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  1. Very interesting. Thanks Dr Gregor. My next video will actually be reviewing your cook book – love it! I know brewers and nutritional yeast are not the same, but could nutritional yeast potentially have the same effects?

  2. Is brewers yeast safe while nursing? Is it safe while pregnant (For those who get gestational diabetes)?

  3. Not very surprising since oats contain beta-glucan too and they have the same benefits. Im Italian and I use nutritional yeast sometimes but i eat oats every morning with fresh fruits and nuts… It an awesome breakfast!

  4. Hi Dr. Greger, thank you for this information and for your work! So what is the recommended amount to take? You mentioned a few different amounts in the video.

  5. Couple questions: 1. is there a difference between Brewer's Yeast and Nutritional Yeast? Pretty sure the answer is no. 2. what about sourdough bread? clearly you are still eating yeast when you eat that and recent research shows that the commonly held belief that it is all dead by the time of consumption is incorrect because the loaf continues to get more sour.

  6. I like brewer's yeast for the uridine, which is reputed to have brain health benefits. I stopped using it since it tastes quite hoppy and hops are estrogenic. I don't know if the taste is truly indicative of the hop phytoestrogen content, though. A lot of breastfeeding women use brewer's yeast to encourage breast milk production; it could be phytoestrogens from the hops that helps or it could be the uridine; uridine is found in high amounts in breast milk and not having enough could be an issue in production.

  7. trying to justify the consumption of brewers yeast as a vegan is like trying to justify "grass fed" beef on some keto blog
    both shiiiiiiiiiat food that just taste amazing
    not sure which of the 2 slows down digestion more

    i bet dr greger didnt type "diabetes + diet" in pubmed (which would be less bias) but instead he typed "brewers yeast + diet" cuz he likes the stuff…i mean come on…i could probably dig out of hundreds of faulty studies showing how good fish omega 3 oil alledgedly is

    really hate the reductionism that science does sometimes…

  8. Watched it, left my house went to the vitamin shop so I can get the real stuff. found a brewers yeast 10 grain 650 mg, plan to start 2 a day with a gtf chromium I already take.

  9. That's the same strain as nutritional yeast, right? -Does it work for both type 1 and 2 though? – I should definitely tell my sister.

  10. Brewer's yeast is what I use as my protein shake mixed with beets moringa cinnamon and almond milk. I would encourage all to look up this superfoods on examine.com
    Its effect are holistic not just found in it singular components .

    The minerals including chromium and various other cofactors. It antiestrogenic and carb to protein ratio is right for various conditions.

  11. For brewers yeast (the debittered by product of making beer), I prefer the brand Twinlab brewers yeast which has more chromium.

  12. So, should we all be taking some brewers yeast? as insurance? (on top of a good diet and exercise) Would it harm us at all? Fascinating video!

  13. What's the best way to take this? Adding to spicy vegetable juice? Unsweetened apple sauce? (just two things I have here)

  14. If simple brewer's yeast could do that, then wildcraft Ling Zhi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) would probably nuke type II diabetes once and for all through the normalization of metabolic disorders.

  15. Oh come on. No explanation of how this works? Just some vague suggestions?

    Yeast feeds of sugar, so less of the sugar you eat ends up in your blood?

    Brewers yeast is a probiotic.

    Which is so cool. It means that glucose controll improves with less glucose ending up in your blood.

    So,….. give it a try,….. You can do it, reach the conclusion,……..The cure for diabetes is,…… No glucose ending up in your blood!

    Low carb is the cure for diabetes!

  16. Not very much yeast. A tablespoon at least could really work winders. Also a study showed it lengthen telemeors. think I spelled that wrong.

  17. Love your videos !!!!! could you specify how much brewers yeast to take, in one place i hear 1/2 tsp. a day then another place i hear 2-3 tsp a day…Thanks much

  18. Type 2 is a joke – simply start fasting, eat one organic meal a day and you will be cured in 8-16 weeks. Or use the Snake Diet to ease your fast. Done and done!

  19. Interesting report. I have a little nutritional yeast everyday, itty bits, adding up to about a teaspoon for the day, helps curb my appetite. I like the cheesy and nutty taste. I’ve noticed that my fasting blood sugar has gone down a fair bit, from 140-150 to 120 and even 107 the other day. But hadn’t made the connection, assuming there is one (Dr. Greer is talking specifically about Brewer’s Yeast, not Nutritional Yeast). Maybe there is no connection, but again interesting. This is a good reason to keep a food journal.

  20. What is the difference between bakers brewers and nutritional yeast? Are they interchangeable? Where would I purchase some? Please help me understand this. I would love to get my diabetes under control and stop taking 3 pills a day. Thank you for any help

  21. I wonder if it's the body's immune response playing a role. Many people actually have brewer's yeast antibodies. Perhaps the presence of yeast keeps the body preoccupied in some way that affects its ability to respond negatively to insulin.

  22. Nooch gives me headaches & fatigue & digestive probs. I read it was the same as MSG. Bummed I can't use this for my diabetes control.

  23. Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time.. He put this stuff in his protein shakes/smoothies and some of the most intelligent athletes and health people today do as well.

  24. Look at data. We see + – on B glucan group and placebo is different at different weeks. Why is that? To make attractive statistics.

  25. What is in brewers yeast thats good for us. Interesting video – my mom used to give us brewers yeast as children – should have paid attention.

  26. I use 2Tsp brewers one small size of onion ,3cloves of garlic ,3table spoon of wheat bran 2Tsp wheatgerm 1apple or pear ,1Tbs lecithin 1tsp ginger powder ,1tsp cinnamon powder 2Tsp natural organic yogurt ,1tsp Vitamin C with bioflavonoids ,1Tsp apple cider vinegar mix with1cup of water ; blend them together , once a day . Linseed desiccated coconuts and coconut oil can be added as well I like it!

  27. If you applied all the suggestions, no oils, no dairy, no animal proteins, etc. and added all the foods, Amla, brewers, herbs and spices, vinegar, and ate all suggested, your diabetes should be reversed, but is it? I have been doing this for over 2 years, modifying my intake as new videos come out. I'm not cured of this condition. I do believe that low carb is the solution. That doesn't mean eat all the bad either. I eat mainly Tofu, massive veggies, legumes, beans especially, in limited quantity which is a can a day, and berries and some other fruits in limited quantity, which is over 2 cups a day. Also intermittent fasting helps. Dr Hans helps. Dr G helps. Dr furhman helps. But so does Jeff Cavalier and Bob and Brad physical therapist online. I'm now well within the BMI and my body fat % is well better than 95% my age and so is my physical activity and appearance and muscle tone and composition. My vitals all exceptional other than my diabetes. Some are blessed to recover on just sitting on the couch and eating vegan, but for me, in two years, I have not been able to get my A1c to 6 with activity, food consumption, and massive r&d as I call my daily path to super health. I started this path 2 years ago because my doctor wanted me to go on insulin. How could someone that appeared in great shape and condition be asked to go on insulin. That's when I found Nutritionfacts and all the other good doctors mentioned above. So what changed? My diet to vegan. My workouts and recovery totally enhanced by the physical therapists videos online, by enhancing my cardio and workouts and recovery. Eating more bean than 10 humans (idk if this is accurate but I eat a lot of black beans and all kinds of beans) eating more blueberries than 10 humans (again idk but it's a lot), and only eating 2 meals out on the weekends which are my only two meals for the weekend. This dropped my weight to well within the BMI and my vitals better than an aviation pilot. I'm healthier yes, look about the same physically but in a smaller proportion, but my diabetes is still not cured but much better. I don't know how much more I will adjust, but I know I can adjust and will adjust when new things come up in my R&D.

  28. I decided to give this a try…got to believe in something that helps! Started with A1c at 7.7 Used 1/2 teaspoon of brewers yeast 6/7 days a week mixed into salad or other foods(it tastes AWFUL by itself) There were days that I did not take it due to travel, etc. Six months later I had a complete blood panel…results floored me. Without changing diet or alcohol consumption(couple of glasses of wine here and there) my A1c dropped from 7.7 to 6.5 and my blood sugar dropped from 168 to 142. Lots of better readings as I have begun to change my eating habits and lifestyle. Michael Greger-you are a good source of truth!

  29. Where it lowers blood pressure is it safe for a person who already has low blood pressure? Thanks.

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