36 thoughts on “Beer Braised Mussels”

  1. Wow! great video. I like when you make rubs/sauces from scratch (understand when the bottled stuff work$ great as well)

  2. That looks fantastic, you're a great chef. I'm not used to mussels outside of the confort southern France zone, with white wine and onions, so I'll try that!

  3. My sister recently had mussels for the first time out at dinner…

    Needless to say – it disturbed her. Of course she opened the mussel and it looked a bit too… ahem… vaginal. It sort of split with the shell. Still, she wound up liking it AND it was hilarious.

  4. Thx Tom for another great dish! Is it possible to demonstrate how to do a full trout on the grill… I just can't seem to get it right… Not so much a recipe, but more the technique to keep the fish nice and complete

  5. OMG! That broth looks awesome! I will definitely be trying this VERY soon. I'm going to throw some little neck clams in as well. Thanks!!

  6. First of all, another great recipe to add onto my list. Secondly, have you guys ever consider smoking any dry aged beef or anything else dry aged? Not sure if this question has already been asked so I'm just throwing it out there.

  7. OMG! Soooo Gooood!!! 🤤 My daughter likes fish & the only thing I know how to do is cedar planked salmon. What other types of fish & other types of cooking methods are good on the grill? I have a Primo XLO.

  8. That looks amazing!!! You guys do a great job every time. Do you have any smoked fish recipes? Do you have a physical restaurant location? Love what you guys are doing!!!

  9. Do you think you can substitute the beer with white wine?? or would that not go with the Cajun seasoning?

  10. Tom, I would like to see your take on bone marrow. I make it at home and it is amazing! I love your recipes, some differ from mine but they are great! Thanks.

  11. hi Cheff I live in México City and last saturday I cooked this recipe at a friend's house watching the UEFA champions soccer final and let me tell you it was a great success. Instead of cast iron I used a clay skillet for paella. The mussles turned out great.

  12. Amazing recipe. Flavor profile was completely on point. Only thing I noticed is that it was a pretty salty. Don't know if that was the bacon I chose, the recipe, or me, but I'd suggest adding the salt after all is said and done. Great recipe Chef Tom. How about smoked/grilled bone marrow? Interested?

  13. Yeah dude. That's a great recipe. Making something very similar tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Hey Tom. Guy from Maine here. We LOVE our steamers and other shellfish. One piece of advice for prepping your live shellfish. Soak them in a beer and breadcrumb paste. They’ll eat it and purge and sand/dirt and essentially improve their taste. Do this a day ahead and your shellfish will be that much better.

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