Beef Rolls – 牛肉捲餅 (Niúròu juàn bǐng)

Beef Rolls – 牛肉捲餅 (Niúròu juàn bǐng)

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Taiwanese cooking
show! So, Today I’m going to show you a really delicious beef roll. I love this dish, and
I can’t wait to start! So, let’s go! Now we’re going to cut the ginger into big pieces. Ginger
is done. Now we’re going to cut the onions. We’re going to be using this onion for caramelizing.
You want to cut it into very thin pieces. Cut off the end. Just like that. Take one
piece first. Put your knife against it and start cutting into thin pieces. So, now we’re
going to cut the green onions. Now we’re going to cut the cucumber into little slices too.
Cut it in half. Now we’re going to cut the cilantro. Just cut it once. Alright! Let’s
start cooking! Now the wok is nicely heated. Add the oil. Now we’re going to flip the beef.
Add the ginger. Now add in some sugar. Sichuan peppercorns. Now we’re going to add in dark
soy sauce. This is going to give the beef a nice dark rich flavor. Now we’re going to
add the shiitake mushrooms. The star anise. And we’re going to fill up the whole wok with
water. We basically want to almost cover the entire beef. An hour before the braising is
done, you want to start caramelizing the onions. Add the oil. Add the onions. So we’re going
to quicken the caramelization process by adding some sugar. Sugar goes in. So, if your onions
start to burn a little bit, you can add little bit oil to stop that process. Onions are almost
caramelized. And this is the consistency that we want to see before we take it out. So what
we’re doing right now is to make the dough. First, we have to pour the flour through the
strainer to get rid of the chunks. Just tap it. Once all the flour has gone through, we’re
going to add in the hot water. Just put it right in the middle. Now mix it up. Now the
dough is in the texture that I want. I’m going to be putting a wet cloth over it and letting
it rest for 30 minutes. Now the dough has been resting for 30 minutes, we’re going to
roll it out. Now separate it into three pieces. Now the dough is nice and flat, add some sesame
oil. Add a little bit a salt. Roll it up! Now we’re going to roll it into a cinnamon
bun. Roll it on itself. Tuck that under. Just put a little bit of sesame seeds. Perfect.
Now roll it out again. Add the oil. And then put in the dough. Now if you start see bubbles
start forming on the bottom, you just want to press it down and make sure that it cooks
evenly. Now that both sides are browned evenly, take it out. So this is what the finished
beef looks like. Look how much it has shrunk. Originally, it was this big. But after it’s
been braising for 2 hours, it has become this delicious very fragrant beef. All we’re going
to do now is to cut it into thin slices and put everything together. Now we’re just going
to put in thin pieces of beef in the middle. A little bit of the caramelized onions. Some
of the cilantro. Green onions. A little bit of the cucumbers. Last but not least, a little
of hoisin sauce. Now let’s roll it up. And just cut it in half. And serve! There you
go! A really delicious Taiwanese beef roll! Subtitles by the community

26 thoughts on “Beef Rolls – 牛肉捲餅 (Niúròu juàn bǐng)”

  1. I love the recipe and would surely do it right away! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Please post more Taiwan dishes! :D!

  2. Im half Taiwanese and Half Saudi Arabian just returned from Taiwan i ate everything  and wanted to learn how to make them all . thank you so much for all the great videos you share Shi Shi Nei

  3. I first tried this beef rolls in a famous snack house located in Da-you road in Taoyuan City, it's really good!

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