Hey folks it is Barry welcome to my virgin
kitchen little bit of edible nostalgia for you today I am thinking of doing more nostalgic
recipes any ideas you have let me know down below today is a baked bean pizza now when
I was growing up these were absolutely amazing it is such a simple thing a baked bean pizza
but it tastes phenomenal I think they did a sausage one too so I am going to bring it
back and show you my version if you would like to have a go hit pause on the video now
write down the ingredients the full ingredients and method are on my website
so right here that I am playing with for no reason is some strong bread flour, this is
dried yeas about seven grams of that, we pour that in first of all and then take a pinch
of salt little mix together, alright that will do so we will just make a little well,
sorry force of habit not doing giant foods so will carry on normally, this is some lukewarm
water, 300ml of that and then this is a tablespoon of olive oil, so get the fork in the well
we made and work it together, creating our dough, when you first get it like this it
may look ripped and like ribbons that is fine just get it to that stage and now we can knead
away. So I have got some more flour on the board
and all we are going to do is knead it for a good five minutes we need to knead. It actually
feels quite warm because of the water it is like warm playdoh in your hands, alright happy
with the dough so lets get cling film on the top, this is going to take a while, I hate
this, alright so this is a damp cloth we will put that in a warm space for an hour and it
will double in size. Now of course waiting for it to rise for an
hour you have some time to kill, so walk your pug, tidy or just have a nap if you want,
yeah. Alright it is time to reveal look how big that has risen it is more than double
I reckon and you can see the bubbles in there lets get the cling film off and we are going
to have to knock it back so it will go down a bit.
Sticking the flour in half so have half the dough and get more flour on it, then we can
start to roll it out and shape it into a pizza base, it will move pretty well as it is warm
and flexible right now but go a little larger than you want it to be as it will shrink back
in. So once happy with the pizza shape give it a brush of oil if you like it does not
have to be a perfect circle it would be cool to make it rustic I am sitting on my shovel
so I can stone bake it but if using in an oven on a baking tray sit on your oven right
now to make it easier for your toppings. We get a good layer of grated cheddar cheese
on first of all, next up we take our baked beans and spoon it on, now I have drained
off the tin slightly because you do get quite a little bit of sauce in every tin, you do
not want it too wet so get the beans on there and spread out nice and evenly, just a few
slices of mozzarella ball on there and if you like you can add herbs but for me it is
oven time. My oven has a woodfire oven mode it is sat
on a pizza stone so should be ready in about 4 minutes, but if baking on a standard tray
give it about 15 minutes. Alright then folks straight from the oven that stone is super
hot, so give it a minute before transferring to a board. Check that out.
The smell in here is incredible and I hope you agree it is looking gorgeous the other
thing is when you used to bite into these it would be like putting a furnace in your
mouth so take your time and it will be worth it. Oh all sliced up lets have a taste.
Words cannot express how excited I am to try this right now, I am almost as excited as
the day I had my two children, almost. Here we go oh my gosh.
That is remarkably good if you have never tried a baked bean pizza give this recipe
a go and let me know how you get on it tastes amazing and that homemade crust really does
it so do that if you can let me know down below any nostalgic recipes you would like
to see, check out for hundreds more recipes and that is it guys
send me pictures of your attempts and I will see you again next time.

100 thoughts on “BAKED BEAN PIZZA RECIPE”

  1. this looks so good! will have to add it to my list of things to try πŸ™‚
    btw, you are looking great Barry! can't put my finger on it maybe extra rest? weight loss? either way I hope you &your family are getting off to a good start in 2016!

  2. We used to have a dish called "Buck Stew": cheesy mac n' cheese and chopped hotdogs. Any chance you can spice that simple classic up?

  3. Never heard of baked beans on pizza, but this I have to try! About the cling film: I really recommend a cling film dispenser (like this one: , it has really made my life easier…

  4. What's the point in covering with cling film AND a damp cloth? I always thought you let bread prove with just the damp cloth.

    Also not the biggest fan of the new intro. But the videos are still great πŸ™‚

  5. What is up with Brits and baked beans. Of all the beans in the bean family, those have got to be the worst! Maybe I'll make this with real beans πŸ˜›

  6. My dad always activates the yeast before adding it to the dry ingredients when making bread and dough, why don't you?
    I asked him about this later and all he said was "it's a French thing"

  7. Hm! I used to make something like this using refried beans and store-bought tortillas. Used to also toss pizza sauce and pepperoni on the tortillas instead.

    This is definitely nostalgic to me. β™₯

  8. Um barry is there any way to darken the ingrident list in your book on the kindle i love your vids and bought the book but the ingredients are difficult to read

  9. Nice to see someone making pizza dough from scratch, and also challenging the myth that you need to add the yeast to water and leave it to "activate". This is nonsense so good to see Bazza getting it right πŸ™‚

  10. Barry, I have to say that this is probably the first video where I've though "no, he's not… he is.. no.." I think I'm gonna give this one a miss πŸ˜‰ hahaha.

  11. I've heard you can put nearly anything on pizza, but WOW!

    When I first saw the thing, those slices of mozzarella reminded me of eggs. Fry-up pizza?

  12. The cheddar cheese merged completely with the tomato sauce, never seen that before! be careful not to cook it too long, mine didn't look done so I left it longer and ended up with half of the bottom of the base being a bit chewy on the base!

  13. Maybe add some bacon? Definitely going to be trying this. Im from the U.S. (ugh) and have never heard of this recipe, im excited to try it.

  14. Last time I tried to make a pizza at home it cost twice as much as regular pizza and didn't cook properly due to too much topping πŸ™

  15. What exactly are British beans like? A simple tomato sauce and beans, I imagine? Here, most beans are in brown-sugar sauce and I don't think it'd taste too good on a pizza. This looks really good, though.

  16. This recipe drives me crazy, because you give the dough quantites for 2 pizza doughs and made me screw it up. Next time why don't you do us a favor and give a list of ingredients for 1 pizza (and 1 dough).

  17. Brilliant Execution!
    One of my childhood fav dishes is "Heinz" Vegetarian Beans (in spiced tomato sauce) heated and poured out in a large bowl on top of Toasted Wheat Bread, then topped with a generous portion of Cheese… The melted cheese and bean sauce would gently soak a bit of the toasted bread and together would have a great crunch on the edges of the toast. Of course that dish would be eaten with a large soup spoon; What you have demonstrated is perhaps the more "Grown-up Version".
    I also love to make fresh pizza from scratch, so cannot wait to share a version like this with my mother. (gluten free for her though, hehe)

  18. "the day I had my 2 children" – Your kids aren't twins! They weren't born on the same day. The beans are going to your head! πŸ™‚

  19. Mmm… I love heating baked beans covered with cheese so it grills a BBQ like topping then eating it after its drizzled on buttered toast. Before heating, I add chopped tomato, paprika, salt and pepper. Mmmmmmm

  20. Hi Barry, I tried your recipe and failed miserably. I'm in Canada so I used all purpose flour as we don't have 'strong bread flour' and quick rise yeast seemed to be equivalent to easy blend. The dough was a sticky mess and never made a ball, even after adding more flour πŸ™ were my ingredient substitutions wrong?

  21. Best from Frankie and Benny's! I wish I could make this but My oven is Broken! Have to wait another Week to make this!

  22. I had quite a heated argument with someone who swore black was white, that there had never, at any time, been such a thing as a 'Baked Bean Pizza'. Yes, really. A day off work, back in the early 1990's. House to yourself. Nice slobby bloke lunch = Baked Bean Pizza and a little box of 'Micro Chips'. Third degree burns to mouth from them, and volcanic beans on pizza. Bliss.

  23. I came here from the vodka sauce pizza video. I had to know what a baked bean pizza is. And now I have to give it a go!

  24. Welcome to leyla pizzaria you can have tomatoes cheese salami anything you want on your pizza you could even have pizza on your pizza ! I found this article on the internet πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

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