours to cook it yeah more than just that one right You only have one you up to one more okay, because I might eat that one. It’s the rest of it This is fresh none. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, thank you oh I’ll see you soon Thank you Vettel roasted salmon here, and then I think what’s gonna fierce seared snapper duck confit Ellis grey raised beef cheek Holy cow they have black pepper crab here only difference is I can eat as many as I want what is oh it Just looks crazy. This is a super noodle station Nasi lemak Lollipop. That’s transformed into lollipops all the flavors are in the biscuit and inside the filling that’s craziest name I can take one take one out of six here goes. Thank you so much. It’s great. I love Soba noodles. I mean this might be taking up a lot of real estate in my stomach, but I gotta have it Hello crab burger oh no way yeah, please thank you. Thank you so much fantastic my round one I’m sorry this egg actually belongs on the sofa seafood salad lobster king crab salmon and some pork. This is really interesting This is a nasi lemak lollipop. I’ve only had a nice little mark Just a few days ago for the first time. It smells like it Wow they turned that dish into sort of a dessert pastry out of it Oh, they’re spicy. Here is a little sweet. I get the Samba sauce wow there’s a winner Take a sip of my Chloe drink Pull the thing ever this is a chili crab burger look at it already I see a ton of crab meat put a bit of lettuce a lot of chili sauce This is out of this world It tastes exactly like a sound it’s a chili crab burger It was a ton of crab in here and the great thing about this is I don’t need to crack the shells I don’t need to do any of the work Let’s put this in my mouth and whatever you see lobster and king crab he’s gotta get it This is like the perfect to shellfish duel when that whole piece just comes out. That’s called a crab behaving nicely Yeah My favorite way to eat king crab is grilled But on its own sweet little saltiness on the seawater iud sting as much For flavor as me wanting to make sure I eat my value out of buffet go soba and check this out this egg I think it’s gonna be the star look at its ready That is a beautiful beautiful egg This is the perfect amount of running this you want your egg on top of your noodles You don’t want it too runny. Otherwise your noodles can’t catch up because noodles can’t run I’m just gonna take a nice big chopsticks full of all that Now that I’ve see some noodles with some salmon yes perturb as you want Let’s go for round two I’m being taken to somewhere specials. I don’t I don’t know where I’m going Maybe maybe it’s because I think I eat too much of the buffet. I don’t know, but ooh Let me show you What you’re cooking crab this way Wow man gotta have some skills you got to be really quick. This is really hot work. Chef is gonna. Make me more. Holy cow You guys seen what I’m seeing you tell me that doesn’t look good This is happy this is what this what happiness looks like cracking crabs put him in until I get deformed buckets That was a beautiful tour. Those are the types of Torah I mean museums are nice nature trails are good, but we’ll see a bunch of crab over charcoal. That’s epic There’s four crabs in here, and it comes with all these different types of sauces please try the sauce here You can taste that charcoal it just smells so heavenly you know it smells like a crabby barbecue forest to the Tripoli I’ve enjoyed a lot of crab since I came to Singapore But this might be the crappiest day of all as much as I’m enjoying my crab, which which I am? I just heard a fresh leg of lamb just came out so we gotta go get some this is it Tandoori mint crusted lamb leg get back. I just look superb See all that juice glistening in there. Let’s get some mint chutney That’s for me Wow grilled lobster Yeah, magic spices for sure this is crazy lobster cooked it. It’s in dory oven. That’s something I never tried before and I can’t wait to try Are you kidding me With how good that tastes it’s so extremely succulent the slightly charred beautiful Beautiful smoky flavor and the spice they put in there it’s gonna like tandoori chicken, but it’s a lobster So it is so much better in our way to try this tandoori lamb First of all that lamb is so soft I’m pretty sure it works for sure de nut crush this fantastic freshly baked garlic naan So much I Didn’t know none could be this fluffy in shop. I just had a thought I’m gonna take my Lobster He gave me four pieces by the way, that’s like. It’s like the perfect amount of lobster I’m gonna put it inside to not end I’m gonna add a little ring wrap all that in a garlic butter naan surf-and-turf none burrito Somebody should just make this a sell it Takes a piece of this ferocious-looking salmon here little butter seared snapper Yes, please calm feets gotta get some braised beef cheek I know I’ve got a lot of crab already, but I can’t say no to black pepper crab I just a little bit of everything because I want to taste it all truffle mashed potatoes awesome oh Let me show you let me show you look at this you see that so tender it is that’s crazy That’s almost like this mashed potato here in fact here. Let’s see there like that Now I love duck I’ve had many a ducks in my lifetime one of my favorite cartoon characters is Daffy Duck but I will eat him if he tastes it like this Oh Steve steamed dumplings and Let’s go for some chicken laksa how it works is that I take a ball, and I put in whatever I want to go into my soup so little rice noodle fried tofu fish cakes sprouts Thank you, can I just add in whatever I want, so I’m gonna add some peanuts little dried fish some chillies. Let’s try this out And I’m sure this does not compare to any local locks of shop or any Hawker centers six pretty good at me I still got more crap. I’m both excited and terrified because I’ve only gone through two and there’s one more. We’re gonna do this we’re gonna do this happily Hiya crab is done and now we’re formally on to desserts Yeah, like the last thing that was just a preview and okay I might have went a little crazy with my dessert cuz you gotta understand the shirt is one of the most Important part of a meal of a well-balanced meal and a great way to feature second stuff is gorgeous This is the first time I’ve ever seen a strawberry chocolate fountain though. I don’t know I just had to dip some marshmallows in there this is just like Lucky Charms covered in strawberry chocolate, and this is a pink covenant raw berry shot back a Little overly decadent sure delicious and fun definitely, let’s dig into some of these cakes. This is an exotic King I don’t even want to cut into it look up. Just perfect assist. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh Look at that looks like you got some kind of mango mousse in there Wow Sonic it is coconut flakes in here beautiful lemon mousse this top part here I just ridiculously delicate next little pistachio cake It was real pieces of pistachio in here I mean all these cakes a few all right They share the same characteristic that the upper part. It just you don’t need to chew this at all zero It’s just so nutty earthy and good out of all the cakes. I had tonight. This is so far the best one I’m really excited about this one This is lychee rose, and I think there’s a big big piece of lychee here, so I’m just going to grab all that That’s fantastic all right doctor I love lychee Mmm raspberry hair as well this tastes like lychee when to give raspberry a rose and they somehow all fall into a cake, and this is really interesting a very thermos, su that’s Best one today just not the pistachio cake office better. Smell real fresh blueberries I’m pretty sure I Just ate a flower and I liked it. This is Rosella. Jell-o make it so wet steam bubbles Bursting bubbles, I’m just okay with this I’m not a huge fan of bursting bubbles This one caught my eye, because you know I tend to have an eye for beautiful food This is a raspberry cheesecake, and this this is a STONER this looks like I don’t know the Maserati sports car of desserts Ah, yeah, every time I cut into one of these things. I feel so good my hat looks like there’s some raspberry jam Inside the cheesecake, and that’s just glistening right if you like cheesecake you like raspberry you’ll love this It is a little too hard for me, but I feel like that’s just really a personal choice This is a simple tip well not simple tiramisu It’s so caught my eyes glazing over yet, I feel the sneeze is coming – what a Tremendous food experience would be an understatement from the selection to the quality of the ingredients And I’m not just saying this because they brought me for extra crap from the variety to the creativity I mean, did you see that salad bookshelf definitely one of the best all you can get secret experiences? I’ve ever had also usually I don’t care about service. I really don’t because typically I go you didn’t Chinatown I mean kind of expect that okay, service is really not part of the equation here, but this place from the moment I walked in is not only because it’s me because I see the staff interacting with all the other customers I mean it’s the level of detail given to every single person I saw a person in the table next to me asked for some Pasta which is not on the buffet, and they win and cooked it for them, and I’m just sitting here She’s stuffing my face with four crabs in a bucket and it’s all messy, and I’m getting all nasty And they just keep bringing me new place and whites And maybe that is the way service is in all nice restaurants and Singapore I don’t know But I was really impressed so of course if you want to check this buffet out all the information is listed for you guys in My description box below and until we meet again. I’ll see you later I’m gonna take this home

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