Annoying Orange Plays – Job Simulator #4: RETURN OF GOURMET CHEF!

– [Annoying Orange] Hey yo, it’s A to the O back with another video! And we’re gonna play
some more Job Simulator. So, last episode I didn’t actually finish the Gourmet Chef level, so we’re gonna continue
and finish that up. – Hello!
– Goodbye! – [Blue Computer] It’s
little Tune Bot’s birthday, – [Narrator] Hey, olive you! – [Blue Computer] Can we
get some pizza for the kids? – [Narrator] Ah, you want
some pizza, huh? Olive you! – [Green Computer] Pizza
is generally defined… – [Narrator] I know what
pizza is, olive you! – [Green Computer] …as a combination of bread, tomato, and cheese toppings. – [Narrator] Bread Frisbee, oh you didn’t catch it that’s crumby. Are you still talking,
I know how to make it. You know what they say about tomato? He really blended! I’m sorry tomato. Alright we’ve got to make
the best pizza sauce ever. I’m the sauce boss, oh nice to meet you. Oh I’ve got a secret
ingredient for my pizza sauce, a cactus seals in my sauce a bit of spike. I’m sorry cactus. Alright if I’m going to
be making so sweet pizzas we need some dance music, oh yeah. Oh yeah, feel that groove, yes
it’s so good to have hands. Come on floating computer
guy, yeah we’re jamming. Olive you. Mushroom for three, oh he’s one guy. Yeah, we’re rave blending. Oh got got to put the pedal to the metal. Get these in there. Alright bread stop loafing
around and get in there. Oh yeah I’m feeling grape
about this pizza sauce. Oh that’s looking good it’s nice and full. Hope you like the pizza
just don’t eat the shards of glass okay? – [Green Computer] We are
almost there combining the bread with some
cheese in the microwave should fulfill all material requirements. – [Narrator] Oh you might be
speaking a kernel of truth. Alright who’s ready to
cook up some grape juice, T-bone steak, tomato, mushroom, bread flour, popcorn pizza? Better put one of these in
there too, that’s important. Oh yep and the mud, oh
better put grandpa lemon in there, sorry grandpa lemon. No you’re part of the
pizza now get in there. You’re part of the pizza. We’re having a pizza
party in the microwave. Well let’s see what it looks like. Oh that’s a good looking
grape juice, T-bone steak, tomato, mushroom, bread
flour popcorn pizza with a menu and coffee mug garnish pizza. Alright serving it up,
oh no I forgot this, AHHH!!!!!! You want to make sure your
food doesn’t start on fire. Stop looking at me like that. Stop looking at me like that. You know you love it. – [Pink Computer] Make me applesauce! – [Narrator] Oh Timmy, you
know what? You’re an apple! Oh yeah Timmy wants some
applesauce, you got it. You’re an apple, blend
it thank you very much. I’ve never been so happy to
blend something in all my life. You’re an apple, and
while we’re putting things we don’t like in the blender
might as well put some broccoli in there too. – [Blue Computer] Could you
just serve the ingredients raw? – [Narrator] Oh you want
the ingredients raw huh? Oh I got a surprise for you. It is what it’s all cracked up to be. Cheesing and pleasing,
cheesing and pleasing everyone. Got to get it looking on
the plate real nice, yeah. It’s all about the presentation guys. Oh that’s looking, oh
no eggs on the floor. Aw forget it egg Frisbee. Oh wait you forgot your garnish
and your fire extinguisher. Here you go, you got to make
sure it doesn’t start on fire. Aw I better not throw that. Yeah, get it, get it, get it, get it. Stop looking at me like that. Stop looking at me. I don’t want to do this order. I’m going to blend it. Yoinks! – [Blue Computer] It’s time to propose to my romantic partner. – What’s that? All I heard is you said you wanted me to cook your glasses. Okay they’re done cooking, there you go– Aw you dropped them, [laughs] what am I doing here? Geez, what do you want me to do with this? Oh you want me to put
it in a sandwich okay. You guys propose in the weirdest ways. Why would you put a ring in a sandwich? You guys are so weird, I mean if it were me and I
was proposing to somebody I’d put the ring inside of a brick of cheddar cheese that
looked like SpongeBob. That’s romantic, [laughs] why won’t it go in there? Alright, olive you and that’s
a good looking sandwich. Now that is a tower of power right there. – [Blue Computer] I want
to have some romantic music playing while I do it but I forgot to burn this disc. – [Narrator] Oh you
want me to burn a disc. This is how I burn discs. Oh yeah that’s how I burn it man. Burn real good, oh it actually worked. Who would have thought, okay. Alright get that romantic music
playing while you propose. Oh setting the mood, oh hey
I burned my totally disco CD. I’ve got to dance rave to that you’ve got to be careful with it. Top it off with the fire
extinguisher, aw yeah. Now it’s not going to start
on fire, okay that’s good. Serving it up, alright. Let’s see how it goes. – [Green Computer] What’s
this my sandwich feels much heavier than usual. – [Narrator] That’s
because I put rocks in it. – Huh that’s interesting I
wonder if there’s something different inside. – [Narrator] Just ask the question. – [Blue Computer] What
do you mean my sweet? – Will you enter a legally
binding partnership with me? – [Narrator] What is she going to say? – [Blue Computer] Oh of
course I’m the happiest bot in the world. – [Narrator] Yay she said yes. Thank you I can shut this garbage off now. Okay got to make a cake, so got to get the eggs in there, perfect. Then get some tomatoes of
course, and put some more eggs. Oh that’s a mushroom, nevermind. That’ll work real good, oh this is going to be the greatest cake ever. Put some cheese in there,
I love cheesy cake. And of course every cake
has flour so there you go. Get in there, come on guys,
get in there I know you don’t carrot all but you got to get in. Oh yeah, before I open this up, wow. Nuclear cake and stuff. Aw this is perfect it’s just
like a rave, yeah look at that. Shiny objects like I got glow sticks only they’re carrot sticks. Glowing carrot sticks yeah. Oh that’s a good looking cake. Oh I forgot it, I forgot
to this, forgot to do this. – [Blue Computer] Hey boss
that party left a huge pile of dirty dishes. – [Narrator] Oh I don’t
care what you’re saying can’t talk to you talking get out of here. Do you like it when I do this? You don’t like it when I do this do you? I don’t want to do dishes. Okay here we go, bam dishes are done. This is how I do dishes, yeah,
why do they keep reappearing? No, no, the dishes are done. No, we’re not doing the
dishes, give me a break. I’m using one of those
new orange scrubbers. I’m sorry orange I didn’t
mean to hurt your peelings. Okay here’s what you get
for making me do dishes. You love it butt toucher, steak Frisbees. What are you saying now. – [Dark Green Computer] You
need to clean this place up. – [Narrator] No. – [Green Computer] How
about those sprinklers? See that little thing up on the ceiling. Try chucking something at
it and see what happens. – [Narrator] Chucking
something at it sure. You’re an apple, oh I dropped it. You’re an apple, you’re an apple. You want to record me
baking some food huh? You’re an apple. You’re quite a pill you know that? You know what I’m going to do with this? Hold on, blend-o-matic. Got to put a coffee mug
in there for good measure? There we go, oh you wanted me to put it in the blender
I didn’t realize that. What, I can’t hear you,
I’m making a smoothie, please be quiet. Smoothie-splosions. Okay you want me to put
this in the microwave? Fine that’s where I’ll
put it, there we go. – [Purple Computer] Alright it’s in there. Close the door and let me get a shot of the microwave running. – [Narrator] I don’t
like you telling me what to do but okay. – [Purple Computer] Just
show that to the camera. – [Narrator] I’m going
to show you my rear end. Quit telling me what to do,
okay here’s your flavor cube. Eat the flavor cube, you want to eat it. Eat the flavor cube, come on eat it. You know you want to eat it. Give me that, that’s mine,
now I’m the conductor. Alright looking good, what
the heck are these dots. Oh no I didn’t mean to eat it. I’m sorry flavor cube. I’m cooking your hat. – Give me that, that’s
mine, this is also mine. I found it, it was here when
I got here so I found it. Future so bright I’ve got to wear shades. Oh I don’t like that, here take
them back I don’t want them. Your hat doesn’t fit in the blender. What where did it go? I’m making trucker hat
stew, it’s my favorite. Oh it’s all done and it is trucker hat and ceramic shards stew. I know picking up the ceramic shards is a pain in the glass, put
a little flower on there. Just a little bit and then
got to do one of these. Got to make sure your food
doesn’t start on fire. I’m a good chef, I’m a good
chef thank you so much. – Oh what a fascinating dish. Who’s doing that, make you
a big meal, there you go. It counted that as a meal. Better put a flower on there, got to get the fire extinguisher
going and we’re good. Bing that’s a good meal
right there see you later. I’m making a bacon teepee, yeah. He loves it, careful,
careful, no my bacon teepee. It’s all about the presentation. Look at that oh yeah
that’s looking real good. We need some more bacon,
open and oh it’s magic. Got to get that bacon strips. Oh I’m going to make a bacon tower, no no. I wasn’t done making my bacon tower. I wasn’t done with the
bacon tower bring it back. Why is he on fire? You want a meal I got a meal for you. Huh how about this, what do you want? One of these, how about
four of those, how about 16 of this, oh got to have
some bread in there, sorry grandpa lemon you
have to go in there too. You want a meal this
is how you get a meal. Yo what’s up avacadbro oh
yeah you feeling cheery nice? Yeah got to get all these in here. Hey potato I see you down there. It’s the kernel of the troop. Great to meet you. Oh yeah cookies, you’re
a chip off the old block. Making meal stuff in here. Okay I think that’s the
perfect amount of ingredients. Yeah that looks good, just
going to turn that on. I’m sorry all my friends. Okay just got to make sure
it’s all stirred up nice and good, there we go
perfect, oh yeah get in there. Got to get mixed, this is
going to be a perfect meal. Oh is that a pomegranate? Oh no I ate pomegranate. Oh this is crazy, why
am I eating everything. What’s happened to me. Oh yeah, raving with bread. Everything’s gone crazy I’m feeling lazy. That’s why I’m cooking,
oh I took another bite of bread I’m sorry. Oh no i didn’t even know
things could go in the. Wait wait wait wait wait,
things can go in there? Hold on, no I got to
get it in the fish tank. I got to get it in the fish tank. I didn’t know things
could go in the fish tank. Ah, things are getting
fishy up in here, oh no. Other fishies are eating them, oh man. Oh this is such a good
game I love this game. Alright well I think that’s a good place to stop this episode. I’m just going to keep
throwing all my friends into the fish tank so they can get eaten by the piranhas, okay guys? Sounds like fun. Make sure to like, maybe
subscribe to my story and again it makes us the most popular video on the internet because I’m doing it and it’s so good. Cooking up in here. Later hot potaters, one more. Don’t eat those shards of glass. (upbeat music)

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