Best Cooking Show Ever! SORTED

Best Cooking Show Ever! SORTED

Hey! We are SORTED Food. Don’t click away from this video I know what you’re thinking Ben’s face is quite scary but it’s fine! We’re gonna quickly run you through why it’s worth clicking on that little red subscribe button. Firstly, we make beautiful food. I mean really sexy food Look at this: Not only that but we make sure we show you the easiest way to recreate every dish. And we make our recipies with your help. Because we don’t know all the answers and we’ll never claim to. Well, apart from him. Sometimes. Secondly, the channel has been built off what is the back of our friendship. And so for us this is all about having fun. We love our food. But we also know that cooking is a chore so we try and have a laugh along the way. I hate you. So if you want to join in, share some ideas, have some fun. Then spare just one click today. And subscribe… to Sorted Food. It is free, after all. (ding)

100 thoughts on “Best Cooking Show Ever! SORTED”

  1. I never bother clicking oh channel ads before videos, but this video was the only exception! Subscribed 🙂

  2. I only clicked on this video to comment that I only clicked on this video to post a comment how I clicked on this video to post this comment… I will never subscribe to you guys P:

  3. have you tried to make samosas reply me and tell me if your going to make a video about samosas and who gave you the idea ok bye but reply

  4. Look and Like "Behind the trick" video
    Vote the talent

  5. अंतिम टिंग ने सदस्य बनने पर विवश ही कर दिया !
    The ting at the end compelled me to subscribe !

  6. U got my subscription!! U guyz r awesome. Ran across 1 of ur video and browsed some more after that. 
    And u immediately "won" my thumbs up 🙂 
    Good going boyz!!

  7. Four guys cooking? I HAD to subscribed. I've always done all of the cooking. A man in the kitchen= WIN. Like, sexiest thing ever. And I love food. 

  8. You guys have quickly become one of my favorite channel, you and Philip Defranco are making my streamy choices very difficult as of late!!  keep doing what you do! 

  9. Dawwww Ben is adorable. But yeah love the channel. If you do not well I guess you hate going on dates and you know the thing that entails I get all my dates (and implied exploits) due to cooking .

  10. I just wanted to say that I love this channel.  Everything is boiled down to the point where I can actually comprehend how to make the recipes come alive!! While attempting to make SortedFood… I like to put on Mike's song from the chocolate orange brioche video…. Speaking of his music when is he going to make more???  

  11. this is actually one of the few YT channel presentation video that made me want to subscribe to a channel, just found you guys out from GMM, awesome channel! 😀

  12. My 7 year old daughter loves watching various you tube cooking shows and has been inspired to create her own, thanks…we have just created our first cooking video

  13. I really like these guys but most of the food they cook is with meat, I would love to see a couple more veggie recipes thrown in there! 

  14. When I first heard of this channel I thought it was called "Sordid Food", but then I decided to check it out anyway lol. I'm glad that's not what it really is. 🙂 

  15. What an awesome subscribe 'ad'! Loved it! It's so personable and inspirational. Time to get to work for my own channel! Thanks for the Creator Academy lesson 🙂

  16. I have watched quite a few of your videos now and they are really amazing keep up the fantastic work and your all so cute! 😉

    Oooh next recipe how about patatas bravas this was my favourite dish when I lived in Ibiza and I would love to see you guys try it.

  17. I'm so sorry, but I laughed harder than I should have when I realized this is the most watched video on your channel. You guys do a wonderful job. Keep up the good work ^_^

  18. Hello everyone! Love this video! Please help me reach 6,000 subscribers! I love cooking and baking! I would appreciate your help! 🙂 xxx

  19. Found Sorted after listening to you guys on the ATK podcast. About 12 hours later, I've watched… SO MANY videos. Love the different series, you guys are awesome. Hope you're enjoying the States (come to the Northeast for some amazing seafood)!   🙂

  20. Glad you guys are advertising!!! I love this channel so much, I've been watching it for awhile now, I hope you get more subs!

  21. Calling yourself the best cooking show ever is a bit too confident, you guys are good but not that good.

  22. OH MY GOD. I literally hit the subscribe button once I Saw this video, I loved the bit where you showed the closeups of all the food. Favorite bit was when the creamer flows and then reverses. AMAZING!!! Definitely following you guys through your journey. Keep up the good work!!!!

  23. Don't forget, to click below, to Subscribe to the official SORTED YouTube Channel!🍪🍰🥧🍔🥓🧀🥪🥚🍞🍌🍲🍙🍕🥩

  24. wow I just found out I'm subscribed to this on my 2nd youtube account aswell. It's like finding money for an extra snack in your pocket while shopping for groceries.

  25. This one ad showed up one day and I didn't click away… mostly because Jaime told me not to… lol. But I also learned so much since then. Cheers SORTEDfood, you guys got me into the kitchen 🙂

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