Hey guys, it’s me again, and I actually told myself I was going to slow down all these diss tracks that you know not drop up as often because I was getting mad and too Easily and I was like no Rice you need to calm down, right? But this person roasted me, and it really caught me off guard like really. I just was not expecting this from this person. I just wasn’t expecting it. So I’m pretty sure you guys know who Baby Ariel is man If you don’t know she’s like the biggest person on musically, an app that I basically make fun of on my channel I basically roasted every single person on that app Every single person except for baby Ariel like ’cause you know we’ve never had beef She didn’t do anything wrong honestly you know cuz I don’t pick on people randomly, right? And she actually liked my video she said this about me.” How do you feel that Rice gum roasting you?” I think he’s funny to be honest. I was kidding looks cool and at the time. I saw the clip I was like okay. No Ariel is pretty nice pretty chill girl I guess I won’t roast her and actually it’s funny ’cause like two months ago She exposed my phone number, and I really just let [her] [fly] I always hella friendly bet that I could have really roasted her I could have really roast her and make a [bomb-ass] video But I let it slide and you know because I spare her life because we were cool and Literally five days ago after what after me being nice to her five days ago [she] was [live-streaming] and someone chat hey, [Ariel] [uh] [uh] React to Rice gum’s videos and she opened up a video and was watching it As she’s gonna Act all brand-new like oh, and I just watched this I reacted [craziest] week of my life right, not only I hit a Million Subscribers, which [is] so crazy and yeah, but I was roasting I’m [jen] I’m not sure if you saw that or not But the kid asked her hey Rice gum has a million and she rolled her eyes like what like [what] are you salty? Okay first of all no But you’re not know is that it. Yes that is it? that’s all no sad no seriously you’re not Gonna Wanna get just Say that was… okay That was so stupid like all his roasts I’m serious no, like it needs to like Rice come to get out okay It’s late She’s so lucky that kid was holding her back cuz like if that kid wasn’t there she would have said so many [things] she would have Regretted and I would have used it against her and it would have been such a better video But I mean I guess everyone should have a friend like [that] guy But anyways, she didn’t even say [like] that one video was stupid She said all of my Videos are stupid every video that. I’ve spent [hours] making you know hours night staying up late It’s freaking [3:00] a.m.. Right now I’m staying up late making videos, and they’re all stupid [ariel]. Are you serious? They’re stupid stupid the bad word anyways. I’m getting way out of control, [but] basically this next clip about to show you guys happened earlier today It’s still fun getting else. What do you think it is on – I got $20,000 yeah, no I have [thirty] [thousand] [comments] on it at pictures What’s the height because of him look at this one? Yeah, I think it’s [planet] [alright], 1919. I’m thirty two thousand of [Ll7] that’s like it was so funny fourteen thousand everything just [loL] now and in my twitter notifications like [yeah] Kenny [said] my freaking whole look uh Dude, they’re everywhere yeah, they were ever on Twitter – I was like [later] Hey, hey, I’m paying someone else so much my YouTube channel and like I clicked with my recent comments And there was all my comments [it] so bad they want to roast rice [come] yesterday I want to know a diss track for my stomach. It’s funny. Did you like yours? Thank you. Are you letting that way let’s get our reel – yeah, I wanna be all right looking about rice them What do you think I might [go] Mario [keys]? All right, so let me get this straight first off. Oh race comes funny. His vids are entertaining He’s a cool guy, right, and then literally five days ago You called my video stupid all my videos are stupid right and your friend held you back so if he wasn’t there You would have said way meaner stuff and then being in the same room as two people I have roasted before right and then hearing their conversation About the aftermath of the dish track in here about what rice gum squad is capable of doing Comenting [L] handing out [L] to people you know and after hearing how many comments were on their page? [oh] Now I’m funny again But earlier. I was stupid, but now im funny no one gets away with this I [no] one sits here and Disrespects me my videos and my supporters and calls them stupid now I’m really mad I’m sorry [Ariel], but I have to do this to you Let’s go was good Sup dude I think ariel just roasted you bro. What way ariel? Yeah, she roasted me Yeah, I don’t know bro. Play the clip. I was so stupid like all his Roast Ricegum took it out Bro, she better put some respect on that, bro I thought we were cool. Yeah, I don’t know why she did that man, I Keh keh on the beat, you leak my number, but I nicely let it slide [you] said my vids were stupid But you watch them all the time you said that they were funny till I roasted Mona Lisa if you never took it out well I guess you’re next in line people said [Ariel] dissonance roaster after this diss [track] your career is over. [I’ma] [call] You shrek cuz you look like an ogre heard you got accepted for the next role as Joker almost out of Milli But you know I hit it first instead of being online do some chores go to church. Where are your parents? They need to do their job how they let you leave the house dressed like a thot You don’t have not telling getting big off musically get a fame for nothing it is confusing me. [I] know deep inside Yeah, this is hurting. Ya your name is [Ariel]. But you like ursula You need to stop it, yeah. You need to quit it. Yeah, you need to stop it. Yeah You need a quarter yeah next time you roast me Make sure is low-key cuz if I ever find out you’re Gonna be salty. Are you jealous? Yeah, did you like this diss? Yeah? You look like a fish yet. Always that shit. Yeah Yeah, I guess it’s going to wrap in the video Thank you so much If you made it to the end as you [can] see my house really burned down, so I’m at my uncle’s house right now But if you guys did enjoy the video do me a favor and drop a thumbs up right now [guess] I’ve been killing it Comair it every single comment subscribe to the channel if you are new watch my other stuff And I really don’t have to say this but I’m going to anyways these videos are just for fun I really don’t care what they say is just for fun. Oh, yeah guys in one more thing [I] made a second channel you guys have [Nasa] [Mirai] [so] I’ll make a second channel so I just did up load that much on here So if you guys want more rice dub action only for the real supporters if you want to link in the description That’s my second channel make sure you subscribe now So you don’t miss anything, but yeah, that’s my second channel Upload stuff I want to find out what my upload I think I’m gonna do like vlogs or whatever I don’t know yet, but we’ll figure it out Thank you for [other] support on this video and all my past videos and just in general 1.1 [mill], thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Do u want people to really hate you I love baby Ariel and I used to love you until I saw this video I'm so ashamed ricegum

  2. Whats bigger ariel on Nickelodeon for one episode on a tv show and a movie or ricegum commercial on the Superbowl ?

  3. I don’t know why u guys are saying “oh ye money spoiled him” his flexing is funny as shit, he earned his money why can’t he show it off? Sure he doesn’t make as much diss tracks but he still makes entertaining videos

  4. This era of YouTube and ricegum was so goated like ricegum really started a wave and ended niggas careers and now he got 10mil and full of himself like he used to be so humble and chill now he just annoying

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