Best Barbecue Grill Brush Grill Zone- 3 Tips to Great Grilling

Grill Zone Barbecue Grill Brush Blue Rhino Global Sourcing Barbecue grill brush cleaner 3 tips to great barbecue grilling hi it’s AlaskaGranny there are three
tips for getting the best use out of your barbecue grill make sure you
pre-heat your grill keep your grill clean and use quality barbecue grill tools my barbecue brush you
can see has been completely used up it’s no longer useful so I headed over to my
True Value Hardware Store and bought a new Grill Zone Barbecue brush Blue Rhino Global Sourcing I like this grill brush because it has
three parts to it it has a black scrubby surface it has steel bristles and then
it has a truly swirly brush with metal ridges on the end all designed to clean the barbecue grill while I neglected to
read the very fine print on the back of the grill brush label from Grill Zone which says do not use the black scrubby
portion of the grill brush abrasive scrubber pad on a hot grill so you can see the very first time I heated up my grill
and I went to clean it with the grill zone barbecue grill brush I melted the black brush abrasive scrubber pad so unfortunately the black
scrubby pad on my new grill brush is no longer very useful on my brush but I really like the metal stainless steel
bristles and the twirly brush on the end of my new Grill Zone barbecue tool make sure you
follow the three tips to keep your grilling as successful as possible
pre-heat your grill keep your barbecue grill clean and use some good quality barbecue grill tools make sure
you read the fine print if you buy a new grill brush learn more at
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