Bare Chested Baking! (Would You Eat This?) ft. Topless Baker | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

Bare Chested Baking! (Would You Eat This?) ft. Topless Baker | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

– Hey guys, so welcome back to Cooking in the Crib with Snooki and Joey. Today I’m super excited because we’re not cooking cooking, we’re actually baking. I’m licking this. (loud blowing noise)
– Oh! – Oh my god!
– Your hair! – We have the Topless Baker here today and he’s gonna show us how to make some toasted meringue brownies. So gird your loins, he’s hot, girls. – Hey, boo.
– Hi. – Thanks for coming.
– How are you? – How are you?
– He’s naked, guys. He’s from Great Britain. – Give me your best British accent. – Give me your best British accent. – Give me your best British accent. – Say something. – Now you do an American accent. – Okay, American, so what am I gonna say? Today, guys, we are gonna make– – Oh my god! – We are gonna make a chocolate brownie with a toasted Italian meringue. So before we get going, Joey,
I feel a little uncomfortable because I’m the only topless one here. – Are you sure? – Come on, take it off. – I don’t think anyone need to see that. – Don’t you wanna him to take off? – Go on, take it off.
– Alright. – Oh my god.
(whistle) Baby! – Much more comfortable, I fit right in. I look exactly the same as you. – Yeah, you’re a real topless baker. – You’re naked! – We need more topless
bakers in the world. – Why don’t you take your jugs out? – Alright, I’ll be right back. F%#& off. – So we’re gonna start and I’m need you to measure me 500 grams of sugar. – Grams, what am I a drug dealer? – Pounds. – It seems like a lot of sugar
but this is my mum’s recipe. – Does your mom bake topless too as well? – Uh, no. – Whoa! 500 there you go, bitch! – Here we go. – And not a grain less. – And now were gonna add a– – Ow, it’s hot. – Some butter. – Some butter. – So here we go, we’re
gonna throw that in. – Now it’s 761. Is this calories? – I mean it’s probably a
little bit higher than that. And then cocoa powder, do
you wanna throw that in? – Yes. – Because I feel like you
haven’t been involved yet. – Do I have to sift it or not? – No, no just toss it in. – Oh, oh my gosh. – Rich, chocolatey. – Oh, that doesn’t taste like chocolate! – It’s cocoa powder, it’s bitter but we’ve got loads of sugar so it’s fine. – Oh my god. – We’re gonna melt it
over that double boiler. – This is called a double boiler. This means it will melt but it won’t what? – It won’t burn, it’s
gonna take a little time and you’re just going to gently stir it until that butter’s melted and you’ve got sticky, sweet goodness everywhere. – Stop, you’re turning Joey on. – I know, my nipples are exposed too. – Let me check, how we doing there? – Oh my god. – You’re so much taller than me. – Should I leave?
– I know. – Should I come back? – Give me like… – This is very uncomfortable, I’m just going stay
here and drink my wine. – Are you spoon licker or a bowl licker? – Honey, I’ll lick whatever you give me. – Ahhh! – Should we start preparing our next step? – Well…
– Should we grease the pan? – Oh yeah, you can grease a pan. – Oh, it’s very… – Now is this salted butter or not salted? – It’s always when you’re baking unsalted, because otherwise you don’t know how much salt’s going in your food. – I wanna control something else that’s going (bleep) in me. – Why are you so sexual, you
need to go pleasure yourself. – Guys, comment below
if you like my nipples. – Do you wanna take some cocoa
powder and just tip it in. – This is gonna be dusting
it so it doesn’t stick, so it’s like powdering your fat legs before you put them in thigh-high boots. (laughs) – Dump it in then you give it a shake, there we go, then give it a, there we go. – Yep, cocoa powder. – [Snooki] See how pretty? – [Topless Baker] Cocoa powder, yeah. So this is looking good now. – [Snooki] Looks like elephant
(bleep) so excited to see it. – I promise it tastes better
than elephant (bleep). – I’m so excited. – And then what I need you
to do is crack in four eggs. (singing) You’re gonna crack in one egg
at a time, no shell though. – I know I’m not seven. – I’m just saying, alright so
now, whisk it all together. Joey, you got the flour. – I’m like a fencer. – You are like a fencer. – Stab me. Owww! – So now you’re going to sift in, cause you really wanna sift. – Wait, what’s sifting mean? – Sifting is the process of… – The process. – It’s diffusing the powder ingredients so they don’t have lumps. – Yeah.
– I work here. [Topless Baker] Nice even coverage and this is self-raising flour. – So it’s vegan? – You just cracked two (bleep) eggs in there, you (bleep) and with butter. – And now we’re gonna
whisk again, use this– (blows)
– Ohhh! – Oh!
– Oh my god. – Her hair! – Oh, I can’t breathe. – And now you you’ve got… Now we’re gonna whisk together and this is the last stage of the brownie. That looks great and now
we’re gonna pour into our tin. – Ohhh! That’s so delicious, yum. – That looks good and there’s so much left in the bowl to lick. – We’ll save the rest for us. – Do you go like… – No, I can’t. – Oh guys, look at that, yum. – Now my nipple’s exposed. – I wanna lick some. – I’m licking this. – [Topless Baker] And now
we’re gonna make the topping. So we’re gonna make an Italian meringue which is egg whites
with a hot sugar syrup. So we’re gonna use that fancy machine and I’m gonna get you– – Oh (bleep), do I have
to do the egg whites? – Yeah, and I’m gonna get you to crack 2 egg whites into this bowl. – [Joey] No yolk. – No yolk, though, a
yolk will ruin meringue. – Where’d you learn this from? – I make egg whites, you bitch. – So then we’re gonna make a sugar syrup. It’s a 150 grams of sugar . – My god. – Just to be precise, into that pan. And then this is 35 grams of water. – Should we pour a little wine in there? – Yes. – Well, that will affect it so let’s maybe skip the wine for now. We can make a wine meringue later on. And then, Joey, you’re gonna add your egg whites into that mixer. – I’m looking for soft peaks. – Yeah, well no we’re not, we’re looking for stiff peaks actually, sorry. – Well even better, girl. – And them I’m gonna turn this guy on. We’ve got this fancy
schmancy machine here. – What’s that for? – This is actually a meat thermometer. – Is that an ovulation test? – [Snooki] It looks like a needle. – Yeah, it looks kinda scary. – Am I ovulating? I’m trying
to get pregnant again. – We can sort that out later. – Am right when I say you start slow? – Start slow. – Then ease your way into
full power bottom mode. – So we want it to be like–
– That’s what she said. – We could probably go a
little faster than that. Yeah, that’s good. – Whoa! – And then we’re gonna pour
this into the egg whites and we’re gonna make an Italian meringue. To be really scientific, we’re gonna heat it to 118 degrees celsius. So, we’re at 105, we’re getting there. How much foaminess, though, Joey? Because I don’t want to over-foam it. – They’re coming slowly.
– How’s the foaminess? – It’s getting real foamy in here. – I don’t want stiff peaks. – Oh yeah, look. – Don’t stiff me. – It’s getting bubbly now. – I think we’re good. – We’re great, okay, just don’t stiff me. But keep it running , keep
it running, keep it running. No! Too fast, too fast. Slow it down. I’m 10 degrees away, Joey,
so you gotta get going. This is stressing me out. (laughter) – I’m ready to receive you. – Oh my god. – Enter my bowl. [Topless Baker] Okay,
we’re at 116, full speed, full speed, full speed, here we go. – Ahhh! – And we’re gonna pour
this in really slowly. – We need goggles. – No, it’s okay. – [Snooki] Oh god, I fell
like we’re in chemistry class. – [Topless Baker] You
just need to be topless. See how it’s getting thicker, though? Hold me, hold me. That’s it, see how steady and firm it is? – It’s getting really… – It should be getting stiff.
– Stiff now. – It’s getting very stiff, yep. – It’s getting stiff? – Yeah, it’s getting very stiff. – I’m leaving. – [Topless Baker] I can feel it. – [Joey] You smell good. – Oh thanks, I put a little aftershave on. My fiance watching this, she’s gonna be… Okay, here we go. So now we’re gonna whisk
that for six minutes. And then what we’re gonna do, Joey, I need you to flip this
brownie onto the rack. – I thought you could flip it on that. – No!
– No! – Don’t drop it. – You take it take it like this. – Yes, yes, Joey. – And you flip it… – Please, come off. (thump) – Oh! (angelic chorus) – Yeah!
– Yay! (all cheering) – Oh my god! – Remember we put the
cocoa powder in on there, that’s why it slid off
like a fat girl’s boot. – And now we’re gonna do the meringue which we love when you made earlier. So I’m gonna dump it on
and then you just wanna swirl it, but leave a little rim. A little wrist action. – When are we gonna get to blowtorch? – We’re gonna do it now, I’m just getting into a nice pattern. We’re not gonna set off any fire alarms. Then just make it golden, kiss it golden. – Oh wow. – Yeah. – [Snooki] Are we a 5-star restaurant? – I know.
– Bakery – Can I keep this? – You can have it. – I wanna burn my enemies. Can we try it? – This is ready to be eaten. – It looks so good. – Oh, I’m excited. – I want this one, I like the edge. – You like the edge? – Yeah, do we have– – ♪ I’m on the edge! ♪ – Can you get us plates for our guest? – Yeah, get some plates. – God, he’s the worst. Did you have fun with us? – Only the best time. – Don’t judge Americans based on us. – Oh don’t worry. – Okay cheers. – Cheers to this amazing dessert. – This is that heavy,
heavy on the meringue. Oh my goodness. – Oh my god.
– Oh my god. – Come on. – You bitch. That’s a compliment in America. – These are delicious. – Good, right? – They are so good. – My mum did such a good job. – Oh my god. – She was here in spirit. – Your mom passed? – No, no she’s very well,
she’s alive and breathing. That would be awkward. No, she’s kicking. (laughter) – Alright, well that was so much fun. Thank you to the Topless Baker
for coming by, we love you. Make sure to come back next week for another episode of Cooking in the Crib with Snooki and Joey, we
have a good time here. Cheers, guys. Cheers.

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