BBQ Bootcamp: Grilling and Smoking Beef

(music) Hi, I’m Amanda Blair Extension Meat Science Specialist at South Dakota State University and today, I’m here visiting with Dr. Keith Underwood a meat scientist here at SDSU and today Keith is going to discuss with us grilling and smoking, which are two common methods for cooking beef. So Keith to start off with can you just explain what the difference is between grilling and smoking. Yeah absolutely Amanda, Grilling typically utilizes a thinner cut like these steaks or burgers. Whereas smoking is going to utilize a thicker cut that has more connective tissue like we might see here. Where we can help break down that connective tissue with a longer cooking time, okay. Grilling is also a much higher temperature cooking so we’re gonna cook it 350 to 6 or 700 degrees Fahrenheit. So we’re gonna cook very rapidly meaning short cooking times usually five to thirty minutes. Whereas smoking on the other hand we’re gonna have extended cooking times, And we’re gonna cook at lower temperatures say 2 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. And we might smoke a product for anywhere from 4 to 12 to maybe even 24 hours, depending upon the type of cut that we’re cooking okay for more information on cut selection you can find it in the link below. Okay, well that give us a great start so Keith. If someone’s interested in selecting a grill or smoker for home use You’d probably agree that the selection is overwhelming when you walk into a store that sells this equipment. Could you provide some detail about the different types of products out on the market? Absolutely, there’s a wide variety of products that range in price and both features but there’s three common types of grills that we often see out there. Those would be a gas grill, a charcoal grill as well as an infrared type of grill. Gas grills are great because of convenience, they heat up quickly, they’re very easy to cook with, things like that. The charcoal grill is also a great option. However, They require a little more planning. They rely on the charcoal briquettes basically as their fuel or cooking source. So we require at least 20 to 30 minutes to let those coals burn down, so that we have only the proper cooking temperature in time. We also require a little more air management in those with venting to make sure that we keep our Appropriate cooking temperature and keep our flames where we want it. Charcoal grills are often favored because they do provide great flavor to the product. They actually impart a little bit of a smoky flavor. Infrared another type of grill that we see on the market today. These cook at a much higher temperature, usually seven hundred to a thousand degrees. They’re more of an indirect type of cooking these are ideal for very quick cooking and they provide a great sear on the products. But some things that we need to be cautious about with these is to make sure that we don’t overcook with them because it can be easy to burn the outside or overcook our products that way. There’s also a wide variety of smokers out on the market today. One type of grill/ smoker would be an electric pellet smoker. These are becoming ever more common as they can smoke at low temperatures and cook at high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can get a great sear on a product. So these work great for both applications However smokers there’s plenty of other types out there including the sidearm, a vertical or bullet type smoker, and drum smokers and these can use propane, wood, Or charcoal as their heat source. We really recommend that you do a lot of research on what type of grill that you need and what you’re looking for, When you’re doing out there so that you can find the grill that’s at the price point has the right features for you. Well great Keith those are some some great options, things to think about when we’re selecting a grill. One of the most popular items to grill is a great steak or a juicy burger. What are some tips that you can provide to folks to ensure that they have a great eating experience with any kind of beef product that they want to grill? Sure, typically we recommend that people cook at a medium to a high heat on their grill to sear the outside of that product and keep those juices in the product so that it stays more juicy. Recommend that you flip your products every three to four minutes, in doing so that we make sure that we’re watching those and we get the appropriate degree of doneness. We also recommend that you don’t press your burgers because as you do that you’re going to press all the juices out of those. With that we also recommend that you use a meat thermometer when cooking any type of product so that we ensure that appropriate degree of doneness and especially with hamburgers that we cook those to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that they they’re safe. We want to make sure that we hold steaks usually five to ten degrees below our desired degree of doneness. We’re gonna put those on a plate, then I’m a lot of rest for three to five minutes and let the temperature come up and let those juices redistribute. For thicker cuts as we might see here with this tri-tip, we recommend that we pull those off usually 10 to 15 degrees below what we’re looking for is our desired degree of doneness. We’ll let these rest maybe 10 minutes so that those juices redistribute and that temperature comes up as well, and then those products are ready to slice and serve. Well Keith, thanks for so much for sharing those great tips for cooking beef. For more on this topic and others visit and for great beef recipies, visit (music)

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