Bean With Bacon Soup || Glen & Friends Cooking

Bean With Bacon Soup || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to the
kitchen today we’re going to make a soup a very simple soup that relies on very
simple ingredients and also uses up some leftovers for me but you don’t have to
use leftovers when you make it at home so I’m gonna start out with some bacon
and this is our home smoked bacon and to put this into the pot and I want to
render it out kind of slowly to get the fat out and then I want to crisp it up
and make it nice and brown this is our homemade bacon and sometimes you get a
slab of belly that just doesn’t have a whole lot of fat and that’s what
happened this time over here I’ve got some some rice pudding eggnog rice
pudding on the go I just need to stir it every once in a while make sure that it
doesn’t boil over okay next into this pot we have a mirepoix
so celery carrot and onion all diced up that goes in and I just want to fry this
off until it’s all kind of soft once the onions have softened
I just want to crush in a little bit of garlic 1 2 3 cloves depending on what
you like now some of the other flavor profile this is essentially being with
bacon soup so I want to add a little bit of oregano some chili powder and a chili
powder of your choice today I’m going to use a dried chipotle but you could put
in cayenne if you wanted to or any other chili powder or you could just leave it
out if you wanted to I’m gonna add a little bit of black pepper freshly
ground of course grind this ahead of time and some salt now be careful with
the salt if your bacon is really salty you won’t need to add as much and also
when it comes to your stock if you’ve got a very salty stock you won’t need to
add as much here so I’m gonna add a little bit because I know where I am
with both of these but I would suggest that if you aren’t sure maybe wait to
the end before you add any salt taste it once it’s all come together and then
adjust as necessary just stir that in it’s coming together nicely now beans to
being with bacon soup I use canned beans and I know a lot of people take issue
with that and they find my home email and they send me nasty messages about
how horrible it is that I used canned beans here’s the thing I find that
canned beans are actually better than dried beans flavor wise consistency of
quality is better with cans even with the no-name cans they cost a little bit
more in a can but I can also decide that I want to make a soup and then make a
soup I don’t have to decide yesterday that I want to make a soup tomorrow so
in with the beans and of course you can use any beam that you like whatever
you’ve got in your cupboard or if you have a favorite bean I’m gonna mix it up
today I’ve got black-eyed peas and navy beans but of course use whatever you’ve
got just stir that in now it’s time to add
some tomato and you could just put in a canned tomato a canned diced tomato you
could put in a tomato passata which is a ground tomato you could put in Rotel if
you wanted to put in Rotel Rotel would be great what I have here are the last
of the tomatoes from our garden and it usually Canadian Thanksgiving we pull
out the tomatoes because they’re not going to ripen any farther and the last
ones to ripen just get stood down a little bit of onion and celery and I’m
gonna put them in this suit last in you need about 3 cups of stock now normally
I would use chicken stock because I always have chicken stock on hand if you
don’t have chicken stock that you’ve made yourself you can use the stuff that
you buy in a carton from the grocery store that’s perfectly fine but if
you’ve been watching Jamie and I cut up the pig you might have seen me make this
pork stock and this is super gelatinous pork stock it and it’s got great flavor
and it would go excellent with a bean and bacon soup so I’m gonna spoon in
what I think might be 3 cups but we’ll figure it out later jiggly pork stock like that okay
put that in and we’ll give this a stir and the stock melts almost immediately this is one of those soups that as soon
as this comes up to a boil it’s pretty much done everything that went into this
pot is cooked at this point it doesn’t require a really long slow cook but I
still like to simmer it for half an hour to an hour just let all the flavors come
together and meld as one so you have a little taste right now I think all the
flavors are in balance so I’m gonna put the lid on let this go for about a half
an hour to an hour and then we’ll taste it again hey Jules hey Glenn reverence we’re
having soup for supper you only got a couple of spoons there don’t taste this two tiny spoons
okay for tasting so fancy beans bean with bacon soup and so it has the pork
stock that we made and the last of the tomatoes from the garden I’m super
hunkering down for winter are we a little bit of you know all the things
we’ve put away for the winter once yeah or the last little bits cuz that was
like the half jar yeah there wasn’t much left yeah yeah it smells really good
mm-hmm yeah that’s a good hearty soup mm-hmm there’s a lot going on in there
um you could chase the spicing like I said with the with the pepper that you
put in the chili pepper that you put in yes I put in two cans of beans you could
definitely load this down with another can or two of beans if you wanted them
beyond your soup different beans different beans yeah so I use two
different kinds of beans you can put in four different kinds of beans you put in
all the same kind of bean you can buy the Kansa – the bean medleys there’s so
many choices there’s so many choices and if you put in two extra cans of beans
then just sort of play with the liquid you might have to add a cup or two of
water to thin it out a little bit of course if you want it thicker you just
boil it a little more and thicker thin so many variations I mean what I’ve
given you is a recipe that isn’t a recipe it’s a starting point guideline
it’s a guideline yeah it’s make this into whatever you want so use a
different stock use different beans use different kinds of tomatoes use
different kinds of spices but I mean you put it in a pot in its soup is that
confusing enough you can make it you could make this very difficult and you
made this very simple yeah I and this is this is something that realistically
within an hour you can be eating it right right from the get-go of pulling
the bacon out of the out of the fridge an hour later you can have this soup and
be eating it which is great I like the purple carrots – yeah those are from the
garden – yeah I went it and pulled from garden so thanks for stopping by see you
again soon you

69 thoughts on “Bean With Bacon Soup || Glen & Friends Cooking”

  1. Hey Julie and Glen 🙋🏻‍♀️🌹🌹Great delicious and full of amino acids from the amazing efforts you and Jamie did Chef Glen 👏👏👏👌👌👌👌thanks a lot🙏❤️❤️

  2. Hello from Montreal! Well cooking is not my day job, but many years ago I went to cooking school, we call it ITHQ, it's a school for those who want to work in the food industry… and I went also to the "Mezza Luna" a italian cooking school…. Like I just wrote in the begining, cooking did not became my day job, but as the decades went on, I have come across many snobish foodies … just dont bother about those who makes a fit because of can beans! Let them soak! 🙂

  3. I admire how you take care of growing your own tomatoes 👌I notice that on your studio tour video ☺️ do you have more videos of your wonderful cozy garden? It reminds me of home sweet home ❤️

  4. Hockey is underway, football is going strong, baseball playoffs and basketball is causing international diplomatic crisis’s. Yep it’s time for bean with bacon soup to give us the strength needed in these wacky times.
    Go Leafs Go!
    Go Roughriders Go!
    Go Seahawks Go!
    Go Astros Go!
    Go Raptors Go!!

  5. I think that putting the Black Eyed Peas in your soup might be considered illegal in some countries. Not sure about Canada though

  6. In my childhood ( looong time ago) bean soup followed a few days after we had ham for dinner. Bits of ham and the ham bone were in the pot with the beans, carrots, celery etc. Mom served it on a plate poured over slices of bread.

  7. I have a recipe that has beans, cubed deli honey turkey, finely chopped celery and green peppers, half a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, and believe it or not about two tablespoons of "process cheese food" of the type used in boxed mac n' cheese.  But yeah, you can go all over the place with bean soups.

  8. You’ve been real busy lately. Putting out a video pretty much everyday. I am glad I found your channel and I enjoy how calm you’re, you explain everything well and you give substitutions.

  9. Cool timing, I actually just finished a bean soup before watching this. Mine was pintos, smoked sausage instead of bacon, carrots and sweet potato cubes. And the pressure cooker makes it easy for me to use dry beans without much planning ahead.

  10. glen (and julie), you guys put out such great content. I feel bad that you haven't hit the mainstream yet. But, if it makes you feel any better, know at least this guy keeps you in the same appreciation as Bon Appetit, Babish, and Matty Matheson

  11. Made me think of my Dad. He use to make a soup just like that except he used diced kielbasa or smoked sausage instead of bacon. A warm, hearty, & filling Winter time meal.

  12. The thing about beans is…nothing, literally NOTHING is stopping you at home from making "pre canned beans". It's the same damn thing. if you have a pot of pintos from two-three days ago, you can use those (in fact, that's how I'd make this soup…it'ed be a bit thicker, which is my preference for beans or soups in general, and this would be FANTASTIC way to flesh out that pot). If you have no beans and you need to entertain in half an hour, a run to any gas station and you're covered.

    You have your preference, and possibly more importantly, you have your time constraints.

    Like, the vast majority of people will be using cans/bulk pack chicken stock for this. You're not giving them crap for not rendering their own pork bones or chicken carcass in the oven for a full day.

  13. Nice one Glen, this is one of my favourite things. I make bean soups (or stews because that's how they come out sometimes) all the time and they're so easy to make, as you just demonstrated. And they're not expensive to make either if you're on a budget. Also you can freeze in freezer bags or washed-up plastic take-away containers. And you can experiment with different spices such as ground cumin, smoked paprika (be careful) and of course a healthy teaspoonful or more of cayenne to add a bit of heat – or really whatever the hell is in your cupboard. I'm also in agreement with you about tinned beans, nothing wrong with them, even the cheapo supermarket own-brands. Also you can, in the time the soup is cooking, quickly knock up a soda bread to go along with the soup…. Om, bloody, nom 🙂

  14. Great video as usually. I get that convenience is a factor but let's not say canned is better than a quality dried bean. 🥴

  15. Dried beans are better, but here's the trick… pressure cook them but be sure to add vinegar at the very start. This keeps the outsides slightly firm instead of mushy. The vinegar trick only works with pressure cooking.

  16. Hey Glen, sorry to hear that people are sending you nasty messages. All types on youtube I suppose, and they come with more subs unfortunately. Keep on keeping on and your viewerbase will distill down slightly to keep more of the good group and less of the bad. The great thing about that group is they get board easy and move on when they see trolling isnt working. I like canned beans too, unless I want to spend a lot of effort and a good portion of luck on making them myself, canned beans are simple and consistent. Just like im not going to typically go make my own sugar. Too much work for usually no or negative gain!

  17. I really enjoy your videos. I appreciate them. I wish there was more savory videos instead of desert videos. I don’t do deserts. I loved the butchery videos. They were really cool and informative. Thank you

  18. I have to say, as a kid, bean and bacon soup sounded disgusting. As an adult, I recognize that my child-self had some poor judgement. Looks like a great soup template, Glen. Nicely done.

  19. pre 2000 bean with bacon soup or post 2000 🙂 I miss the old bean with bacon but im odd and would just throw it on bread with butter and eat it raw lol… dont try it at home

  20. I don’t know how you do it! Getting out the volume of high quality production you do. I and I’m sure most of us very much appreciate it, but please don’t burn yourself out.

  21. Would a couple of beaten egg yolks and 1/2 cup of cream stirred in after turning off the heat make this even more sumptuous?

  22. this also seems like a great start to a chilli, ust add some ground beef and tweek the spices. Bet it would be great!

  23. This soup would be even better if you got some wheat bread and cut it into strips, then lightly toasted it to dip into the soup.

  24. Glen, I suggest you one day try the classic Hungarian version of the bean soup! I made a video for my colleagues some time ago about how it's made, hope you will have a chance to take a look.
    I'm not an active Youtube creator, just used the platform to share this video with colleagues, I have no intention to advertise. Just thought you might be interested.

  25. Hello! This looks almost like Scandinavian pea soup with bacon . If you ever make it try it with some mustard, warm Punsch, and pancakes with jam for dessert. Its almost always served on Thursdays aswell 🙂

    Kind regards from Sweden

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