Baked Camembert with Garlic & Rosemary | Jamie Oliver

Baked Camembert with Garlic & Rosemary | Jamie Oliver

Welcome back to my fabulous, festive, food combos We’ve got beautiful baked cheese flavoured with rosemary and garlic Some lovely roasted croutons And a little bit of sour cranberry and some crushed nuts Gorgeous. Dead simple, first things first we’re going to do some baked cheese What I’m going to do is get a knife and just score around the top first and then just shave it off like that then what we’re going to do is add some fresh rosemary Get yourself some garlic and cut it into little slices and just plonk the garlic into the cheese Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to bake this in an oven at 180 for about 20 minutes until golden and it’s going to be fantastic I’m going to just drizzle that with a little olive oil and you see what happens So once that gets cooked it looks something like this It’s almost like a sea of lava cheese So I want something to dip into it Dead simple, go and get yourself a rosemary skewer like this Okay, then get some leftover, stale bread and just tear it up, what I want you to do is thread on your little bits of bread Do yourself about 5 or 6 of these, or however many people you’ve got and bake them both together at the same time about 15 to 20 minutes, these will go golden and crisp This will go oozy like it has done This is what you get, beautiful little roasted toasties takes no time at all and to add on again, I’ve got some leftover sour cranberries and some sort of nuts from the nut basket that you just crush up, just finely chop it all and what I love to do Just pull off one of these bits of toast Dip that straight into your sort of bath of melted, oozy cheese. Look at that. And dip that into our sour cranberries and chopped up nuts and that really is a little mouthful of heaven even though it’s a 1980’s trick It’s never boring, people go crazy for it, there’ll be nothing left, brilliant. Guys if you want more inspiration go to where there’s thousands and thousands of beautiful recipes waiting for you and if you haven’t subscribed press that magic button subscribe because it’s free, bye

86 thoughts on “Baked Camembert with Garlic & Rosemary | Jamie Oliver”

  1. It all looks verry yummy, but can you go more into details about the ingredients? For your more international audience  . . .
    I can understand most of what you use, but certain things i have never seen in my life . . . 

  2. In my house we wrap ours in shortcrust pastry. By far the most delicious thing ever. Will try the garlic and rosemary combo though.

  3. Well, I tried this the other day. But I would not describe the consistency of the cheese as a lake of lava it looked more like a mountain aof boogers. 😀 What did I do wrong?

  4. Jamie, Any reason(s) that I could not substitute Brie Cheese in place of the Camembert ?? I'm thinking maybe no reason , why not !Merry Christmas to you & your family. This must be a crazy busy , yet still loads of fun time of the year for you. Enjoy it all!

  5. …. By the way, I guess I'm not familiar with Camembert Cheese. It certainly resembles Brie . What is the difference in taste? Probably a silly question . None the less I've never had it. I don't see too much of it in South Florida, USA.

  6. Oh my godddd! this would be the best appetizer in my Christmas party thank you for providing such a brilliant easy recipe!

  7. Do you bake it with the plastic/paper wrapping AND in the box??? Looking at his he takes the plastic wrapper off? Just checking, dumb question I know – but knowing me my baked Camenbert will cause an inferno.

  8. We sometimes bake Camembert in little filo pockets with little treats inside. You get the same effect, super crunchy but fantastically oozy, and cranberries and nuts would definitely work with the filling. Plus you get the satisfaction of cutting into it and watching the cheese ooze out. Food porn. 

  9. All things that are holy, this looks SOOOOO GOOOOD. You might want to take a look at our Christmas Day beers video to go with this. Happy Christmas folks!

  10. Looks fantastic as usual! Any chance you guys could do another live foodtube Christmas Eve special? Cheers! Happy Christmas!

  11.  @ 0:46 the cheese " use by" date is  9 jan 2011 🙂 so this video is almost 4 yrs old. Anyways.. this is a nice idea for friends.

  12. Why does this idots adverts come up all over youtube…  What you do.. or dont do, with a poached bloody egg doesnt interest me !!!!  If im listening to some music, I dont want to hear your grating voice prattling on about "The joys of cooking ??? "…    Where is this leading ???    leave me alone and dont do adverts….  [email protected]$B!!!!

  13. I may have discovered this a few weeks too late, but that's fine, because I think I'm going to make one of these. For myself. Every Tuesday. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

  14. I swear, I've been watching Jamie Oliver cooking since I was a kid on TV
    Even though I never tried making one of your recipes, I still watch everything you make xD…. the way you talk keeps me in tuned lol
    That cheese tho mmmmmm

  15. Ive been making this cheese recipe for years. Pretty sure it was in Jamies Food Revolution cookbook (its in one of his early cookbooks none the less). Bake the cheese as he has here, then pour over some Penne and add a bit of the pasta water and it is simply one of the best pasta dishes ever! Thanks Jamie!

  16. I made this last night (baked Camembert with garlic & Rosemary) and poured it over pasta as per your ministry of food book… Amazeballs!!! Cheap n easy too!

  17. You always just have the best ways of preparing absolutely EVERYTHING! I really like your rustic way of cooking. Thanks for all of the lessons over the years!

  18. I tried this and my camembert went completely flat only after 5 minutes of being in the oven, it didn't come with that wooden base around it so I guess that's why?

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