BBQ with Franklin: Beef Ribs

BBQ with Franklin: Beef Ribs

The question I get asked the most is “How do you cook beef ribs?” Well… Turns out, it’s just about the easiest thing there is to cook. So today, we’re going to cook beef ribs. This ones pretty small. It’s plate rib, from the grocery store. I think it’s going to take about six hours to cook. If you have a bigger one, you may be looking at closer to eight hours. First Step: I’m going to slather the beef ribs in Louisiana Hot Sauce You can do anything you want really. You can use oil. You could not use anything I like the hot sauce. It gives it kind of an added tang and it helps the rub stick a little bit I’m just gonna… Slather a little bit. Kind of get it a little wet. Then I’m going to sprinkle on some salt. I only use kosher salt. Table salt is too fine. Try to get all sides. I like to do the salt first so you can see how much you’re putting on. And a ton of pepper. You could put any kind of rub you wanted to. And then the fire I’m looking to cook these beef ribs about 285° I tend to go a bit hotter than I do with brisket. Its got bones in there. Bone side down Kind of helps shield it, kind of helps insulate it just a little bit Also helps it cook a lot faster. One thing to be a little bit careful of with the beef ribs is if you cook really really hot You’ll cook out a lot of bone marrow and stuff out of the bones and they tend to get a little bit gamey. So on it goes! Alright, so it has been about 5 1/2 hours I’m gonna spritz it. Keep it moist. Keep the edges from getting too crunchy. And I’m going to actually probe it. With my trusty thermometer. Just to kind of get a feel for whats going on in there. It’s looking really really nice. Got a good bark. Not getting too crunchy What I’m feeling for is to see if feeling pretty tight or if it feels like it’s starting to get tender It’s starting to get tender back here but it still has a ways to go up there. Shut the lid. And come back in a little bit. These beef ribs are about 6 1/2 hours in I’m thinking they’re pretty close to done. I’m gonna probe. Oh yeah. Those feel great. So I’m gonna take them off. Always use a towel. Kind of pick them up, you want these ribs to be tender They should almost fall apart but not quite. But what I’m really going for is I’m going to probe inside here. but I’m going right in between the bones. When you poke through the bark it should feel like melted butter on the probe. You’re not really looking at temperatures. If you were, it would be around 200 degrees But each rib is a little bit different. So.. super-duper soft. And right here there is that second membrane between the bones and the meat. When you go through you can feel the probe poke right through the second membrane and that’s what you’re really going for. If that feels tender this rib is done. Don’t forget to let it rest just for a little bit to let it reabsorb some of the juices too. A lot of people ask about beef ribs. It’s really no big deal Salt and pepper. Spritz it with water, some vinegar, apple juice, whatever you want. But the point is Cook it till it’s done. Don’t cook it too hot where you burn it. And don’t cook it low enough where you don’t render fat. Piece of cake.

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  1. I sear them first then I cook them at 400 degrees for 3 1/2 hours and it gets even more tendered than cooking it at ~300 for 5 hours without searing.

  2. I am new to smoking meat. It was never popular in our country. A question I always have. I understand that leaving the meat to rest for about an hour when ready helps retaining juices, etc but doesn't meat get cold then?

  3. Killing it on a $400 pit. Just goes to show that skill and technique is more important that spending crazy $$ on a pit.

  4. Can someone explain to me what "Kosher salt" is? I never seen it here in Sweden. I always just use Sea salt flakes with my BBQ.

  5. I used to have a cheap version of your smoker. I had a hard time keeping my temps right and had to baby sit it adding wood, altering vents etc. How often are you adding wood for a 5 hour smoke?…..Thx Aaron

  6. Aaron is great in front of the camera. He acts like he really wants you to learn, not like so many with their secret rubs and sauces.

  7. Sorry, wannabe bbqer here from Europe, we have no idea about bbq 🙁 Can you do this with a coal grill? Not sure how i would go about smoking this thing. Close all the air in the grill? And just have the lid on?

  8. I love pork but smoked beef has a place in my heart and on my plate. Smoked beef is just an amazing thing. Thank god for beef

  9. The toughest part to any smoke is maintaining that temperature at 285. Everything affects your cook including the temperature outside and the wind conditions. I have a weber kettle and that is the toughest part of any smoke getting the temperature to where you need it to be.

  10. A question: There seem to be a number of different cuts of ribs on a steer, some going by different names depending on where you buy them. Back, plate, chuck, short-ribs (and maybe more) if I'm not mistaken. Which cut are these? I grabbed double pack (two 4-bone slabs) of what they called Angus Chuck Rib R/W at my local Restaurant Depot. I'm guessing these are the same cut as featured in the video? Are those the same as what are called short ribs?

  11. At 280 my pellet smoker would get that to 200 in less than 2 hours. I have no idea how he cooks for 6. I read his qhole book and everything is 4x faster. I have a simple pitboss pellet( same size as one in the video) that works well.

  12. My family isn’t a huge fan of beef ribs or brisket when I smoke :(. I absolutely love smoking beef. Everyone seems to prefer pork shoulder over anything in my house when I smoke.

  13. Anyone know what off-set smoker Aaron is using in these videos? Not the big industrial ones he built, but these smaller ones. Wondering if they can be purchased retail or is he built this one also.

  14. Heey i really do love you´r BBQ videos, can´t you pleas do a video about pulled beef? i could not find it when i searched.
    Gonna Experiment on it my self soon and would love to se your Texas version <3

  15. I’ve been told my bbq is better than the places in my home town and I’ve been studying your methods love watching your videos and attempting to make what you make love it

  16. For some reason pork ribs make me feel I'll after I eat them everytime can I be allergic to pork? Anyway I gotta switch to beef

  17. If you have to ask how to make beef ribs and you are over the age of 9 years you have no business being around the grill 😂😂

  18. I usually give them 3 to 3 and a half hours of smoke then wrap them in foil and oven them for 2 to 2and a half hours then rest them for half an hour. Cooking them is time consuming but they taste great and you never need sauce.

  19. Does no one produce large grain salt that isnt blessed by a rabbi? I'm really not sure why every bbq guy always emphasizes that the tribe is down with their sodium chloride.

  20. Question: Why rest for an hour? Wouldn't it be cold by then? Honestly don't know. I just got a smoker and doing some research.

  21. Pfff que desperdicio de asado de tira. Eso va a la parrilla al mejor estilo CRIOLLO 🇦🇷 carne a las brasas!

  22. Who the hell is that patient with cooking.. 7.5 hrs just for ribs.. not even a briskett or prime rib.. waste of time.. season with blk pepper and salt use pressure cooker 1hr take out baste with a lil olive oil or butter then whatever rub you use grille or oven for 15 min each side on 375° wrapped in foil.. take off foil and char for 3-5minutes voila.. tender fall off the bone..

  23. I just tried out my new Kamado Joe. I tried 6 different experiments on the same batch. My hat off to Franklin! Your way wins. The ribs are amazing.

  24. Cooking ribs:Start the fire,season the ribs,place on grill… then mow the lawn,have a beer,clean the pool,bang your wife,take a nap,fix the gate… and then come back and check on those ribs…and repeat.

  25. I tried making beef ribs once, did it about 275° , cooked for about 6 to 7 hours… But the ribs came out really really dry, couldn't even eat them

  26. Dude, let’s drink beer and smoke meats! Wait, that sounded terrible…
    Dude, let’s drink beer and cook over fire!

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