100 thoughts on “Apple CEO Tim Cook faces criticism for pulling Hong Kong map app”

  1. Apple is a fool! Communists invaded and occupied mainland China by 1948. Till today it is still illegally occupying mainland China, which is officially mandated to be ruled by ROC since 1927.
    Throughout history, communists has never occupied Hong Kong before. Apple is just helping CCP complete this illegal occupation earlier than 2047.

  2. Cook is a “ Genius “ he simply followed the law here nothing else in a FOX inflated nothing story ( useless panel) and Cook is so responsible and has worked so hard to improve especially safety issues and privacy issues on devices and he is committed to children’s and people’s privacy issues online and I think he is up for the NOBEL price ( not sure exactly what category yet ) next fall in Sweden / Norway . He has a lot to be happy about

  3. It is very simple. Do not do business with murders and thieves. It is a real shame the chinese people themselves are going to pay a horrible price for CCP'S actions. They better fix CCP. For thier own good. As for the current corporate traitors currently pandering to china? EXILE FROM THE U.S

  4. Freedom warriors are dreamers and heroes 🙂 Mask ban to lockup HK kids? AMNESTY TO ALL🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺🇩🇪🇳🇿🇫🇷🇪🇺🇸🇪🇩🇰🇫🇮🇳🇴🇮🇸🇹🇼🇨🇭🏳️‍🌈

  5. would Apple, Google, FB, Twitter & Co. have pulled their services supporting the Arab Spring "protesters" if those governments would have complained?

  6. mr. karabell is making false equivalencies. Hong Kong was a free country under British rule. the communist chinese government is trying to oppress the free people of Hong Kong.
    years ago when bill clinton gave china most favored nation trading status the chinese would somehow become more democratic. Time has proven this to be false. The whole reason for favoring china was the money china gave the clintons, and now our businesses are being bought by china. This is foreign interference in out politics that the left ignores while they line their own pockets

  7. Why can we report more on what happening in Chili, Barcelona, Catalonia , middle east. How much of freedom they have lol.? Tires of seeing reporting about Hong Kong.

  8. These big corporate boys are such cowards. They compromise their principles (if they have any) for Chinese bloody money. It’s like the “Caesar pond of flesh” doing business with China and kowtow to them. We need to ask ourselves, are politics and economics with China really two different issues? Or are they both need to build on the principle of trust and good wills to be consistent and credible. The CCP’s 70 years of ruling history has hardly proved that,. Along with the world’s highest human casualty record of at least 70 millions as today. I think We are slowly realising the more we depend on China for our economic existence the more we become their economic slaves. That’s why the bravery of these HK protesters have astonished so many people globally. To resist against this super master! In a way they put us to shame. They are exposing the true face of the CCP regime right in front of our eyes. No more excuses! Let’s face the facts, China has never respects the western values or freedom, but to use them to gain her needed advantages. She doesn’t play fair unless being force to. Ultimately there is no win win goal in CCP’s mind but only she wins you lose as her plan. Beware!

  9. Apple is only about status not about treating their customers with respect nor about creating durable products and definitely not about being willing to fix their products. All they want is to be able to do a "quick fix" with simple software diagnostics and when they cannot they just want to victimizing and robbing their customers (cult members) of their data and their money by forcing them to purchase new expensive devices because they build their devices in China with cheap China quality parts that break and are engineered horribly.

  10. Chinese government can censor anything they want. They have the right and reason not to watch NBA and buy Nike if Nike supported the violence in Hong Kong, like America don't buy Huawei (for no reason). These are all their internal business. If Apple uses the app to support the violence in Hong Kong, Chinese consumers also have the right not to buy Apple Product, and I don't think Apple wanted to give up the biggest market for the reason to support Hong Kong "democrazy' ? Unless Apple is crazy.

  11. The CCP gov is above the law in China. So when Tim Crook complies to them, it’s not the Chinese law he is complying to, but the biggest stack of weeds people there emigrate to avoid.

  12. Throw any components from China out of US, including but not limited to Apple, Huawei, US Military contractor products, clothing, … Support US. Don't just talk about it, or target specific companies only, becoming trashy Hippocrates. Do it …

  13. Yes we are dealing with terrible people all over the world. We being the dirtbag elites posing as humanitarians.

  14. The anger of violent protesters is also directed at companies such as the MTR Corporation that criticize the protests, mainland companies and ordinary Chinese who speaking mandarin . As a result, the troublemakers showed their local chauvinism, even though their families mostly came from the mainland. In addition, Some videos show that demonstrators threw homemade firebombs at the police or attacked them with a knife

  15. He had to delete it otherwise
    Intelligent Americans going to get upcoming iPhone models with shitty design
    For 5000 usd

  16. The CEO of the richest company in the world bows to China. Money rules america. USA should just bow to China from now on. USA has no moral authority anymore.

  17. Free Hong Kong, free Tibet, free east Turkmenistan or better known as Uygeristan, China would be not even half its size if the rest of the world would stop it from balkanizing it's neighbors.

  18. In terms of freedom and democracy HK ranks No.3 in the world, higher than Canada and US. So please explain what you want? Please

  19. I'm from Sweden… Can i say I H¤te f¤¤cckkiinngg nniigg¤¤rrss ! in America? is it ok? or do you want to slap a label on it and restrict me ? I can't even write it here!?!?!?!?!?!

  20. I’m not a China supporter and I don’t believe this is not about protesting or democracy. This is about the safety of police officers. I have been an veteran of the police force for over 10 years and I just don’t understand how can anyone justify tracking police officers’ locations as appropriate? This app would locate officers position and put them vulnerable for attacks or for criminals to commit crimes knowing officers are not close enough to respond.
    So people in the US should be able to track US police officers’ locations too? How is Apple doing the right and morale thing of banning a HK police officer tracking app deemed wrong/giving in to China? So protecting rioters and criminals is justified but protecting piece officers are wrong?

  21. His mistake was saying it was violations of apples own policies. If Chinese government makes him stop he has to stop. If USA courts were to do the same he would appeal but if the end result was same he would pull apps


  23. is there an app that allows individuals to track or inform police activity? will it help drug dealer or some other bad intentions?

  24. Apple. Grossly overrated and overpriced computers that are totally worthless. If you wanna update your facebook profile, then Apple is ok, but if you wanna do something serious, then you have to go for a REAL PC with Windows os. Fact.

  25. After Steve jobs died, apple has become a corrupt greedy corporation that goes against American values. They need to be removed.

  26. Apple,Blizzard,Google,Disney and the NBA showed their true colors. They're not for the freedom the West supports these companies and sport league are for Communism/oppression.

  27. The hk rioters have been committing real crimes in the city two months. If the mop guider app should not be taken down then which should?

  28. It does us no good to merely ban lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. The despotic Chinese Government owns the CEOs and corporate management of "American" companies who then go on to lobby Congress. Is it any wonder that we only have Chinacrats and RepubliChins in Congress anymore who refuse to legislate to the protection and profit of the American People but everything they do is to the benefit of China-backed corporations? China has found a back-door way to lobby Congress! It's like China IS our Congress! We need to ban ALL lobbying and vote this traitorous China-Congress out that refuses to do anything to serve the American Citizens who are their God-Appointed Sovereign! It doesn't matter what is profitable or practical for Congress: the American People are their master and they are to do as we please, and if they refuse, they ought to be punished as the traitors they are. A Congressman should not serve the Chinese Government but the American People! Where is the Congressional retaliation against these anti-American corporations? Do they not receive Congressional "favors" and tax breaks the rest of us have no access to yet they bend around backwards to betray Democracy and abuse the American People? Has Congress not already betrayed us in resisting the President we chose? So far as I'm concerned while Congress serves these corrupt corporations, refuses to legislate to protect and prosper the American People, and tries to hinder and impeach President Trump, they are confederate with the Chinese Government! The whole lot of them should be exiled to China if not lawfully punished for treason!

  29. Tim cook was chosen by Steve Jobs. However he is failing Apple very badly. All the failures in the apple computers and refusal to fix keyboards and other poor workmanship problems for LOYAL customers. The corporate model for Apple has never worked. TIM will have to go back and do what STEVE JOBS DID.

  30. God, most Americans are just so arrogant! This country is going down and empire is collapsing right in front of your eyes ! Bunch of hypocrites !

  31. Are you ignorant of what China is doing? Or are you soft on China? Whistle blowers are popular and if you told the truth your ratings would lead, but at fox your not about the deep truth, you actually go with the public narrative on 9-11 when you know better. Are we really living on the Truman show? Fake everything is fake. All history is partly true. So many lies.

  32. Double standard! They thug police and the P:A which has been infiltrating them since summer are killing people in Hong Kong draining their blood and cremating them. Nobody in their right mind would support that! For proof of that go to Voice of Guo media on youtube. Those who support communism are morally bankrupt, spiritually bankrupt and mentally deranged! Those who support sociopaths become socio paths!

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