when boiling crab, i will add lemongrass to remove fishy smell from crabs Time to boil crabs Now i will make the spicy sauce for crabs 2 tbsp gochujang 1 cup ketchup 1 tbsp mirin 2 tsp honey 1 tsp mustard 1 cup water Hey guys! We’re back 😀 Zach: First bite of spicy crab is for you R.I.P Mr Krabs It’s so delicious and spicy Chewing the shell of crab is quite funny and interesting 🙂 Zach: Let’s try yellow pickle radish Zach: It’s a little sour, goes with the spicy sauce The female crabs are much more delicious because they have crab eggs inside If you taste this once, you will never forget the taste In short, it is very very DELICIOUS Good bye! See you next time

47 thoughts on “ASMR Spicy CRAB COOKING SOUNDS & EATING SOUNDS (No Talking) | TANTAN Twins ASMR”

  1. All I saw was a crab and I got scared. Help. Also why do crabs have bubbles near or on their mouth? Like, what??? I felt like the crabs in the water. When I saw y'all eating the crabs, I was like, 'wth' and then I was like 'y'all lucky, y'all cute. '

  2. Didn’t your mom tell you not to play with your food!! 😂🤣 Great editing as always. I’m loving this one so far😍

  3. Omg he's back. Tell him we missed him. Nice to see you both together again. Hope he's doing ok. 💜💜💜 Crabs sound crunchyy

  4. I have a really big question…. How the Heck were the crabs blowing bubbles (when they were alive)?? I've never had crab or cooked crab soooo yea 😂

  5. Great….. I'M STARVINGGG, what voodoo magic do you use to make people hungry?

    And….. YAY! Yout two are together in the vid again

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  7. Crabs: creates a shell to defend against predators
    Lyrics: cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch,cronch…

  8. My bros are back! You know, there are so many crunchy sounds in this upload, and I love every minute of it! Crab is just wonderful.

    I know both you guys are working hard on and off the camera. Great job to you both🤗😘🤗.

  9. Yay 🥰👏Your finally back together. I’m glad you guys could make a video with both of you today, the food looks amazing. 😍☺️💚

  10. Glad to see your brother is back for another video! You guys are such good cooks and I think you should open your own restaurant 🙂

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