Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Tips for Grilling Steak

Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Tips for Grilling Steak

Grilled steak 101! Want to know how to make the perfect steak? Here it comes. Anything that cooks on the bone is going to be aromatized from within, by that smoky burnt edging that the bone gets. It also allows us to keep
it in contact with the heat source for about four or five minutes longer, to get
to the same temperature. So allowing it stay in contact with the grill more,
allows us to get a little more texture on it, assuming you’re not carbonizing
your beef. How do you know when your steaks are done? It’s a very complex question, a lot of it starts with a very basic premise: What is the temperature of
your meat when it goes on to the grill? Is it at room temperature or is it cold?
Is it thick or thin? Is it something that requires a lot of heat for a long time,
like a tri-tip or is it like a tenderloin very thin and mushy? Quite
frankly, there are a lot of variables. And if you hold your hand and you go like this, that’s raw meat you clench it all the way, that’s well done. So if you have a
somthing that’s soft and yielding and kind of right in between medium-rare to
medium. These very complex thermo pens are extremely handy. And this one is telling me that we still have a little bit of ways to go on this they’re still
a little rare. It’s saying that it’s about a hundred degrees in there, in the
dead center, too cool I like all of my steak charred-rare or medium-rare. Some of you may be thinking why aren’t you using the dome on your lid? Because I want to bake the steak that’s why. With luxury cuts of beef like this, I’m
actually trying to build a crust on there and keep the fire as hot as
possible. All right that’s starting to get nice and firm, I don’t want to over
cook these I want to let these all rest for about ten minutes. It swells with the moisture and then when you rest, that moisture and fat
returns in between the protein strands. So you get these really meltingly tender
slices that go from a nice medium, to something that’s almost a mid-rare.
Gorgeous, beautiful, beefy, flavor that dry-aging. Can’t stop eating this.

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  1. Love u man fellow brooklynite i dont have travel channel anymore but i can see on youtube! yayee have also seen u when guesting on food network shows. Can't go wrong with steak any cut is yummy to me!

  2. Great info. I am doing the Keto/Carnivore way of eating now so this was good to watch. I usually Sous Vide everything now but I need to bust out the grill soon and do this. Love your stuff, nice to see that you have a YT channel.

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