Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Japanese Green Tea

Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Japanese Green Tea

Alright, now let’s talk about the specific
steeping instructions for green tea from China. And what we have over here is a jasmine pearl
green tea. You can see that the leaves are rolled into these little balls. And basically,
you’re going to use a teaspoon of these pearls. And that’s going to come out to be about roughly
ten or twelve pearls. And I’m going to put that in my teapot. And then green tea should
be steeped at a temperature of about 185 degrees, which is sub-boiling. And again, I have my
water that I’ve boiled and then allowed to cool to the optimal temperature. So I’m going
to fill up my teapot with that. Again, you can use a hot water dispenser or a thermometer
to attain perfectly accurate and consistent temperatures. So I’ve closed the lid, and
I’m going to set my timer for three minutes, and hit start. And that’s going to beep an
alarm in three minutes and let us know. Again, with timing, you can experiment depending
on the specific tea you’re brewing. But for green tea a general rule is two to three minutes. We’re
doing this one for three; you do some experimentation and see how long you like to steep your green

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  2. Dude! I think you brewed and drank other type of green tea, u know what i mean? You are STONED!

  3. i allways leave my pearls in the cup and actualy use them for 2 cups of tea. i dont know wtf this guy is talking about. 3minutes.. with good tea you wont have any problems leaving them in for an hour

  4. Why so many negative comments about instructions given by the guy in the video? He's giving the EXACT same instructions that Japanese tea companies post on their websites, so if his instructions are inaccurate, then so are the Japanese companies selling the tea…

  5. my advice if you want to try new teas is japanese sencha green tea, jasmine green tea like in this video ( it smells like flowers and taste sweet without sugar ๐Ÿ˜€ ), or earl grey tea…these are my personal favorites but i like that u want to try new things…also, organic seems to taste better :3

  6. He just seems really relaxed and laid back to me. And I like that P: Impulsive people make me uncomfortable xD

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