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  1. Puerto Rico has been struggling over the last few years. Good on you for showing it's a good location for travel, beachs, and relaxation.

  2. You should do a challenge for the normals to see who remembers how to make things from your lost and hungry trips! Like revisiting mufongo in 3 months time!

  3. I'm sorry, but I had to point it out. But 6:37 Looked like a Seal walking slowly out of water with all that blabber shaking.

  4. I just cant with the "Chefs vs Normals" bit… They've all been together for almost a decade. can't tell me chef skills/food knowledge hasn't been transferred via osmosis at any point during this period. but ok…

  5. I would like to see you review those 10-in-1 pressure cookers that claim to slow-cook/sous-vide/pressure-cook/rice cook etc

  6. I’d love how thoughtful and involved, yet funny and chilled your approach is. I’d love to travel with you!

  7. Speaking of Pass it On, here is an idea for a pass it on video (inspired by a comment I saw on another video). Ben chooses a category for the dish, but cannot suggest a dish, then when they go to reveal the order, it is revealed that Jamie goes first and has to choose all of the ingredients for the entire dish. They can't use any ingredient that he didn't pick out and they must use all of the ingredients he picks. They can however choose not to use a maximum of 1 (or two depending on how many he picks) but if a later chef wants to withhold a different ingredient then the one that is currently set to be withheld then they must swap the ingredients and must use the other withheld ingredient. The rest of the order is up to them to decide also Jamie gets an extra 2-5 minutes since he needs to choose all the ingredients.

  8. Since most people comment on new pass it on ideas:
    I like that with all the comedy you still do some actual cooking, I also like that while traveling you talk to the locals and also show places like soup kitchens or that place that employed ex inmates.

  9. I can't but feel bad for James and Ben. All those years of school, and three jokers that they practically taught themselves keep beating them in cooking contests.

    Let's see. In the weird pairings contest, James took too many risks. In the steak contest, James needed to unlearn his usual technique, which worked against his favor. In this one, maybe Ben played it a little too safe. I don't know.

  10. It's so touching to see how you embraced it all and seeing the beauty of our Island trough your eyes. Thank you so much for your visit and for showing all the wonderful things we have to offer.

    Ps. Ben pulled off the hat, don't hate lol

  11. You guys should come to Chiang Mai, Thailand! There's lots of delicious food, a huge variety of it, and there's also amazing coffee and tea.

  12. Heartbreaking to think of the treatment Puerto Ricans will receive when in America, yet they're so willing to give their time, advice and hospitality to foreigners, as Mike touched on at the end (at least I think thats what he was getting at).

  13. So first of all I love the show. Truly a great one.
    Secondly, and perhaps why I love the show, you guys make a great team and that is no easy task when you have so many people (personalities), so major props to all of you for that alone.
    Finally, I am thinking about buying one of your cookbooks, based solely on my enjoyment of your videos (okay, not "solely") but I am wondering if there is one that you, or someone, could recommend that would be better for working hard and getting home late cooks? And what mean by that is one that has a good amount of recipes that can be done in about 30 to 45 minutes total? Soup to nuts, all finished and on the plate in that amount time?
    Getting home and trying to cook a massive meal that takes tons of prep time and tons of cooking is just not something we like to do. We want to enjoy food, not be angry at it. Hahahaha
    I am not saying that is what you guys and your books represent. Not at all. I am just wondering which one would fit more into that description. Maybe that is all of them? I just don't know.
    Thanks guys and hey … maybe make your next book one that has nothing but fast recipes?
    Even though you will never see me, I will see you soon!!!
    (Man, that sounded really creepy. My apologies)

  14. I just learned the phrase "bob's your uncle" from this video, i will be now using it in all parts of my daily life

  15. You guys should come to Vienna. More to the food than Schnitzel and The Heurigers are culturally unique complete with home-grown wine. See you soon!

  16. I would like to see you guys do a collaboration with Scott Rea of SRP. You could do an episode on the muntjac deer, full field to plate. Hunt it, skin it, butcher it and then cook it up, Then call it "The Full Munty"!

  17. small bit of trivia: birds don't specifically target cars to poop on…. they poop whenever they need to as they fly… birds fly over fountains… you just washed your hands in diluted bird poo :O

  18. 1:03 – Damn Ben! That is not a flattering look! Seriously unwell… I hope you're still doing well. Be healthy. Be good.

  19. Sorry, just one thing i have to say… Grape is "uva", like, pronounced "ooh-bah" but with a V sound instead of B. Not "uve".
    Also, it's "piña". But ñ doesn't exist in english, so.

  20. Unsubscribed like lightening. Anyone who eats an animal slaughtered before its 6 weeks old and lives in utter hell before that is not someone I will ever want to succeed.

  21. I'm getting worried. The chefs have been on a losing streak now. You might have to change your intro. I don't see any normals here anymore!

  22. After all these years of following SORTEDfood I finally got to see the content I've secretly wanted to see all along: Gratuitous shots of Jamie coming out of the water shirtless.

    Thanks guys! James next please!! : D

  23. Of all of this what makes me excited is seeing how the trees have grown back from just after Maria! The place was devastated but it's back…

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