100 thoughts on “BEAT THE CHEF Mystery Box Challenge Vol. 3 | Unusual Flavour Combos”

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  2. Sorted videos are one of the only things that seem to calm down my anxiety lately. Thank you for creating content that radiates with friendship, humour, and utter joy. You guys have been some light for me and I very much appreciate it.

  3. "I'm not even sure if peanut butter and sambal go together well…"

    Oh yes, they do. It's a staple sandwich topping in the Netherlands.

  4. Next episode you have to make something with falafel seen as Google is celebrating it today 18th June 2019! Also GO MIKE GO MIKE GO MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! James how do you feel

  5. should've made a banana with cookie butter, peanut butter and choco drizzle with some bacon bits. but please do i'm too poor to recreate that idea hahahaha
    still waiting for the time that you follow fan's recipe idea and see how it'd taste like Y___Y

  6. really liked this one! "Maybe the normals aren't normal anymore" yeah when you are up to a chef you get to become a chef

  7. Guys, I hate to break it to you, but you are none of you "normals" any more. Most of what you attempt, I'd actually burn down my kitchen attempting.

  8. Idea for future challenges: Rather than a theme as limitation maybe a cooking utensil or plate / bowl as only given. E.g. see what people come up with when only given a bowl they have to fill.

  9. Please please please please could you wonderful folks at Sorted Food sort out the flashing colour changes at the end of the videos? They need a warning before they begin for those who have illnesses which are triggered by flashing lights (migraines and epilepsy come to mind)
    That said, great video. I will have to try those pairings.

  10. I love these little panics and seeing James in particular be confused. Always nice to know I am not alone in my kitchen confusion.

  11. Barry, Jamie and Mike were never normal, they were always a bit weird, and nowadays are just weird and talented.

  12. not calling mike out but just as an eye opener to the ignorant, why would you call something "asiany" when you wouldn't call anything "europeany" and there is certain area that is at least called south-east asia that has satay not generally asia :/

  13. Hey! Maybe one of your future challenges can be about geophagy; the act of consuming edible clay, edible dirt and edible soil.

  14. I love how they look at a plate of food and recognise who made it. 'That has written Mike all over it". Love their friendship 🙂

  15. I’d love to see the normals compete to make a zero waste dish 🥳 then chef vs chef do the same after

  16. Love this. Are you guys still the ‘normals‘? A few new Leveled Ups would be fun for us (normals) that love you guys so much !!!

  17. When the student surpasses the teacher… Rather sad, but also pretty wonderful 😀! Well done Mike!!
    And Jamie, your hair looks stupid as hell… Just saying.

  18. I’m sure some of your crew are more ‘normal’ than you guys at this point, maybe they’d like to try cooking on camera?

  19. I'm not so sure about other Asian countries, but in Malaysia, sambal has become such a staple condiment to have alongside most dishes, that it becomes a no-brainer to pair it with almost anything. So, for Mike to unconsciously pair sambal and peanut butter together (which is a classic satay dipping sauce in Malaysia) shows how much he has grown over the years, in terms of cooking.

    And, no… You guys were never "normal" to begin with, Barry.

  20. i think that it would be interesting if the normal's went to a culinary class to see how well they do or something like that since they are taking about no longer being normal's.

  21. Weird food pairing via Italy: Prosciutto and cantaloupe (not sure if it's called the same thing in the UK)–make it a sandwich!?

  22. Hi guys, please don't generalise by saying things like "Asian" cooking. Satay is certainly not used in most Asian cooking – from my limited knowledge it is used in some Malaysian cooking and some Indonesian and Thai. Otherwise, keep up the good work 🙂

  23. James: i made it look to good he will never believe Mike did that…
    Hahahahhahahahahaha😂😂😂 i love you so much James

  24. you guys aren't normals anymore.. you've been trained by professional chefs for how many years.. congratulations!!

  25. You cant really call that a fair contest becasue they made totally different things so it would be a matter of what the person trying the food likes. Now have them same people make the same dish and see who wins.

  26. My point was say someone hates peanut butter it doesnt matter who makes it or how they prepare it if someone hates peanut butter then they are not going to choose the thing with peanut butter no matter what.

  27. I'm addicted to this show and have woken my housemates up several times with my laughter! These guys are pure gold!💖

  28. you know what could be fun? the ultimate mystey box challenge. the three norms are all given the same mystery box and are tested for their creativity and spontaneity.

  29. I'm going to make a bit of a bold statement here. I don't know if it's out of stupidity or arrogance (maybe both), but:
    I challenge both the normals and the chefs to a one-on-one cooking battle against ME.

  30. At what point are the normals considered chefs? With enough experience would they not be as good as the actual chefs. Technically they all cook food for a living. Hell all of them cook food better than anyone I’ve ever met in person.

  31. Mike. Sambal its a huge thing in my country. We eat sambal and peanutbutter sandwiches. Sometimes with added cucumber. Also we make satay sauce from peanutbutter, sambal and coconutmilk. You said that you weren't sure if it works. Well it does

  32. Think i would agree. Never really been a fan os sandwiches with 3+ slices of bread since i try to stay relatively low carb. Is that pretentious, you decide!

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