Beef Rendang Recipe – Pai’s Kitchen | Malaysian / Indonesian Recipe

Beef Rendang Recipe – Pai’s Kitchen | Malaysian / Indonesian Recipe

hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen
today I am making world’s most delicious food at least according to a CNN poll a
few years back I am talking about rendang so rendang is a traditional dish
from Indonesia and also Malaysia they also serve it in Singapore and probably
a few other countries so if you have rendang in your country let me know I
would love to hear about it now rendang is basically a curry but
unlike a Thai curry it’s very dry and concentrated it’s super super flavorful
and I am making one with beef today which is my personal favorite let’s get
started let’s start with the curry paste so I’ve
got some dried chilies here that I’ve cut up and I’m using guajillo peppers
which has become my favorite peppers to use for curry paste cuts got nice colour
good flavor but it’s also mild so I can adjust the heat level at the end in
addition to that I got some dry spices some green cardamom a piece of star anis
some cloves some cinnamon stick and I’ve also got some candlenuts now when I was
making my laksa video if you haven’t seen that video check it out I did not
have candle nuts but I found them, yay! you can use macadamia nuts or cashews
instead this is going to add fatty richness so if you don’t have it don’t
sweat it and I’ll leave the candle nuts for later because once you add the
candle nut then the oils come out and it kind of gums it up a little bit oh I can
smell all the spices already oh my gosh spilling everywhere now the candle nuts
going you can see it thickening up getting a
little bit wet from all the oil from the candle net by the way candle nuts are
toxic when they’re raw so please don’t be snacking on them like they’re
macadamias we’re gonna cook this later and only then can you eat the candle
that’s we’re done our spices and now the herb so I’ve got here some ginger some
lemongrass and some galangal and today lucky you I have a whole galangal to
show for those of you who don’t know what that looks like and then I’ve also
got some shallots and some garlic so not that different from a Thai curry paste
and all of that into my blender jug here and as always I’m using my
immersion blender my favorite tool for making curry paste you can certainly use
a blender and then just add a little bit of liquid of water or coconut milk to it all the dried spices that we ground up
blitz Tomatoes and that’s it I’m gonna go and finish crying from all the
shallots and we’ll continue cooking so traditionally most people saute the
curry paste in some oil but I’m gonna sneak in a little bit of a Thai
technique and saute my paste in reduced coconut milk instead because why not
take the opportunity to add some extra coconut flavor and this curry uses a ton
of coconut milk anyway so it’s not like I’m introducing anything new so now that
it’s boiling I’m actually gonna add my curry paste right away and let the
coconut milk reduce with the paste there we go because I think the extra liquid
helps break up the pace a little bit and by the way one of the things I love
about using an immersion blender is it so much easier to get the paste out of
you use a jug blender now you got to get around the blade you got to rinse it out
with water I mean this just makes life a lot easier alright so I’m just gonna
stir that in so the coconut milk has reduced to a point now where the coconut
oil is sizzling away from the pace it’s frying the paste
that’s exactly what I want in goes my beef so I’ve just got some regular old
beef chuck which is a great inexpensive cuts for stew but you can use whatever
you prefer for your beef stew short ribs and you can make rendang with chicken as
well I’ve got this tossed up I’m gonna add the remaining coconut milk beautiful
this dish is really easy once you’ve made the paste
it’s just dump and stir from here now I’m gonna take some time and scrape all
the stuff that’s stuck on the bottom now the seasoning which is super simple I’m
just gonna add some salt and some tamarind so it’s gonna be a little salty
a little sour and the sweetness is going to come purely from the reduced coconut
milk just what I loved about this dish is it so concentrated at the end this
needs to cook for two and a half to three hours yes it’s a very long slow
simmering dish in the beginning you can kind of let it go but as the sauce gets
thicker you want to come back and keep stirring and scraping the bottom
otherwise all that curry paste gonna get stuck and burn to the bottom so
unfortunately this is where it gets a little time-consuming but trust me it is
well worth it in the end look how it has just transformed you want like a
luscious thick sauce coating the beef you don’t want it to be like a soup so
what I do is I keep my lid ajar a little bit so it evaporates just ever so
slightly and then at the end I usually have the right amount of liquid but if
you need to add a little more water or at the end you need to like open it and
really let it reduce that’s totally fine as well mmm look at that my gosh so now
in rendang you want to add some kaffir lime leaves so I’ve just got some over
here and I keep mine frozen by the way and it will add just a bright citrusy
aroma and it will sort of counteract the heaviness of the curry and now one last
ingredient so Thai people have toasted rice powder Indonesian
have toasted coconut paste this is called carry see it’s going to add the
most wonderful toasty aroma you just take dry shredded coconut you toasted in
a dry pan until it’s brown not golden brown deep dark brown you want that
iconic toasted coconut aroma then I just grind it in a mortar and pestle until it
gets oily I’m just gonna add about a tablespoon of this Oh what the heck I
let the whole thing and stir that in and that right there just as a character
that is unlike anything else now you definitely want to taste this for
seasoning for saltiness mostly it does need a touch more saltiness which you
can add a little more salt but I love adding just a touch of fish sauce to it
I know it’s not super traditional but trust me it really elevates this dish in
my very biased opinion god you can smell that toasted coconut from here and that
is it by the way right now this is not spicy at all it’s super kid-friendly
but what I like to do is I fry up some dried chilies so they’re crispy and then
I sprinkle them around so if people want something a little spicy they can easily
break this up into their own portion it also acts as a nice garnish because this
is very Brown right so just a tip there for you you definitely want this with
some rice yes that’s sauce oh my god and the beef
should be for tender just like that it should pull apart with your four so make
sure you check that for doneness that is one of the most amazing flavors
I have ever experienced I am not surprised at all why this was voted
again and again in at least in the top ten of world’s most delicious food it’s
rich and very flavorful but at the same time the lemongrass and the kaffir lime
leaves as a brightness to it that toasted coconut paste that we added
gives it an aroma like nothing you’ve ever had like this is sort of similar
ish to its high massaman curry and I don’t know like this against massaman
I have a hard time choosing and like that’s saying a lot because I’m Thai
right but man if you’ve never had it you’ve got to give it a try
beef is my favorite but chicken will work as well and it will take less time
to cook so that is my rendang I would love to hear from you if your Malaysian
or Indonesian or if you make your own version of rendang I would love to hear
how you do it differently any tips and tricks you want to share with us and as
always the recipe will be on and when you make it send
me a photo on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or if you don’t have a photo
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see you next time for your next delicious adventure. and usually while we wait for things to
boil on the set of hot thai kitchen we just stand here and stare at it. We’re very efficient

100 thoughts on “Beef Rendang Recipe – Pai’s Kitchen | Malaysian / Indonesian Recipe”

  1. Never heard of people get mad over the origin of rendang. It’s kind of silly. Indonesia and Malaysia were one kind of folk once, even the languages are similar. It’s like Dutch, Afrikaans and Flemish.

  2. Pai, as a Chinese-Indonesian who is fond of umami flavour, I usually add some light soy sauce instead of fish sauce at the end as I believe fish and beef will contradict the taste for those who aren't accustomed to the original flavor of Rendang Curry yet. Cheers!

  3. Excellent video and such a nice presenting style. Rendang is my favourite curry, I learned how to make it in Indonesia. Only difference between my recipe and yours is that the candlenut is grated in at the end to thicken. Otherwise though, this was a really solid, authentic recipe (I hate seeing people mess around with this classic!!)

  4. Bill Murray was eating his curry
    When his cellphone suddenly rang.
    “I heard that your curry
    was dry Mr. Murray, by chance are you having rendang?”
    He paused for a moment and thought to himself… is this rendang that I’m eating?
    Scratching his head he finally said-

    Who is this?

  5. I am so happy YouTube suggested your channel. I had just made Beef Rendang last week and didn't even think to use the emulsifier instead of the blender. Thank for the amazing tip, I'll be using that for a lot of my cooking going forward.

  6. Beautiful video. BTW, Malaysians being wealthier, use better quality beef than Indonesians, sometimes even excellent Australian beef.
    While my 4-hour rendang is cooking slowly I enjoyed watching this video and soon now …yummy, yummy!

  7. this food is origin from Indonesia place of origin is from West Sumatra Province.
    Each provinces in Indonesia has it tastes.
    nor Malaysia.

  8. Where ever rendang came from, most people prefers Indonesian's rendang. No offence because tongue can't line when it comes to taste.

  9. Oooh… I love Rendang so much! I tried it in Sumatra, Bukittinggi, not far from Padang, with buffalo meat. Awsome! It was in 1980. I was on a long trip of six month and since then I was longing for Rendang. In Holland a kind of Rendang was served, I only found it in Indonesian restaurants, but it was not the same. The Rendang in Bukittingi was the ONE! In the year 2002 with my first internet connection I finally was so lucky to find a young man from Padang, he was so kind to ask his mother for the original Rendang receipe, I tried it myself (80 g of Chilis and two litres of coconut milk were slowly added), Kemiri nuts finally found, and THERE it was again, Rendang at it's finest!
    One of my beloved favourite dishes, and I have travelled many, many countries in the world and tried many, many sorts of food. The nut is also called kemiri nut/kimiri nut. These trees grow in Sumatra. Thank you very much, Pailin, for your delicious receipe! It is very close to the one I have. <3 <3 <3

  10. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I love your way with words hahaha. Like succinctly describing each and every detail of the flavor and technique in making this dish. Also, I laughed so hard at your reaction after putting the shallots in the blender XD thumbs up to you! Hope to see more great content!

  11. The first time I tried Beef rendang, I was in-flight in Air Asia. And I kid you not, I ordered 3 of them on my way back from KL to Philippines. It was the best flight of my life.

  12. Man that looks so good !

    Question. If I wanted it to be more saucy, do I add more coconut cream right at the start when you’re reducing it with the spices or add it in more later when you’re checking it 2 – 3 hours later ?

  13. The most underrated food in Asia.. i am a filipino but when i try this ohh 😋😋 i love all the spices and herbs mix together..

  14. That dish I really miss in Thailand

    Is there a Thai dish that can be compared to randang

    I love Thai food
    I wish they had rendang too

  15. I am almost cry….. really…. fish sauce? This is the most delicious dish in the world and you just have to make it into Thai style?

  16. I love the way u explain the recipe.
    1 of my customers asking me to cook rendang, everyone use instant ingredients, but i dont really like it, last time i cook with it, its too salty.
    I hope if i following ur recipe, it will be very tasty
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I wonder who is going to be the luckiest man to have Pai as his wife?And to have a mum who can really cook these days.

  18. I tried this recipe, and for the amount of meat used I thought the amount of spices were too much. I’ll have to find another recipe.

  19. How long does this cook for? Because I’m just wondering if there is any nutrient left after cooking for so long. You don’t just want just the taste but also the nutrients.

  20. I wonder if you cooked it for 15 minutes in a pressure cooker and then reduced the sauce a bit more if it would be the same.

  21. Google guided me here. After searching Worlds Most Favorite food. Thanks for the video but the hard part of this video is Coconut Milk.
    Thank You! Allkhanan From Afghanistan.

  22. From trying to perfect this, I've learned that you can def. overcook stews. I'm sure this is not supposed to be 'dry', even though it's a 'dry curry'. I think I'm putting too much coconut milk at the start and by reducing it at the end, I end up overcooking the beef.

  23. Hi Pai 🤗..i am from should try another rendang called Rendang Tok (Tok here means grandmother). . It's a specialty of the Perak region in Malaysia. It uses more spices. It is delicious.

  24. How do we create this recipe With Chicken. I will be using Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh, to create the dry creamy effect, that Rendang is world famous for. Thanks

  25. Pai, I love you, but its not what i want to ask, can you cook this in a crock pot and how to do that. Will you have some crockpot recipe?

  26. I think the butchers are wise to the delights of chuck. It's no longer a cheap cut of meat! Much like oxtail – used to be a throwaway – now it's almost unaffordable!

  27. I am from Surinam ( South America ) but life in Holland/Netherlands over 23 years, I love this dish! But as u know it is made differntly every time

    ( sorry for my english ) Keep up the good work……

  28. It almost looks like steak pizziaiola. Which is delectable
    This also looks delectable. Like many cuisines, I've never had indonesian food, but I would like to try all of it but the shellfish based stuff. Luckily this is beef so I can have it

  29. Can you maybe put the ingredients in de description, it's a lot easier to see what i need instead of swipe the time everytime.

  30. The toasted coconut shreds are actually more commonly known as "serunding" in Indonesia (and also in Singapore where it has influenced the local vernacular) rather than "kerisik".

  31. My friend's Thai ex-boyfriend added fish sauce to almost everything! Even saw him add fish sauce to his plate of spaghetti bolognese! 😂😂😂

    In terms of this recipe if you made it mild, people can add extra heat with sambal which is a chilli paste from that region that's usually served with this dish as a condiment.

  32. It'll smell and taste better if you had chiffonade the kaffir lime leaves and also threw in some chiffonade of tumeric leaves. That's how we usually do it in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing this recipe with the world! We love you for it!

  33. HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note:

    If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel.

    Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video.

    Thank you for watching!

  34. i always added turmeric leaves when cooking rendang along with limes leaves ^^ it will make your rendang smell so good 🙂 and the ingredients all same just one or two not been there

  35. I tried to make rendang using your recipe but instead of making the paste from scratch, I tried to check the ingredients of the Thai red curry paste (store-bought) and Chinese 5 spice powder a.k.a. Ngohiong (store-bought).
    Then I calculate these 2 instant spices and see what I need to add
    in order to matchyour rendang recipe:
    0,25 cup shallot

    1 tbsp galangal

    1 inch fresh chopped ginger

    4 pcs cloves
    5 pcs green cardamom
    4 pcs candlenut
    kaffir lime zest/I substitute it with lime leaves
    coconut milk, kerisik, tamarind paste
    I skip the salt becauss the redcurry paste has enough salt

    and… instead of simmering on the stove, i put my dutch oven in the oven for 8 hrs at 150 C to get dark rendang
    The result was: delicious rendang without a hassle to chop, cut, blend chili and other spices.


  36. I love this recipe, and even though mine turned out darker than yours. It tasted amazing. I’ve made other Rendang recipes before but for me this was the best.

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