Baby Corn Sesame Stir Fry – By Vahchef @

Baby Corn Sesame Stir Fry – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to learn how to make baby
corn sesame seed stir fry this nice spicy little bit tangy sweet and is going to be super. To make this first we’re going to make a batter out of all purpose flour and cornstarch and add salt, ginger garlic paste and first we’re going to make a thick batter of this, beat this batter for llike around two minutes look at this, this is very thick paste you know it should not be like a batter
not it should be like a dough it should be in between both the consistency and this is perfect now in this add baby corn and because this is so thick this will nicely coat to this, only thing is you will have trouble dropping them in the batter but that’s okay i’m going to show you how to do it now after you coat this baby corn, add sesame seeds you know 2 tbsp of sesame seeds so that
every piece is nicely coated with the sesame seed; in lot of preparations even in India we add lot of sesame seeds because once the sesame seeds is fried, it gives a very nice and awesome flavor
now this mixture is all ready all we need to do is just fry them in a
medium hot oil just add this into hot oil first we’re going
to half fry these and afterwards we’re going to fry them
one more time to get really nice and crispy because the sauce what we’re going to do
is just going to be a namesake coating and to give a nice punch to it but the
baby corns have to remain crispy when done you know sometimes when we make crispy baby corns you know we had too much egg then the baby comes won’t be crispy
and they will remain soft so a lot of people when they watch my video they make that mistake but in this
recipe we are adding egg so the problem doesn’t arise only the
problem will come if you make the batter too thin so just make it thick the way I
showed you and your baby corn will be crispy when you fry the second time. Now we have fried the baby corn for one time we’re going to fry the second time when this
masala is almost ready so that’s very little oil do not add too much because already we have fried that in the oil and in this add only garlic we
are not adding ginger in this just garlic because sesame seed and garlic goes fantastic and just sautéed it, the garlic is slightly colored, in
this we’re going to add some chili flakes that should be good nice and hot; in this add tomato ketchup very little and we’re going to add soya sauce and vinegar and when you add vinegar what do we add, we add sugar to control
the sharpness so add some sugar and of course we need to add salt and do not
have too much of salt because there is salt in soya sauce also and some in the ketchup and once the sugar nicely melts; I’m putting the corn for double fry i added the corn baby corn into the hot
oil so that they get now crispy now look at this I’ve double-fried this corn and can hear the crunch No did you hear the crunch no I can keep eating like this but look
at this sauce is looking like nice honey like consistency and add this crispy baby corn and just toss it you know
there is not much moisture in this masala and this looks fantastic top of it spring onion and in every bite there is heaven heaven literally heaven
in this Wow look at this nice nice sweet sweet
hot hot crispy baby corn wow is ready but the true flavor is the sesame seed that makes this very very tasty wow this is bit hot hmm dear friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s session of learning how to make this crispy baby corn and sesame seed
stir fry but do not forget vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to go so please post your recipes and cooking
tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you ok

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