BAKED | S01E03 – “We Don’t Deliver In 30 Minutes”

BAKED | S01E03 – “We Don’t Deliver In 30 Minutes”

How did I do? Crap! Shit! Any chance? Only if the rest of the team loose
their limbs in a freak accident Oh! Hi Nihal
How are you man? I’m alright Do you guys want to sleep
with your mom? No man Nihal Do you? Yes What the fuck Nihal!
Have you told your mom this? Yes What did she say? She said go to sleep Nihal Do you even know what
sleeping with means? Yes Oye! He slapped me…
He slapped me! I swear I didn’t do anything
He’s a bloody pervert They’re harassing the guy on a wheelchair
Get them!! Run!!! We’re screwed! Why the fuck would you
do that man? Now Guliya’s going to
come after us He doesn’t know where we live
But he’ll find us in college Let’s not go to college for a couple of months
Mad or what? Why are you at home?
Didn’t you have classes? I came to take a dump Why didn’t you just use the college toilets?
Yuck! They’re disgusting They’re worse than public toilets And besides the toilets
don’t have a jet That’s true. Jets are amazing Listen, I’ve stuck the shopping list
on the fridge We’ll go shopping after classes
and stock up I know dude… I’m the manager And Bahurani wanted us to
pay the rent by evening Hi Tara
What’s up? Here take this
Such insensitive pricks! No one gives a shit about
anything anymore I give a shit Someone has to speak up
on this issue you know There are no ramps or lifts throughout
campus for people with disability Unfair. That’s very unfair I think what you’re doing is amazing
Simply amazing Can I help in any way at all?
You’re really sweet Haris, you know that right I know. My mum often tells me that…
Umm… Listen, could you
bring your friends along? It’s a really important conference Yes. Definitely
I’ll get them… I’ll get my friends Ok. Great!
Please do ok? Definitely
Bye! There’s a conference in the Seminar Room at 4.30
It’s for people living with disability But we aren’t disabled I mean to discuss provisions
for people living with disability Haris milk?
Yeah check, check So I was thinking we should go
We should try and make a difference right? I also promised Tara
So, it won’t look nice if we don’t go So this is for Tara?
No it’s for the differently abled… But Tara would be
impressed too you know Excuse me ma’am
you seem to have… What? What are you staring at? Like what you see, do you? Do you not know how to
behave in a public place No ma’am there seems
to be a misunderstanding I understand everything perfectly
I’ve seen many creeps like you Ma’am you dropped this… Oh god!
How dare you? Do you not have any sisters at home? Now get out before I call the cops What’ll happen to this country if women
can’t even shop safely anymore Bullshit! Shit man
We’ve run up quite a huge bill again We’ll have to start making some money soon
Chill out It takes a while for start-ups
to become successful Dude unlike you I don’t have
fertile farmlands in Punjab My parents are bloody professors
I don’t have a fall back option like you do At least your parents are chilled out
If I fail again my parents will probably disown me So, shall we then? Where?
Disability conference Again with the same thing
I made a promise to Tara It’s at 5.30 right? Just chill till then… No Oni, let’s go right now!
We should grab good seats Oh shit… Yeah Haris lets go
Let’s hurry up and grab good seats Why Haris?
Why? Do you enjoy torturing us? Shhh… You’ve organised an amazing conference Tara
I think we’ve made a real difference… Shut up dude
It’s fucked! What happened? Nihal… He was supposed to
come and give the closing address Like a personal account about his struggles
of being differently abled on campus He can’t come now
How can he do that? That’s so irresponsible It’s not his fault. Some stupid assholes
harassed him at the basketball court So he went back home
He couldn’t deal with all that… What now? Haris… I have a copy of his speech That is great
I need you to read it out What?
Yeah please No… I can’t! Why don’t you read it?
You’re perfect But I can’t because I’m comparing
Please, it’s for a good cause Please? Yeah?
Ok thanks! C’mon Haris let’s bounce It’s fucked!
What? Fucked! Tara wants me to read
out some disabled guys speech Having a small dick doesn’t
really count as a disability Alright, just get it over and done with… Are you mad? People will think this
is some kind of a mockery Why?
Yeah… Why? Look at him…
He’s got all his limbs intact How can he understand the struggles
these people go through everyday It’ll become a typical case of an
insider’s narrative of the outsider’s world What do I do then? I have an idea No way! Out of the question… What is it? Bro that sounds really insensitive Fine don’t take my advice then
Later when Tara’s mad at you for ruining it Don’t come crying back to me for help Are you sure about this? Haris… Trust me Okay Now to conclude this evenings’ seminar We have a very special speech
prepared by Nihal In which he will take you through the
challenges that he faces on campus… And to… Tara looks hot when she’s angry She swears like a sailor too What did she call you Haris? A pubic bug! Where do you think you guys are going? Don’t even think about
running away this time Come inside You guys are a pain. Why haven’t you
been answering your phone? Actually my exams are on right now so
I usually keep my phone on silent And you?
What’s your excuse? Same Anyway, now that you’re here
Let me tell you one thing loud and clear I want you to pay the last
two month’s rent immediately Otherwise I’ll kick you guys
out by tomorrow Anu, look at the number of
comments on my profile picture Oh! Hello boys…
Hi Chinchoo anuntie Oni, how many times do I have to tell you?
Stop calling me auntie It’s Chinchoo… Just Chinchoo
Just Chinchoo So what’ll you have?
Beer? Wine? Auntie could I get a milkshake? And you?
Beer Mum, they haven’t paid rent
for two months now… Umm… Body came over
last week and paid the rent Really? C’mon Anu… They’re good kids Milkshake and Beer for the boys
Please! Thank you! Chinchoo auntie how’s
Chaman doing these days? Raman’s doing alright and
he’ll be in Delhi next week Your son is in the merchant navy
isn’t he? My uncle as well Normal navy Oh well then you know how lonely
it gets on the ship for months together And he doesn’t even have
too many friends in Delhi Oh don’t say that auntie
We’re Chaman’s friends Of course you are…Which is why
I’d like you guys to take him out He’d like that a lot …After all you
guys are like my kids too you know And Chaman’s like a brother to us Raman! Oh, and your friends had
come looking for you You guys were not at home
so they left Friends? Do you know their names? Umm… Guliya?
Yes Guliya, nice boy… They were very eager to meet you
So I told them to come back in the evening Alright Anything else? No, sorry we don’t
do student discounts No, we don’t deliver in 30 minutes What do you mean, why?
We aren’t Dominoes dickhead! Alright Haris get to work
Duty calls! Treat me with respect Who placed the order? Those stingy bastards prepping
for the civil services exams They wanted a student discount Fair enough… They study so hard in
the hope to one day serve our nation We should be encouraging them We’re serving them food
in the middle of the night What can be more encouraging than that? If we start handing out students discounts
our business will crash and burn soon The burger is in this one
and the pizza in the other Oh Fuck!
Shit! Haris, hurry up and sit down Who are these guys?
Just shut up and sit down quick There they are…
Let’s get those assholes! Move, move, move!! What’re we going to do now?
I don’t know man… I don’t know These guys are going to kill us I don’t want to die
I didn’t even do anything Guys, could we just
settle down for a bit And try and work out
some kind of a compromise? Sure, let’s compromise… Next time don’t even think about
picking on a disabled kid Let’s go guys, let’s get some sleep We have to wake up early
for the Roadies audition What the hell just happened? I don’t know… But it feels like
we got fucked! Alright guys, let’s go home
Body, do we have any Dettol? What about the delivery? We’ll call them up and say we’re sorry No We can’t do that We can’t just give up This isn’t just our job
It is our duty! They’re probably studying really hard
in this unbearable heat… Hoping to get some food
into their starving belly They come from far and wide,
leaving their homes to follow their dreams And we’re supposed to tell them, sorry? Sorry we can’t get you food,
just go to bed hungry Shame on us! What do you guys want
to be remembered as? As the people who beat up
a little handicapped child Or the heroes who made sure
that the future leaders of our country …did not die of starvation What a drama queen! Quit your stupid hero speech We’ll do the deliveries as long
as you promise to shut the fuck up Look I don’t care… I want the
entire payment right now But ma’am we’d decided
the rates over the phone… Sure, but didn’t discuss rates
for three of you… Three guys means triple rates But ma’am what about
giving us a student discount? You want a student discount is it? Do you think I’m selling
rail tickets over here? In my line of work we
charge by the hour… Okay guys! Wake’n’Bake is here
with your order… If you guys could just give us
the cash we’ll be out of here And you can carry on this
conversation with the lady Bro, don’t we have more beers? Nihal? Why bro? Why?? Quota bro! What a slimeball! He played us all man… I’m going expose Nihal for
the fraud he really is… Maybe then Tara will forgive me
Are you mad? Who do you
think she’ll trust? Insensitive Haris or poor
little wheelchair Nihal? People stoop so low these days
to get university admissions… It’s disgusting! No Oni, how can we let
Nihal get away with this? Because of him Tara
hates me right now She won’t believe you man
Trust me… In fact I say use Nihal
to get to Tara No! I’ve seen what happens
when I trust you… This time I will do the right thing Alright, I won’t help you from now on If you don’t value my ideas then
do whatever the fuck you want man Guys, do you think the baksetball
team has a disability quota?

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    In the 2nd episode i thought maybe I'll stsrt some food delivery in college and when episode 3 started the add playing was ZOMATO 😂😂

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