Basic Tart Crust Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Basic Tart Crust Recipe | Cooking with Dog

This recipe was shot before Francis passed away. Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Today, we are making pastry crust that can be used for a tart or quiche. Francis is not feeling well so this Francis is substituting for him today. First, let’s prepare the ingredients. Add the salt to a small bowl of water and stir to dissolve. Add the beaten egg and mix. Refrigerate the egg mixture, flour that has been sifted, and unsalted butter until ice-cold. Next, let’s make the tart dough. Place the chilled cake flour into the bowl of a food processor. Add the butter diced into 1cm (0.4″) cubes. Lightly even out the ingredients. Cover and blend the mixture for about 15 to 20 seconds. The butter pieces should be about half the size of a rice grain. Now, add the egg mixture. Continue to blend the mixture for about 15 to 20 more seconds. When the mixture turns yellow and forms moist large clumps, stop the processor. Place the mixture onto a work surface covered with a sheet of plastic wrap. Pull the edges of the plastic wrap to the center and gather the clumps into a ball. Then, flatten the dough. Dust a scraper with bread flour and divide the dough into 4 pieces. Stack the pieces on top of each other, sprinkle over flour and flatten the dough with your palms. Adjust the edges, shaping the dough into a disk. Wrap the dough with the plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours or overnight. And now, transfer the dough to a work surface dusted with bread flour. Lightly flour the dough and a rolling pin. Press the rolling pin into the middle of the disk. Rotate and press it again. Repeat the process in all directions. Now, roll out the dough from the middle outwards. Then, roll it out from the middle towards you. Rotate the dough 90 degrees and repeat the rolling process. If it sticks, dust the dough and rolling pin and quickly roll it out. The circle should be about 27cm (10.6″) in diameter and 3mm (0.1″) thick. Flour the top of the dough again. Using a fork, pierce the dough in numerous places. Now, remove the 21cm (8.3″) tart pan from the freezer. Loosely roll the dough around the rolling pin. And then unroll it onto the chilled tart pan with a removable bottom. Dust your fingers with flour and press the dough up the sides of the pan. Be sure to push the dough into the corners to remove any gaps. Cover the rim of the pan with the dough. Then, run the rolling pin along the top of the pan. Trim the edges of the dough to fit the tart pan. Lightly press the top and sides again to firmly attach them together. Prick the dough all over with a fork again. This will help the air to go through the dough and keep the bottom from rising. Let the tart pan rest in the fridge for 30 minutes or chill it in the freezer for about 3 minutes. Now, preheat the oven to 190 °C (374 °F) and place the tart pan into it. Bake the tart at 190 °C (374 °F) for a total of about 20 minutes. To help brown the tart evenly, put on kitchen gloves and rotate the pan after about 15 minutes. Then, bake for 4 to 5 more minutes. You will bake the crust with filling later so remove it when the whole surface is slightly browned. Place the pan onto a cooling rack. Let it sit to cool and then remove the tart crust from the pan. This dough doesn’t contain any sugar so in addition to making dessert tart, you can also make non-sweet pastry dishes like quiche with it. This is deliciously browned. Look forward to making tart or quiche with it. Get well soon, Francis. This delicious tart crust made from scratch has a rich aroma of butter and extra-crispy texture. Good luck in the kitchen! You should also check out the Kabocha Squash Pie from Just One Cookbook and Lemon Pie from Cooking with Ai. Our tart crust can be used in both recipes.

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  1. I remember watching Cooking with Dog for years. I forgot about this channel for a few months because I havent been on YouTube as much as I used to now that I have a job. When I saw this as recently uploaded I was like oh god its been a while so I clicked on this video and when I saw the caption in the beginning about Francis passing away I was shocked .-. </3 RIP little one

  2. what u mean by francis passed away?? why God.. did he die? 😭 i pray for his soul to rest in peace. we will miss him alot.

  3. RIP Francis, I sure enjoyed watching you cook with Chef. I hope that Chef is doing okay, I can feel her sadness from all the way here in the US…Big hugs…

  4. I never cried by a cooking video before. This is my first time.. Seeing a puppet being Francis is just ..😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Francis was such an inspiring dog. She helped people learn to cook every day. RIP Francis- beloved by all who knew her- she will be missed so very very much🌹🌺🌻🌹🍀🌷🌸💐🌼

  6. I ligit love you and I feel so sad about Francis. but there is nothing we could do. again i love you. never stop heat you are doing

  7. it had been a while since I've watched videos from you guys and I only remembered now :c I hope you are coping well and I'm positive that we all miss Francis very much.

  8. ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-; i hope she can get a new dog that is the same breed so that we dont cry ;-; Rest In Pieces Francis….

  9. so sorry for your loss…i've always loved watching your recipe videos and loved the concept of having a dog host. he lived a beautiful life with a loving owner, chef. may he rest in peace ❤

  10. Are you people really fucking sad over a dead dog you don't even know? Jesus care about something that actually matters

  11. YouTube some how unsubscribed me from this channel! I didn't realise new videos weee being made!!!! <3 I was watching all the dessert episodes earlier this week! still hits me every time I watch these videos! <3

  12. Why!! I found this channel today and I now I find out the dog has already died?! I was happy to find a new cute channel and now I am literally breaking down in tears. I will miss Francis even though I never new him.

  13. For those that missed it, in the previous video it was announced that after 14 years and 9 months little Francis passed away on Nov. 6th. You will be missed our four legged host.

  14. I first started watching this channel in 2010. Really sorry to learn about Francis. He looked like he lived a wonderful life and learnt so much about cooking!!

  15. Damn, just learned about this. When I was a kid you and Francis got me into cooking, can't believe this is still going strong too. Keep doing you my foreign friend.

  16. I broke down and cried for a good portion of the video. Francis, he was a good host. I will miss him so, even after a year has passed.

  17. when everyone is mourning over the death of a celebrities, I am crying over the death of a cute little dog who seldom speak a word in the show 🙁 although I know Francis' death a long time, I am still so sad

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