Are You Ready to Cook for Someone You Don’t Know? A Family, a Person in LEBANON is Hungry! HELP

Are You Ready to Cook for Someone You Don’t Know? A Family, a Person in LEBANON is Hungry! HELP

Today, I will introduce you to three ladies, that are also making a huge change! Ladies that cook for their children at home, while they cook they’re going to cook for people who don’t have warm food to eat. I won’t tell you more, from a compound our tour starts… My name is Sarah Daou. My name is Randa Atallah. I am Vera Debes. I’m a mom for one daughter. I am a mother of four. I have three kids. I am cooking today Rice with Okra It smells very good! To the maximum! It’s very easy! What did we cook today? Rice with chicken and shredded meat. We are going to have Pasta with Meat. You can imagine that with only one cheese sandwich you change the life of someone you make them full. So imagine what it would be like if it’s a big meal? The happiness I felt while cooking the food… I felt that every person eating a bit of this food and how thankful he’s being… and how much this person is praying for us to stay healthy, and stay helping people. It’s such a nice experience because every time you think you’re feeding people… you don’t know, and people that are desperate to have some food, and are waiting to eat good food. Us too! We loved to help! We prepared 90 cupcakes today morning with the kids… They’re going to be distributed, and maybe they’d put a smile on people’s face… that don’t have a chance to eat cupcakes today! So we can all help and put our hands together. In a small amount of money, you cooked food and enjoyed, and filled your day up. I can see a nice smile on your face! You are capable of changing… not a life You’re filling up hungry stomaches! They must feed more than 20 persons. Yes that’s what’s expected. She’s going to add nuts on top, so you see that the meal is made with spirit and warm heart the same way they feed themselves they give it to people. I want to tell you something, maybe I have done it better than I’ve done it for my family. Okay… How much time did it take? 2 hours. 2 hours for this huge amount of portion. We design it and add nuts? Lets do it. I just want to tell every woman that’s at home and isn’t employed… and she can cook a bit more of her meals… Maybe for 10 people, and to think that some people are in need of one bite of food. It’s very heart warming to hear someone tell you Thank you, you’ve changed a lot in my life or that you saved me and my family today… Hello, we have been waiting for you…. Come in. The best thing is that we are capable of helping while being at home… you are giving us the chance because sometimes we feel like we aren’t able to do anything. In this way you’re coming to our house, and we aren’t doing anything extra, just that we added the amount And we are helping in a way. I hope no one stays in need, or hungry… I hope we get to this day. So thank you so much! We are the Center of Renee Wehbe, Aajouz Mareed. (Sick Elderly) We have elderly and almost 60 people sick. We have staff that are responsible for helping the elders, we welcome the Lebanese Food Bank becuase he is always keeping up woth us. He offers us many times… food and plates for the elders. It was a great day, we met 3 ladies that cook at home for people they don’t know at all. We got to Center Renee Wehbe in Mansouriyeh, for the sick elderly. More than 100 portions they’re going to have tonight… they’ll be happy and think of everyone that helped. Everyone of you can make a difference, it’s so easy. We are Lebanese Food Bank.. The Lebanese Food Bank help all families that have minimal work, and they aren’t very capable to… some stuff for home and to get you sugars and sweets So we help the parents so that they provide you with everything, so that you get to eat some good food and grow! MY name is Nadine, I am a social helper in an organization called “Lebami” We are the organization of “Asdikaa Al Aaila Al Khayreyya” (The friends of the good family). We work with needy families, that live in Nabaa, Bourj Hammoud and Sin El Fil. Our aim is to get all the kids to school and not have any child on the streets, and to stop child labor. And we help children in order for them to have better education. We have been working with Lebanese Food Bank for a long time, Lebanese Food Bank passes by our organization almost every 2 days a week… They get us food and food supplements, vegetables, fruits… doughnuts cakes and bread… I want to let you know that we have 70 children that come to us afternoon to study, here in the organization. We figured out that kids can’t seem to focus if they were hungry they can’t keep up with their studies, and have a healthy growth. So we discovered that food is something essential for the child, in order for him to grow mentally and physically and he’d grow up to become an important individual in society.

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  3. Great video, thanks to everyone that is involved in this great cause. It is our duty to help. The pay back will be tremendous for the future of our kids. 🙏❤️❤️🇱🇧❤️❤️

  4. Thanks Anthony, this was very impressive, not able to hold my tears. You always highlight to us how to make the difference during our short journey on Earth!

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