100 thoughts on “Announcing my new cooking show”

  1. how come with her accent the captions are nearly perfect!
    but when you go to someone like RWJ, the captions are almost completely wrong.
    i dont get it!!

  2. @NeonShuriken I dont think its the same. I think she puts her own captions as there isnt a transcribe audio option.

  3. I can't wait for your new show. I love to watch cooking shows and can't wait to see and try to make different kinds of food. =)

  4. congrats on your new show! i am new to watching you and i am hooked!!!.lol hope  you make it to ohio. and wish you a happy and safe journey!!!!!!!!

  5. I am so proud of you! I've been watching your channel since 2010. Because of you I learned how to make Bibimbap, Kimbap and many more. Congrats and you are still so SEXY lol. 

  6. Whoaa your in New Orleans. I just spent 29 days there with my daughter on her summer vacation. Thanks for visiting sometimes I wished I still lived there. Thanks for all your incredible videos. 

  7. I missed the initial release of your cook book and I am super sad that was unable to attain a signed copy . Is there any other way that may get a book signed.

  8. 안녕!
    Are you still doing 망치 갑시가? I am a big fan of Korean gastronomy and thanks
    to your recipies I can still enjoy what I used to eat in Korea here in Spain! I would be honored to hold a cooking session at my place! I live in Barcelona and I could teach you how to cook paella! Please let me know if I can still fill in the form!
    잘 지내세요~

  9. Hello….I just wanted you to know how much you make me happy with your Korean recipes.I know myself how to cook them all…I AM married with a Korean man here in Brasil São Paulo …my mother in law never wanted to teach me because she never wanted a brazilians girl as a wife of his own son…so…
    you are such a nice and wonderful person… jolly just like me and thank you again to make my days even better.

  10. I saw you on OETA this morning and just had to find you on youtube. I'm not Korean but I love food and I like to cook. What I saw you do looked so delicious and you made it look easy. I can't wait to try some of your dishes. Hopefully my wife will be impressed. Thank you so much.

  11. i love your video ilove the way you cook….and i love korean food in hong kong here there so many restaurant korea and i love it…

  12. hi maangchi. i am Filipino and i love your videos and i love cooking korean foods.I am working in korean as cook and i always keep on watching ur cooking videos to get more techniques. I wish to see you and cook with you.

  13. hi Maangchi im patrick from philippines I really love your recipes and being sweet to ur viewers I hope u visit here in Manila….

  14. I love your show ans that you want to meet people and will go to their homes to cook or whatever. ..thats great..again i am a new fan of your cooking show and I love it…you are very warm and friendly and you generate great energy.

  15. I love all your cooking. I'm starting to learn korean cooking. I made korean food for my family for thanksgiving and going to cook korean food for Christmas this year

  16. Brilliant idea! I'd love to collaborate and record fun video together! I live in Moscow (Russia). Please let me know if U plan visit Moscow! 저희 고려사람인데요. 우리 요리 very similar and different simultaneously lol. I already cooked 된장찌개 하고 불고기 하고 김치! 머두 만든거 넘우 맛있었어요! 겅간 하시고 연락 하세요!

  17. Love ur recipes thnx much from Philippines… but I'm here in Kuwait now working as domestic helper but i really love cooking😊 god bless u take care always keep safe

  18. you are an amazing individual who really genuinely cares about reaching out to others by through something that is powerful to us all…. GREAT FOOD!!! I am so happy I found your channel

  19. maangchiii.. is this prog still going on? come to korea n come to my school please come to our international students dormitory n cook for us… i will cook for u indonesian food.. ^^

  20. Hi, I recently discovered your channel and I love it!
    please come and cook with me in Vegas, my husband is Korean and I am mexican and together we have a beautiful son named Ayden.

  21. hello maangchi – I am really impressed of your recipes. Thank you so much you have been an inspiration to me. My husband he does not like a seafood hut when I made your shrimp with mustard he ate it all. Thank you 😍😍😍

  22. manghchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love you ………………………….you r soooooooooooooooo yeoppo.come to my house you r always welcome……..i am form bangladesh.

  23. 구독벌써해놯는데왜안뜨죠.오늘우짜다가감자전보다가나와서봤네요.나의우상으로할래요.오늘부터요.

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