American Gods | A Storm Is Brewing | STARZ

American Gods | A Storm Is Brewing | STARZ

[ door squeaking ] You have died,
Mrs. Fadil. ♪ And it is time for you
to come with me. ♪ Oh my Lord,
take me home ♪ ♪ Lay me at the bottom ♪ ♪ The bottom
of the river… ♪ – [ buzzer sounding ]
– Shadow Moon. This way. When we first meet Shadow,
he’s in prison. And the warden brings him
into his office, and reveals that his wife
was in an accident. Good news, we’re
letting you out early. Bad news,
your wife’s dead. Shadow is broken. His life has
fallen apart, and then he meets
a mysterious old hustler, who calls himself Wednesday,
who offers him a job. I just happen to be
in a hiring position, and I could be Mr. Wednesday
with a shake of the hand. [ lightning crashing ] Shadow Moon thought he knew
how the world worked, but he comes to meet
Mr. Wednesday, and finds out that gods exist, and they’re walking
around the earth with us. I think I’m losing
my mind. There are bigger
sacrifices, one might be asked to make,
than going a little mad. There’s a storm brewing between
the new gods and the old. The power of fire
is fire power. [ gun cocks ] The old gods and new gods
have the same power source, which is worship. [ speaking softly ]
Worship me. Pray to me like
I’m your god. The Biblical and mythical
gods of old have been faded out. Nowadays,
we worship technology, – media, money, fame.
– [ beeping ] We are going
to delete you. One click,
and you are overwritten. [ clicks ] Without worship,
and without that belief, that they get from people,
the gods essentially lose all of their abilities,
all of their standing, all of their power,
and can ultimately die out. We need you. Spring to fight them,
to show the new gods who we are. – [ wind howling ]
– [ dramatic music playing ] War is coming,
and Wednesday and Shadow are going
across America, to enlist old gods in a war
against the new gods. Is this real?
Did that just happen? It’s still happening. ♪ ♪♪

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  1. Тhis is thе niссеееist mоviе i evеr sеeеee!!! I аaаdvisе еverуbodу toо watcссch it 🙂

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