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I am Ann Reardon Today we are making 7 different chocolate
frosting recipes, I’ll show you how to make each one. then we’ll get some people to taste
test them and vote for their favourite and we’re even going to put them outside in the
sun to see how they stand up in the heat. First up we have American buttercream.
To make this you’ll need powdered sugar, cocoa powder, milk and butter. OR you could swap
the butter for margarine or crisco. I’ll do one batch of each today. I’ll write out the
quantities that you need for these recipes on the website and I’ll
link to that info in the description below because it will take way to long to list all
of the measurements here. Whip up the butter until it is smooth then
while the mixer is on low add in the icing sugar and the cocoa powder. Continue to mix
on low speed and then add in some milk one teaspoon at a time until it is about the consistency
that you are happy with. and then pipe it onto your cup cakes. This
is quite a firm frosting so it pipes nicely onto those cupcakes. Lets see what the taste testers think. It was yum, very chocolatey. Maybe a bit too sweet. That tastes so good. Um it is really really chocolatey and it’s
really really yum. It’s nice, good. Very buttery. Mmmm yeah that’s yummy. I don’t really like plain chocolate so I’ll
give it a 4. three, Four
Four Four and a half
Two I don’t really like it A three or a four
Three Ahh Three
Four Now for Italian meringue buttercream.
You’ll need sugar, butter, chocolate, egg whites and water.
Place the water and sugar in a saucepan and stir it until the sugar dissolves. Then use
a wet pastry brush to wash down the sides of the pan, this makes sure there are no sugar
crystals left on the side because that would make the sugar crystals in the solution crystalize
out again and then you are not going to get a nice smooth frosting. Add a candy thermometer
and heat to 240F or 115C. While it is heating up whip your egg whites
to soft peaks and melt the chocolate in the microwave.
Once it is 240F or 115C take it off the heat and with the mixer running pour it in a thin
stream into the egg whites. Now if you feel the side of the bowl it will be hot, keep
the mixer running until it is cooled down, this will take about 10 minutes. Now the egg whites will be cooked and really
thick and fluffy. Add the butter and whip it through the egg whites, you can do that
in about 3 batches, you don’t have to do it too slowly just don’t chuck it in all at once.
Then pour in the melted chocolate and mix that through just until it is combined and
evenly mixed throughout.. This is quite a soft frosting and pipes really
easily but holds its shape well. Over to the taste testers…
Oh that tastes really good it is kind of really light and just kind of melts in your mouth. Mmmm that’s good. That’s really creamy and really yummy I’m not sure if I like it. It kind of tastes like it has a bit of white
chocolate in it. I like that one.
It’s kind of really soft. It’s good, 5,4.
If you want all of their ratings like every number that they gave it I’ll list them all
over on the website. Now lets give them american buttercream made
with margarine. It pipes beautifully, and remember the taste testers have no idea which
frosting recipes they are tasting today but we’ll see how they go with this one It is strong and it is sort of darker than
normal chocolate, it is really good. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate and this
tastes a bit like that. That probably tastes a bit like number 1,
I can’t really tell the difference between that. It tastes chocolatey, definately. It tastes like what my mum used to make, so
good. It’s kind of like the first one. Probably my favourite so far. That one is very similar to the first one. Same 5, I love chocolate cupcakes. Now for chocolate cream cheese frosting you
need icing sugar, cocoa powder, butter and cream cheese, both the cream cheese and butter
should be at room temperature. I am using block cream cheese and not the
tub because that is just too soft for a frosting. Place the cream cheese and butter into the
bowl of an electric mixer and mix until it is really smooth. Add the cocoa powder and
icing sugar and mix on low speed until it’s all combined and then high speed until it
is all nice an fluffy. Piping it onto the cupcakes it is still quite
thick but smooth and holds its shape really well.
But how does it taste? It doesn’t have the same richness of chocolatey
flavour that the other ones had it tastes a little less full.
It’s really nice. They’re all good.
There’s a taste, there’s a flavour I can’t quite pick, It’s like.
It’s not as good as all the others. That one seems very rich.
Does that have sour cream or something? I’d say three. Or cream cheese, cream cheese.
It’s chocoaltey. Now lets give them the american buttercream
this time made with crisco. I think it looks slightly darker than the others and is firm
to pipe. Now it’s time to eat it… ohhhh, I’m sorry that was just disgusting.
hmm that ones got no flavour it’s a one. This one tastes a bit like the first one.
It’s not one of my favourites. It seems a little flavourless to me. It is really gross I don’t really like it.
It looks really chocolatey but it is actually not as chocolatey when you taste it. It ahh I don’t know it didn’t it lack a bot
of oomph, it doesn’t have the guts of the other ones. I’m not a big fan of this one. They didn’t love that one at all did they. OK now lets try the ermine chocolate frosting
what you’re going to need is milk all purpose flour, sugar, cocoa and butter.
Pour a small amount of the milk into the saucepan and then add the flour and the sugar and mix
it to make a paste without any lumps. I like to use a whisk to do this it just makes it
easier to get all of that flour smooth in there. Then add in the rest of the milk and
mix it through. Heat on the stove-top stirring continuously
until it thickens, if you don’t stir it you will get big lumps through the frosting so
keep stirring it the whole time. Add in the cocoa powder and continue to stir over the
heat for another 30 seconds or so just to make sure you don’t have a floury taste to
your frosting. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down completely.
Once it is cooled mix you can mix in the butter a little a time, again the butter should be
at room temperature. The ermine frosting is very soft when you are piping it it is not
holding it’s shape particularly well I’d suggest refrigerating it straight away or refrigerating
it before you pipe it. Now let’s see what they think of this one.
Creamy and caramel and chocolate, it’s really nice. Like overload of butter and no flavour. Tastes a bit like chocolate mousse I like
it. It tasted a bit like it’s got wheat in it. That is really good I really like that one. It tastes really um buttery or something.
Melt in the mouth as soon as it goes in it just like melts. To make ganache frosting place your chocolate
into a bowl you can use all milk or dark or a mixture or both, I am using 50-50 here.
Pour oven hot cream and push the chocolate down into the cream. Leave it for a few minutes
and then stir it through the now melted chocolate until it becomes smooth. Then cover it in
plastic wrap and place in the fridge for a few hours or at room temperature overnight.
Then it will be thickened like this, just put it into the bowl of the electric mixer
and whip it up until it is smooth, you don’t want to over-whip because it has got cream
in it, it will go grainy like the cream is starting to turn into butter and the water
will seperate out of it which is not what you want.
Ganache is a beautifully smooth frosting, you can make it thicker or thinner by adding
more or less cream and you can change the proportions of milk to dark chocolate according
to your taste. Let’s see what they think of this one… It’s like pure chocolate so that would be
a four or a 5. Mmmmm that ones good
That is so good that’s amazing it’s like dark chocolate and it’s rich. That ones really bitter and like it’s really
not sweet enough. I’ll give it a 5.
Mmmmmm nice. I guess it kind of tastes a little bit like
butterscotch in a way. That ones got a lot of flavour quite strong.
Some kind of chocolate bar. Taste like dairy milk chocolate.
Should of go number three number four number 6 number five. You can see the overall score
cards for each one of them on the blog post. Now lets take them outside and see how they
go in the heat. Ermine frosting is not standing up at all
well. uh oh typical Sydney weather beautiful one moment, raining the next, Lets do a quick
location move to undercover there. Now the italian meringue buttercream is next to go,
and the ganache is racing it and they’re both gone, meanwhile the margarine buttercream
has bowed down a little bit there but is not out. I’ll wait for a little bit longer and
a lot longer. Keep in mind that it is not super hot today. The cream cheese, butter
buttercream and crisco ones are all staying put which is good. If you watch the vanilla
frosting test you can see how those ones went on a hotter day. If you’re new to howtocookthat subscribe for
more cakes, chocolate and desserts. If you’re already part of the howtocookthat
tribe leave all your requests in the comments below and I’ll see you on Friday.
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