3 thoughts on “Backlash still brewing for Founders”

  1. Grace Army Alchemy maybe she could get that lawyer to help a white guy who was denied 911 January 8th 2019 let me call for 911 the dispatch the Grand Rapids Police didn't want to help the intern 727 a student didn't want to help I'm still waiting for the detectives to come in I guess they didn't find all those machine guns that's right they didn't find all those machine guns on the street isn't that wonderful LGBT gay and lesbians they get rights with people with disabilities they're not entitled to rights in Grand Rapids because our city government the deputy chief it was black now chief of police the city manager was black promoting racism Julian Ascent Founders we'll have our sisters for the physically challenged you think the gay and lesbian movement might have mentioned that accessibility the day could have trunks alcoholics need to have power sisters to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves shirt is it shouldn't be a problem.

  2. You see that man Jeff pouring a bottle of beer all people who want to extend their life should be drinking out of glass bottles of beer glass pop I'm surprised this woman transgender or whoever she might be acting like Michelle Obama another transgender. You see how that man poured the quality bottle of beer he tilted the glass so there wouldn't be so much Suds now that's that's quality control. I don't particularly drink out of aluminum cans it's an offshoot to alzheimer's aluminum foil cooking baking with aluminum pans. I'm surprised the gay and lesbian movement hasn't brought up the environmental impact the increase of Alzheimer's. That why the gay and lesbians and transgenders including Big Mike Michelle Obama when bring up the fact that aluminum cans are of a problem in the environment. It could very well be melting the ice caps and killing off the polar bear population. We need to get back to basics where beer when it's processed and packaged it should be packaged in glass. Glass is recyclable.

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