Beef Steak Donburi | Cooking with Dog

Beef Steak Donburi | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Let’s prepare the vegetables. Use the outer layers of the onion to make the dish more presentable. Slice the onion into half inch slices and then cut them in half again. Cut the eringi mushroom or king oyster mushroom in half. Cut it lengthwise and then slice into quarter inch slices. Cut the lettuce leaves in half lengthwise and then chop them into half inch strips. And now, let’s stir-fry the vegetables. Heat the olive oil in a pan. Drop in the onion and eringi mushroom and toss to coat with the oil. Sprinkle on the salt and brown the vegetables. Finally, sprinkle on the pepper, turn off the burner and place the vegetables onto a plate. On one side of the steak, sprinkle the salt and the pepper. Turn on the burner and heat the vegetable oil on medium heat. Place the steak onto the pan with the seasoned side facing down. Occasionally shake the pan to help it brown evenly. With a pair of tongs, check the under side of the steak. When it has browned thoroughly, flip the steak over. Once both sides are browned, turn off the burner and place it onto a plate with the tongs. Cover it with aluminum foil while preparing the next step. Now, let’s make the delicious onion ponzu sauce. Remove the remaining oil in the pan with a paper towel. Add the sake and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Turn on the burner and add the grated onion. Stir with a spatula and cook the onion until the pungent aroma softens. Add the citrus-based ponzu sauce, grated garlic and butter. Continue stirring with the spatula and bring the sauce to a boil. When the butter is completely melted, the sauce is ready. Pour it into a sauce boat. Now, let’s make the beef steak donburi. Place the chopped lettuce onto a bowl of hot steamed rice. Next, place the onion and mushroom along the edge of the bowl. Remove the aluminum foil from the plate and place the steak onto a cutting board. Slice the beef using diagonal cuts. Line up the beef slices on the lettuce, presenting the pink cut surface. Finally, garnish with the watercress on top. Just before serving, pour a generous amount of the onion ponzu sauce onto the beef, onion and mushroom. Wasabi also goes great with this recipe so try it out if you are feeling a little adventurous. Cook the steak medium so that the beef is tender and the pink cuts are visually appealing. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. If you can't find king oyster mushroom, normal mushroom can be used as a substitute, just make sure you use quick frying or else they can be very watery.

  2. Thank you chef for your wonderful recipes….I love watching you & Francis….great food & easy to follow recipes, what more could you want??

  3. I've tried this one… But I found the oignon ponzu sauce too "strong" … Maybe I put too much oignon … I dont havr a "grater" to make grated oignon… So I try it differently, but I think a mess up something >< taste toooo strong tje oignon… Can we substitute the oignon with something else?

  4. I love this programming , its taught me so much about cooking delicious Japanese style food . The technique appears so complicated yet its quite easy once mastered

  5. You can use pork, but please make sure it is cooked all the way through. Another delicious option is to make pork shogayaki and eat it over rice. Check our channel for the recipe 🙂

  6. There are so many different kinds of sake on the market it's better to get something you can use for both drinking and cooking. I love Ozeki Karatamba, it's great cold or warm and taste great when used for cooking.

  7. I'm not the Chef of the video, but just wanted to give my take on the "wasabi" question. Wasabi's lose their scent when heated so usually in Japan we would put a tad on the meat while eating, or mix it to the garlic sauce AFTER it's been cooked at the very least. Hope it turns out good for you.

  8. Can donburi be eaten on its own as a one dish meal, or is it served with side dishes?  I have a really hard time putting side dishes together – to me, if it has a protein, a vegetable, and a starch, it's a complete meal.

  9. Looks good except that the meat is way wayyy to underdone for my taste. I won't eat meat that is still pink like that at all.

  10. This looks delicious! I'd love to make this one day. Onions, mushrooms, beef and rice are probably an amazing combination.
    I love beef, but I prefer it bien-cuit ,well done. I'm hungry now!

  11. Francis be like: "Gurl you keeping me hungry!" LOL I would season both sides of that steak and I wouldn't put the foil right on top of it. She really cooks enough for one or two people.

  12. To compare the doneness of steak to ice-cream. Refer to: (
    Some like their ice-cream a firm and mostly solid (extra-rare/bleu).
    Some prefer just a firm texture (rare/saignant). Some like ice-cream a little soft and slightly melted (medium-rare/a point).
    Some like the ice-cream much softer and almost melted (medium/demi-anglais; well-done/cuit). Some would drink the melted ice-cream, soup (well-done/bien cuit). Steak is well-done is like the melted ice-cream to some people.
    As for myself I am a pescetarian-vegetarian.

  13. Even though Francis really wants some of that food, human food can make dogs sick or unhealthy with the high fat and salt content. Dogs can also be allergic to certain ingredients that are okay for humans.

  14. I really love how she balances the protein and vegetables. She cooks many healthy food. In my country, people mostly eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates but a little amount of vegetables.

  15. นั่งตรงนั้น เหมือนกับว่ายังไม่รู้จักกายของเอิธ

  16. Every single recipe I've seen on this channel has made my mouth water and my stomach growl a little as if to say, "Make some of that for me this instant – no, I can't wait that long…have it cooked and ready five minutes ago!"

    And Francis is my second-favorite poodle ever. Sorry, chum, but my family's Tabitha was just the very best poodle in history…but you're second by the narrowest of margins, which means I love you lots, too.

  17. Why the fuck I am watching this 2 am in the morning, and our freaking fridge is out of stock this is complete torture!!!

  18. Omg I am so hungry now! Gotta cook something for supper, again!!!!! Why do I always watch this channel before going to sleep!!!! Why!!!

  19. このワンちゃんは、本当に火の隣にいるの?


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