Andhra Chicken Fry – How to cook Chicken roast in Telugu by Tasty Vantalu

Andhra Chicken Fry – How to cook Chicken roast in Telugu by Tasty Vantalu

Namaste! Welcome to Tasty Vantalu In today’s session, we are going to learn how to prepare Non veg recipe chicken roast Let us see what are the ingredients we require to prepare this recipe Let us see the cooking process Turn on the flame Add freshly cleaned chicken into the bowl And also add salt as per your requirement Add half glass water and put the lid on and cook it for 5 minutes in low flame After 5 minutes, open the lid and mix the chicken pieces well, so then our chicken will evenly cooked from all sides Now put the lid on and cook for another 5 minutes in low to medium flame After 5 minutes let us open the lid and see our chicken is almost 80% cooked we’ll fry this chicken with spices later, so it will cook the balance 20% along with spices Now switch off the flame and keep it aside Let us see the masala preparation I am not using ready made masala powders which are available at shops I am preparing this masala with regular spices which we use at home for that, into the pan add Coriander seeds, dalchini and cloves fry them till they release nice aroma hmm! I can feel nice aroma from the spices now Now add dry coconut powder into this coconut powder will burnt the bottom very fast so switch off the flame immediately after you add coconut powder Now keep it aside and let them cool and blend these spices into fine powder Let us see recipe preparation Preheat the pan and add oil into it Once oil is hot enough, add finely chopped onions and fry them till they become golden brown in colour our onions are little transparent now add ginger garlic paste into it fry them till the raw flavour of ginger goes away Ginger garlic paste and onions are perfectly cooked Now add boiled chicken along with chicken stock into the pan now also add Turmeric powder into this and mix it well Now cook this for 5 to 6 minutes in low flame by covering the pan After 5 minutes, open the lid look here chicken colour is slightly changed Now add chilli powder and mix it properly remember that we have already added salt while boiling the chicken so we don’t require to add salt now this is so colourful i feel to eat this as is now Now add our masala powder into this and mix it properly Now add curry leaves into this and mix it well and cook for 3 minutes by covering the pan curry leaves are optional, if you like the flavour in chicken you can add them or else avoid after 3 or 4 minutes, open the lid and add fresh coriander leaves and mix it well and switch off the flame. Thats it! our delicious and Tasty chicken roast is all ready to serve If you like this recipe, please like, share and subscribe to our channel. Thank you!

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