[Sound of New York City Streets] Howdy Y’all, I’m Raymond Ray host of The Bare Nekked Chef. It’s barbeque season and that means good food, family and friends. [Cheers from his friends] Speaking of family Sweet Tea is having a baby! Congratulations Darlin’! [Laughs and Cheers] I love me some babies you know there just so sweet soft and round. You just want to grab ’em and kiss ’em. [Kissing Sound] ANYWAY so I thought we’d do a family
recipe for all the new parents out there. [Amidst Cheers] Alright, president ever to ninety-nine Recipe #299: Boneless BBQ Baby Food! [Rock Guitar Kicks In] Lets make it up. Honk Honk. [Rock music plays, song by Ward Boone] Step One find good barbecue. Now you know i’m all for cooking fast
and delicious, but when it comes to barbecues; slow is a way to go. I’d like you
to meet the boys for Martin’s Barbecue Joint out of Nolensville Tennessee! These are two of my oldest and dearest friends, Ward Boone and Bo Collier [Cheers]. Howdy! They’re up here smack dab on
Madison Avenue for the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Alright, all the best
Pit Masters are here. And these boys I’m with here today, do it to it the right way. Now once you’ve pulled your pork you gotta check it for the bone. Go ahead darlin’. I like… Make sure there’s no little fine ones in there. I don’t feel nothing. BONELESS [she licks her fingers] Good Food is Messy. [laughs] Now, put your pork in the blender. Add your applesauce. Gives a texture. Plus, babies just love them some applesauce. Now, if you wanna party Late Night, add
some beer as a sedative. Knock that lil’ Rug Rat right out! Blend it til it’s Gerber! Your baby is gonna thank you. That’s 800 calories a spoonful. All-American food for an All-American
baby! Dig in Y’all. [Rock n’ roll kicks back in] [Yum sounds] I think he likes it! [laughs] [squeels] Another winner for The Bare Naked Chef. Y’all have a good summer now. Uncle Ray Ray, our [baby] is enjoying it too! CUT. CUT.

54 thoughts on “Bare Nekked Chef IV: BONELESS BBQ BABY FOOD!”

  1. Ok man now ya hittin close to home, lol Nolensville Tennessee is damn near my back door, I live in Portland just above Nashville . have to check these fellas out for sure, LMAO @ "uncle ray ray ours is enjoying it too" should have said something about being from Alabama to explain that one a little better, Tennessee folks and middle and North Georgia folks don't subscribe to that line of thinking, too much pride :o) great video as always. loved it man

  2. that's wild, how long you been gone? I worked in franklin .. .well Brentwood on Maryland Farms and my wife still does plus we have friends down there too, so i'm all kinda familliar with the area myself. you're the second person i have come across on here that's from this area the other one is Julian Smith. that's nutty though , maybe that's what i like about everything so much lol

  3. I just saw you in this movie – I forgot the name… But, I saw you in that elevator, I saw you.
    It was a good move!

  4. Alright, you said it not me. You have until April to get new Bare Nekkid Chef videos, or else*.

    *else could mean a number of things, including but not limited to Unsubscribing, Flaming, Stalking, and Hacking.

  5. thats awesome thanks for sharing it with me! keep up the great work i cant wait to see what you come up with next always a great laugh!

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