ASMR Mukbang|좋아하는 해산물을 다 넣어본 해물찜 먹방!!

Hello~ I am Kani jjang~❤️ Annyeong~❤️ Today I have prepared Haemul jjim! (Braised spicy seafoods) I will eat well~(^^*) I am gonna eat webfoot octopus first. Webfoot octopus is “Jukumi” in Korean. But many people pronounce like “jjukumi”. This is big clam. In Korea, you can call all kinds of clam as “Jogae” Although each jogae has its own name (^^*) This is turban shell but its turban was removed. (^^*) Actually I prefer to eat turban shell
grilled on the charcoal fire. (^^*) Here comes abalone. I love the chewy texture of abalones. This is milt that I have shown many times. If you have been my viewer for quite long time, I am sure that you would know what this is (^^*) Shrimps are also essential for haemul jjim. It has perfect shape and also
very crunchy and delicious. I don’t know how to explain
the taste of haemul jjim sauce. But its spicy and deep flavored taste is
really perfect for any seafoods. This is blue crab. But it became scarlet crab after being braised. (^^*) When I began to chew the crab, much broth
mixed with spicy sauce came out of it. It tasted fantastic! This is pollack roe. In Korea, we call it “Goni” or “myungran” I don’t know why but seafoods mukbang videos are more popular in my case. And my former haemul jjim video almost hit
10 million views. Thank you my viewers~❤️❤️❤️ This is octopus. This octopus is much bigger than webfoot octopus. Octopus is “Moon Eo” in Korean. It is strong rather than just chewy. So you need to cut it into small pieces
or slice it before eating. Otherwise you have to chew it
until your jaw get exhausted.(^^*) Scallops are my favorite seafoods. They are called “Garibi” in Korean. Its texture is chewy and soft at the same time. Much amount of deep flavored broth
came out of the scallop everytime I chew it. Actually this is the 4th video of eating haemul jjim. And this haemul jjim contains the most
various seafoods so far. This is pen shell which is called “Ki Jogae” in Korea. Texture of ki jogae is stronger than the scallops. Although I prefer scallops to pen shell, some people like its strong texture more. In Korea, grilled pen shell is popular. Green peppers that I always eat are not spicy at all. But rarely spicy ones are among them.
And make me embarrassed. (^^*) I have never won a lottery. But won spicy green peppers frequently. This is not an octopus or webfoot octoupus. This is long leg octopus. It is called nakji in Korea. If you have watched some raw octopus videos before, this is it! I think I have introduced almost all the ingredients here. Whenever I upload haemul jjim videos,
there are always some viewers who ask the recipe. But so far I haven’t cooked it myself even once. I bought this from a seafood restaurant near my home. It cost about 60 USD. And I added scallops, long leg octopus
and web foot octopus. Eating in seafoods restaurant in Korea is
quite expensive. But I am not sure either if I can cook this
myself at lower cost. Where can I eat seafoods as much as
I want at low cost?? (^^*) I am thinking of traveling Vietnam this winter. I hope I can eat nice and various seafoods there. (^^*) And I am gonna make lots of mukbang video there too. This is squid. We call it “Ojing eo”. Judging from it appearance, tastes of various octopuses and squid look very similar each other. And YES! I think so! (^^* ) But if you have a very sensitive tongue,
you would know the difference. Then please explain the difference to me
so that I can say that in my subtitles (^^*) Today is already Friday. Whar are you going to do today? Today I am gonna record a new video of
eating various dumplings as requested. Since I have started youtubing,
weekend became meaningless for me. But I am happy because many people
love my videos~(^^*) Please enjoy your weekend and
get refreshed for the next week! See you at the next video~❤️❤️❤️ It has been a while since I ate haemul jjim last time. There were so many kinds of seafoods that
I couldn’t know what to eat first. Eating mixed rice in the end was also very nice. It was good meal today~
See you again~❤️

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