BBQ Cooking Classes Using Weber® BBQs

so we’re just getting ready for one of
our courses here at the Riverside barbecue school really excited this is
the one of the things that we’re going to be doing Oh barbecue pork Etta
absolutely fantastic I mean goodness me ladies and gents I mean how imagine that on your plate
for Sunday lunch yeah now you dive in chef so there will be just you got to
take the sting off well good so buddy here we go folks thank you tartare turn
on the barbecue steamed sponge pudding with blueberries and golden syrup on a
barbecue had a good time got given as a gift
good afternoon even a rainy day had a great time great food good company even
took mom and dad and they loved it as well
absolutely fantastic as it says in the I’m new to this game we’ve only just
bought a gas barbecue and I was a good operative but I’d run so much today for
that yes been a fantastic day really enjoyed it facilities couldn’t be
improved on great company good instruction excellent and very touched
god I really enjoyed it because it showed me the versatility of how simple
things are please we’re gonna barbecue you smell pizzas it takes minutes
whereas we think it’ll take forever very easy very informative have it and
had a brilliant died hiking ok folks so that’s it BBQ course done at Riverside
barbecue what do you think folks

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