Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Chinese Green Tea

Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Chinese Green Tea

Alright, now let’s talk about the specific
steeping instructions for green tea from China. What we have over here is a Jasmine pearl
green tea. You can see the leaves are rolled into these little balls. Basically, you are
going to use a tea spoon of these pearls and that is going to come out to about roughly
ten or twelve pearls. So I am going to put that into my teapot. Green tea should be steeped
at a temperature of about one hundred and eighty-five degrees which is sub-boiling.
And again I have my water that I have boiled and allowed to cool to the optimal temperature.
So I am going to fill up my teapot with that. Again you can use a hot water dispenser or
a thermometer to attain perfectly accurate and consistent temperatures. I am going to
set my timer for three minutes and hit start. And that is going to beep an alarm in three
minutes and let us know. Again, with timing you can experiment depending on the specific
tea you are brewing, but for green tea a general rule is two to three minutes. We are doing
this one for three. You do some experimentation and see how long you like to steep your green

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  1. personally I like to brew from 2-5 minutes depending on the variety of green tea and the strength I want it at (5 minutes is good if you're in the mood for stronger tea while 2 is quite delicate). also, I usually steep around 160-170 (180 burns my tongue unless I weight for like 10 minutes. within that time, the intense heat can destroy some of the antioxidants). white tea is usually better steeped from 1-3 minutes at around 160 degrees.

  2. if you are trying to lose weight along with healthy eating how many cups of green tea should one consume a day

    and to brew means to just leave it for 2-5 minutes with container shut ??????

  3. Up to 4 cups of geen tea is best for those who are new! Asia has been drinking it for centuries so they start drinking as children…for those who are new to green tea for health and weightloss, stick with 4 a day! Otherwise you end up with things like heartburn, cramps, diarrhea…as great as green teat is…you can actually overdose and I don't mean death ha ha ha, I mean it can lead to a toxic/sick feeling is you drink too much!

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