Beginners Guide to Cooking Utensils

Beginners Guide to Cooking Utensils

– Hi I’m Marlon Doll and
this is Bachelor on a Budget. Today we’re talking beginner’s guide to kitchen cooking tools,
utensils, and gadgets. Let’s do it. (sizzling) This video is for beginners who are just stocking their kitchens. Or who want to check out what I am using when I am making most of my recipes. So, first off, we have a pot. Look at that. A small pot and a big pot. We need both but all you need is two. One big one, this is great for like pasta and big stews. I just made some quinoa with this one. Or for sauces. And you wanna look for
one with a thick bottom. That’s gonna retain the heat and a thin one will kind of
mean that it’s a cheap pan. So I got some Lagostina ones here. They’re pretty good quality
and they’re not too expensive. Yeah, pots. So pans. Okay so I got two here. This one is a non-stick wok, and this is also a non-stick pan. Lagostina. The reason I like to use big ones is because I like to make a
lot of food with leftovers. You’ve seen most of my recipes, all of them for like
four to five servings, so I wanna make enough that
they can actually fit in here so I can have leftovers to take to work. I did have a small non-stick pan but my roommate cooked it too high and when you cook a Teflon pan too high it kinda can release some
of the chemicals in there and you don’t wanna do that, and it takes away the non-stick. So don’t leave your Teflon
pans on your heat for too long otherwise you’ll cook the crap outta them. These are great. I do recommend just go
with one of these to start. Either a good wok, you’ll probably see one
of these more likely, but a good non-stick wok
is awesome to have as well. I actually have a third steel wok but we don’t need to talk about that but they’re awesome. Knives! You really only need two for most things. You need a paring knife, good for fruit or small veggies or taking skin off, not your own skin, and a good chef’s knife. This is essential. Just one good chef knife. I believe this is Victorinox but they make totally affordable blades. Oh, I’m lying, this is Villeroy and Boch. Also a good knife. But look up Victorinox on Amazon I know they’ve got some great
ones with tons of reviews. Stirring stuff. I highly recommend a spatula. This is great for getting out your sauces or whatever you have in your pan. I was just using it for some quinoa to scrape some stuff out. A flat one, I like to use a wooden one, you can also use a wooden spoon
but this is great for eggs, for scraping out the scrambled eggs, but I use this for most things. Nice, classic wooden but you
can go with plastic ones. Well, maybe not plastic but silicon. A nice… (beep) Quiet I’m filming! What are these things called again? Flippers? Spatula? (battle music) One of these things, yeah! Pick stuff up, and turn it over. A ladle. A ladle is gonna be essential
for getting at your stews and your chilis. Or you can just use a big spoon. But kitchen essential. Measuring cup. I don’t use a measuring cup too often ’cause now I have a good eye for it but if you’re a beginner and you don’t really know portion sizes I do recommend getting a measuring cup. And you’ll definitely need a measuring cup if you’re doing any baking
because baking is chemistry. I’m not a chemist. – Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science! – We need a strainer. Whatever size strainer you have, but bigger is gonna be better because if you’re washing a
lot of lettuce or something for a nice salad you’re gonna
want something of decent size. And you need a strainer
for whenever you’re washing vegetables, so a strainer is pretty essential. I do recommend going with a bigger one. I have a smaller one as well that’s great for washing rice and stuff because these have a bit bigger holes but definitely go with a big one. A mixing bowl. You need a mixing bowl. You can get one bigger,
you can get one smaller but this size works for me. This is just one of the ones that I have but it does the majority of jobs. Just a cheap white plastic bowl. I’ll use this for whenever
I’m mixing in some vegetables, and adding in sauces, or whatever, it’s a mixing bowl so lots of uses. Of course we need a can opener. Not a switchblade. But yeah, can opener,
for making some humus, or I need some tomato sauce opened up. Gotta have a good can opener. And, yeah, make sure it’s a strong one. It’s gotta feel good. If it’s really light, it’s
probably not the best one. And we need a peeler. This is a really crappy one, I don’t recommend getting
something like this. It does the job. I recommend going with just
the basic stainless steel ones. They’re awesome. Okay and a slow cooker. Now I haven’t had too many
slow cooker recipes yet but I do intend on doing a bunch because I do love to use the slow cooker but for some reason I haven’t, maybe just ’cause it’s summertime, but slow cookers are awesome. You can make so much in here. You can make a nice roast, or great stews, you just can really toss
everything in there, add you spices, add your seasoning and it just works so nicely. You can come home after a long day’s work, plop it in the morning, and then when you come
home you got a great meal, or just on a nice Sunday, Sunday morning you put the stuff in, by the evening you have an awesome meal with lots of leftovers, so great for meal prep. Meal prep Sunday. A good cutting board. I got a big, thick wooden one. This will last me for years
and it can last you for years, provided you take care of it well. By taking care of it I mean
putting a good mineral oil over it to keep it from
drying out and splitting, and don’t get it soggy, obviously don’t put it in the dishwasher. I also have a couple of
these plastic ones here. These are great for if
you’re cutting onions or meat and you don’t want to have it
on your main cutting board. I kinda do everything on the wooden but these are awesome if
you have some chicken, you don’t want to get your
chicken all over your wooden one. Or just having an extra around. And that’s all for the basics. Hope you guys like this one,
just wanted to keep it simple with what I use on an everyday basis, but I think I’ll also do one
with a bit more advanced stuff, or stuff that I don’t use everyday but there still awesome to have and you can do some cool stuff with. So stay tuned for that. Thank you guys for watching. If this is your first time here please hit the subscribe button, helps me out and you also will get notified of awesome new
recipes and new videos. And leave your comment down below, let me know what your staple
items are that I didn’t include and let’s have a conversation. Thanks guys.

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  1. Awesome video as always! I may be speaking out of my ass, but I thought it is usually suggested to buy cast iron. It last longer and does not have harmful chemicals and such. Also you have the same slow cooker as mine! The Hamilton beach is a beast.

  2. Loved this video. You did a really awesome job. Your suggestions were actually RELEVANT! Thank god. I have scoured the internet globe. Your videos has bestowed upon me actual logical fundamentals knowledge. Jesus R. Christ!

  3. the reason why I watched you is because I wanted to know what that's called… and then,? come on, man..
    u're making me not hate myself.

  4. cutting mats must be of different colors. GREEN for fruits and veggies. RED for raw meat. YELLOW for chicken meat. BLUE for fish. BLACK for cooked meat. WHITE for dairy products. BROWN for bread

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