Begun Bahar Bengali Recipe-Begun Bhaja-Bengali Begun Recipe-Brinjal Fry Recipe-Baingan fry

Begun Bahar Bengali Recipe-Begun Bhaja-Bengali Begun Recipe-Brinjal Fry Recipe-Baingan fry

Hi! I am Totana Welcome to my channel “Bangalir Ranna Banna” Today I will cook Begun Bahar/ Brinjal masala Recipe Cut the Begun/ Eggplant in to 6 pieces. Add salt, pinch of Turmeric & Chili powder. Mix everything well. Heat the Pan and Add oil, I used Mustard Oil. Add Chili and Nigella seeds. Stir it 3-4 times. Add Sliced Garlic stir it 2-3 times add all the sliced Begun/ Eggplant Stir it. I will make the Begun Bahar in a low flame. Cover it for 2 minutes. Add Sliced Onion. Fry the Brinjal and onion well. Again cover it for 2 minutes. Add sliced Tomato, Capsicum, Turmeric Powder Chili Powder, Cumin and Coriander Powder and salt to taste. Stir it well and cover it again for 2 minutes. It will cook in a low flame so you have to cover and open again and again. Add sliced Green Chili and pinch of Mustard oil. Stir it nicely for few minutes. Now Begun Bahar is ready.

45 thoughts on “Begun Bahar Bengali Recipe-Begun Bhaja-Bengali Begun Recipe-Brinjal Fry Recipe-Baingan fry”

  1. Very nice reciepe! my mom used to make this . Thanks for sharing.your reciepies are great.I will share your videos with my friends and families.

  2. Please Don't eat this everyday… maybe twice a week! Super unhealthy This is high in Sodium & wayy too much spices… 🤕🤒👎🏼

  3. hi didi always I follow your recipe, ekta request tumi plz muroghanto banano sikhiye dao, bcz I am staying at out of station, plz upload Karun please…

  4. bangalore a thaki colleages der sathe.. tomar channel er jnyo amr ranna o oder kache famous hoye geche.. specially ei begun bahar r singara ta.. thank you totona..

  5. Hii Totona di! Hope tumi bhalo acho. Aj tomar baigun bahar dekhe dinner a try korlam.. Mar khub bhalo legeche.. Ekebare finger licking..:) Thank you erokom New items share korar jonno.. Bhalo theko.. Lots of love.. 🙂

  6. totona di tumi ki bolte paro plzz ki in the end why did you give mustard oil…ota ki kacha sorser tel chilo?…waiting for ur reply

  7. di rannar sathe amr ekta jinis kv kv kv vlo laglo jta hlo tomar sorol bangla kotha…darun,💋💋💋💋💋💋

  8. Didi ami nije try kore dekhlam khub testy hoyeche… r tomar pray sob recepi ami try kori protek tai darun testy hoy… thanks didi ……

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