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  1. I've been told that the same type of vegetables grown in the same field at the same time can have different nutrition levels.

  2. How can nuking food be the best way to preserve antioxidants? That makes no chemistry sense. You are changing the molecular structure of the molecules. Something as simple as isomerism renders a drug inneffective!

  3. I heard when you microwave you Change the molecular structure of the food thereby damaging the mineral and vitamin content? True or untrue?

  4. I was in the Kitchen Nutrition Business for over 10 years and although this is a more complicated topic if you are going to include enzymes which start to be destroyed around 49C the biggest enemies are too much Air , Heat and Water. Microwaves, pressure cookers and even ovens use high heat and some of the other enemies. The best to preserve nutrition is waterless vacuum cooking with some sort of temperature control to keep it under 87C where most of the nutrition is lost. There are cookware out there that do this if you search. Also stay away from teflon and Aluminum. I explain why here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW84QPJ–bk&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1NPahvQxXybSBYnxAGTrE_5CCoWFLqmlg9gM4CpzkVAHg5NWBBI9np3hg

  5. Microwaving might be OK for preserving antioxidants but it kills most of the enzymes,so this is misleading,making microwaving out to look good.

  6. But microwave can form cancer causing cells, maybe, I don't know.

    What if boil and then also consume the water we boil it in.

  7. There is no such thing as "Nuking" . They are Waves, like Radio waves, only larger (Should be called MACRO-Waves) causes Friction, producing Heat…(Like rubbing your hands together.)
    > {I suppose if it were a more complicated process (As can be found on the internet) it might seem more "Scientific"…but it is just this simple.}

  8. Is there a full list of veggies together with the suggested best methods of food preparation with respect to retaining (or increasing) their nutritional profile?

  9. Great video, the only item I would add is to describe which veg has most pesticide residue when sprayed ( even after washing)

  10. I boil veg and keep the water. This water is the vegetable broth eye use for many things, such as miso soup. Matzoh ball soup, gnocchi in brodo, kasha, etc. sometimes I will drink the cooled veg water. Never throw it away.

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