Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Puerh Tea

Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Puerh Tea

Okay, now let’s talk about specific steeping
instructions for Puerh tea. Again, a Puerh is a fermented tea that’s in age for thirty
years. So you want to be really careful with this tea because it’s rare and expensive,
and also because too much can bring out some of the overpowering, musty flavors and odors
in this tea. So down here, I have my Puerh, and if I unwrap it from this package, you
can see that it’s a condensed brick tea. And the measurement for this is one tablespoon.
If I put my little brick in my tablespoon you can see that one brick is one tablespoon.
But it’s important to note that, that brick will actually make a pot of tea. Not a cup
of tea. So if you’re going to make a cup, just pinch off a little bit of the brick.
But if you’re going to make a whole pot, use a whole tablespoon size brick. And you’re
going to steep this at boiling for three to five minutes. But before you steep it, you’re
going to soak it in just a little bit of boiling water just moisten it with some water. And
let it sit for thirty seconds and then flush it out, meaning discard the water that you
soaked it in for thirty seconds. Then add the boiling water and steep it for three to
five minutes. That’s Puerh.

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  1. I got a great idea! I'm going to smoke up, then put on a jacket and slur crap into a camera about something I just learned a bit about, and act like I'm an expert! Heck yeah! WOO-HOO! "It's ixpinsive, and too mush? Can bring out some of the musty odours in the poo air!" *hic* (burp)

  2. Well you guys don't know a shit tbh. The original puerh tea, CAN BE 30 y.o. It actually IS very rare and expensive. The guy is not stoned, the guy is under influence of the tea itself lol.

  3. oh man, i think he might've smoked some other leaves before doing this…


    btw, some pu erh's can be very expensive, pending on how old and good it is, bricks can go as high as 30,000 USD for 1 pound!

    pu erh can be found in all forms, loose, brick, cake, etc.

    it's excellent and would suggest anyone to try it if they like teas. =)

  4. this is so funny, not only is the guy stoned but he's obviously making references to weed too. the comments are hilarious also.

  5. @sheliaann1969 definitly ( ; just got a pressed tea circle from china and was desperatly looking for someone to clearly explain how to best bring the flavour out thanks very much XD hope you keep making videos ( :

  6. Yours was the most instructive video I've seen, and I have been watching a dozen or more, looking for the secrets to pu-erh. Thanks! excellent job!

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