Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Oolong Tea

Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Oolong Tea

Alright, now let’s talk about Oolong teas.
Just for review, Oolong is kind of the tea that’s between green and black. Okay, and
so the steeping instructions are also kind of between green and black. This is an Oolong
right here. And you’re going to steep an Oolong from three to five minutes at one hundred
and eighty five degrees Fahrenheit to boiling, 206, 212. And basically the one thing I need
to say about Oolong is if you’re using a rolled leaf Oolong like this one I have here today,
you can kind of see the leaves have just kind of been twisted a little bit. And you’re going
to use one teaspoon of this Oolong tea. If you’re using a long leaf Oolong, which will
be these long spiky leaves, you’re going to use a tablespoon or a heaping teaspoon. So,
that’s a little bit about how to steep Oolong tea.

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  1. its better to go by the chinese way. they say to put enough oolong to kinda cover the bottom of the pot. poor hot water, let it soak for like 5-10 sec. dump out water. shake tea leaves. then put water in it again and steep.

  2. continues from below: why poor water and dump it out? well chinese tea isnt exactly clean, so that kinda open up the leaves, gets em going and gets rid of any dirt or something that may be on hand processed tea

  3. white tea looks more silvery. that very well could be easily mistakable for white but because of the greatly varying differences between the two, its easy to make mistakes. i doubt the guy confused the two himself…

  4. oolong tea is MUCH more complicated than that.
    1) add about a heaping teaspoon of leaves to a 100cc clay pot
    2) pour boiling water over leaves and immediately drain (this is called the rinsing. it opens the leaves, rinses off dust and awakens the flavor
    3) pour 90-95 C water and brew for 30-50 seconds
    4) the second brew should be around 20 seconds (most of the flavor is still their, but now the leaves are fully open)
    5) 3rd brew: 45 sec
    4th brew: 80 sec
    5th brew 140 sec
    6th brew: 200 sec

  5. Has anyone else noticed how bad these expertvillage videos are on tea? He doesn't know what he's talking about at all.

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