Are you ready?

Are you ready?

File Name : Are_you_ready
Length : 0:03:01 Speakers : Male Speaker 1 (narrator), Marc
Murphy, Danny Meyer, James Briscione, Sabrina Sexton, Amanda Pabon, Daniel Boulud, Female
Speaker, (2 students), Troy Holden, Boswell Scott, Dr. Luisa Costello, Brooke Siem, Mike
Schwartz, Michael Jenkins, Michael Anthony, Kelly Senyei
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[Audio Starts] Male Speaker 1(narrator): If you want to express
yourself through food, the Institute of Culinary Education will help you find your culinary
voice. Marc Murphy: I wasn�t really sure what I
wanted to do and I knew I liked to cook and eat. So I went to ICE and it turned out I
love this business, I love the industry and now I own four restaurants and a catering
company. Danny Meyer: Ask yourself, �Do I really
love the topic of food and drink? And do I love sharing my enthusiasm for that with the
rest of the world?� Because if you do, this is a great career for you. Restaurants are
about soul and it�s about learning and it�s about time and you�ve got to really say
to yourself, �I�m competitive. I want to be the best and I�ve got stamina.�
James Briscione: We give our students the tools of the trade, a chance to explore their
creativity and develop the skills they need to reach their ultimate goals.
Sabrina Sexton: I like ICE�s culture and diversity and that I�m able to help our
students find their unique talents. Amanda Pabon: ICE really allowed me to be
an individual, be my own person and they really encouraged me to pursue what I wanted to pursue
as an individual. Daniel Boulud: What I like about ICE cooking
school is the boutique size of the school which I think is very important because the
classes are never too big, the teachers of course have very high knowledge and we have
had wonderful results with the selection of the students.
Gail Simmons: ICE gave me my culinary voice to speak with confidence, to have the language
I needed to be at the top of the food industry. Female Speaker ? (student 1): This is my culinary
voice. Troy Holden: My culinary voice is Alsatian
cuisine which is French-based. Female Speaker ? (student 2): This is my culinary
voice. Boswell Scott: My culinary voice is urban
cultural cuisine which is a mixture of everything in urban areas throughout the whole country
and even the world. Dr. Luisa Costello: My culinary voice is pastry
and baking, expression, crafting original products so that individuals can enjoy them,
watching the excitement on their face when they bite into it.
Brooke Siem: I realized once I�d gotten into the business how much I actually wanted
to own my own business and so ICE was able to help me make that a reality.
Mike Schwartz: ICE students are as diverse as the cuisines we teach. They have unique
talents and individual quests. Our job is to help them find their culinary voice.
Michael Jenkins: Being at ICE gave me the confidence and the ability to succeed.
Michael Anthony: ICE students are such good employees because they come into a restaurant
prepared, technically prepared. They come in with a sense of realism. Most of the students
know what they want. Male Speaker 1 (narrator): The programs at
ICE are part of a culinary career development journey.
Danny Meyer: I think one of the things that ICE does incredibly well is that it sort of
self-selects in an incredibly aspirational group of learners.
Kelly Senyei: Walking through the doors with ICE fills you with an excitement to get you
started on your journey. Are you ready? [0:03:01]
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  1. The food industry has never been more exciting, dynamic and full of opportunity. What are you waiting for? #NewYearNewCareer 

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