(sighs) – She’s legitimately nervous. Are you crying? – (laughs) No! – Hey guys, how’s it hanging? I am here right now with my best friend. – [Unison] Jenn McAllister. – You’re not gonna be my best friend if you keep mocking me, bitch. Anyways, today’s video is a
little nerve-racking for me. It’s a video I’ve tried
to film many a time, and haven’t been able to get through. – Yikes! – Today Jenn is looking through my old Instagram photos and… – Roasting you. – Yeah. And it’s bad. – How do you know? – ‘Cause I know. Because I have had
multiple identity crisises in my lifetime. “Crisi.” – [Jenn] Hi. – What a cutie. You’re just coming to help? You were like, “I heard you, Alyx. I know you’re a little nervous.” – Aw, okay, well.
– All right. – Enough dog therapy. – I guess without further ado. – Ado. – We shall… – [Unison] Begin. (chips crunching)
(ominous music) (breathes deeply) – No fin. (ominous music) I don’t even know what
this is made out of. (ominous music) What is a fortune cookie? (ominous music) Hand her over. Here we go. Where do we even start? Okay, I’ll start here,
because this is kinda cute. – I was a pretty cute kid. – I can’t believe you were
a dinosaur for Halloween. – Still love dinos. – You do. Okay, anyway. That was just some
pussy shit, let’s go in. Um, you like to take a lot
of pictures of other people, so that’s kind of annoying for this video. Oh my God, I almost just vomited. “Rain, rain go away, that’s
what all my haters say”? – Dude, I didn’t even have haters. – That’s what I’m sayin’. (laughs)
What do you mean, what haters? Nice rain jacket. – Thanks. – Oh, this is kinda cool. – Yeah, I did, like,
makeup back in the day. I was kind of, like, an artist. – This is pretty good. I mean, this is better than I can do. – Thanks. – There’s so many pictures of not you. (laughs)
– Oh my God, I look so uncomfortable. – What are you, is this a real pose? It looks like you’re standing like a mall mannequin, or like a Sim. You’re a Sim. – I look so uncomfortable.
– Wait, why did Amanda Steele like this? You know she didn’t actually like this. – The fuck’s that supposed to mean? – Look at the way you’re standing. – I know, do you think it was a pity like? – Wait, yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Amanda Steele, was it a pity like? – Let us know.
– Leave a comment down below. Why is this the most awkward photo I’ve ever seen in my entire life? – I didn’t even know that guy. – Why did you post that then? – (sighs) This is so embarrassing, but I didn’t have a lot of friends. I had one friend. And I felt like, you know,
people at school were all friends with each other, so I took a photo with a stranger that night and, like, wanted to make it look
like I had a friend. – Did you make a caption like,
“Really?” like, it’s like– – Like it’s like an inside joke. – Inside joke.
– Yeah. – No way. Is that’s why the photo is so awkward, ’cause you guys don’t know each other. – Yep.
– He’s literally like… – Yeah. – Do you even know his name? – No! – Oh my God, wait, so how did this happen? So you just, like, asked someone to take a photo and you posted it? Alexa Losey liked it, like, you’re hanging out with your friends. (both laugh) She was like, “Oh cool,
Alyx and her friend.” Is this a child? – Yeah. – Oh my God, “OOTD August 27th.” Look at that skirt. – [Unison] Look at that belt. – (gasps) Oh no, Alyx.
– Oh my God. – You look like a Sim again.
(laughs) – Did you know that guy? – No. – You didn’t know this guy?
– No. – Why is the caption “Alastair”? – ‘Cause that was his name. At least I can admit it now.
– So you knew his name though? – Well, yeah, I asked his name, and then I made it the
caption, but I didn’t know him. – What do people comment
on stuff like this? “He should’ve crouched down.” Oh, okay, so this is just people
who didn’t, like, know you. – No.
– So they just think it’s, like, your friend. – Oh my God, now everyone
from my high school’s gonna know that I had fake friends. – You had, like, 30 people
in your high school. I’m sure none of them
are watching your videos. – That’s why I would, no, that’s why I feel like they would watch. That’s why I was so insecure. There were not a lot
of people in my school, and I wasn’t friends with any of them except for one of them,
so, like, I was just like– – Yeah, but why do you
have to have friends? My school, there’s 500 people in a grade, so there’s, like, more options
of people to be friends with. Your school literally
only had, like, what? 50 people in each grade, you told me? – Yeah.
– So, like, you have– – Slim pickins’.
– A fucking, like, what is it, like a fucking
tenth of the amount that I have? – Yeah. I just feel like everyone
always looked at me and my one friend like
we were crazy, you know? We were kinda crazy.
– I mean, you are taking pictures with strangers and pretending that you
are friends with them. (both scream) “Pretty Little Liars.” Oh my God, wait. You look so morbidly uncomfortable. This is like a bad headshot.
(gasps) Bitch, you made fun of my prom dress, which was exactly this
color, and you owned an everyday shirt of this color? – Yeah.
(gasps) – This is literally the last thing you would ever wear today. You would never wear anything,
not even the jewelry. – No. That necklace–
– Not even that hairstyle. – Heinous, no. – The necklace is pretty hideous. – It’s bad.
– It’s really bad. – Yeah. – What? What is this? – Working on a Halloween tutorial. – Why do you look like that, though? Why are you so serious? – ‘Cause it’s spooky. It’s a Halloween tutorial. I look terrifying. – Honestly, you look
like a 40-year-old woman who just, like, got an
iPhone and is like… (laughs) Taking their photo, you know. What are those pants? What are those pants? Wait, I’m sorry, did you wear
these out, not on Halloween? – Yeah.
– Oh my God. – I was edgy. It was edgy, it was cool. – I feel like they’re see-through. – They literally were. They actually were.
– Like, there’s, like, tan popping through the pants. Yikes.
– Not only was I edgy, I was cheap and tacky,
which is not a good trio. (both laugh) – Did you make pens? Did you really make pens? “Ayydubs school swag,” did
you actually use this pen at school?
– Yep. – You had balls.
(laughs) Imagine me using a “jennx” pen. – That’s even better, dude. – What’s with these ghetto-ass stockings? – They’re edgy. – It looks like a whole
thread was pulled out. – Yeah, I did it on purpose.
– Is that a look? – Yeah, tip. – I think it just looks
like your stockings need to be thrown out. That’s what it looks like to me. – You sound like my grandpa. – “Hey, thanks puberty.” – I hate those posts. – I know, I can’t believe you did that. – It’s basically like, “I’m pretty now.” (laughs) – “Here is some nice over-editing.” – [Unison] “Wee.” – Lauren, why the fuck did you like this? – That was a pity like.
– Was that a pity like? – That was a pity like. – Wow, such a party girl. – I literally hated that night. I was dragged to this foam party, which, may I just say–
– That sounds disgusting. – It’s unsanitary. I literally almost fell
asleep on one of the couches, and was, like, crying to go home. – Why didn’t you just leave? Well, I guess they didn’t
have Uber back then. – No, and I came with a friend. It was a trashy, disgusting party. – I would just kinda gross me out ’cause I feel like everyone
would be sweating into the foam. – And the foam is, like, up to your, like, it’s everywhere.
– Ew, what do you do, are people, like, fucking in the foam? Is there finger-blasting in the foam? – Probably there’s
finger-blasting in the foam. – You’re just walking around in jizz. – Ew! – Just cum. – Ew! – Just, casually, the Great Wall of China. (laughs) Like, okay. Oh my God, this is my favorite photo ever. I have seen this photo many times. – Because it’s iconic. – ‘Cause it’s literally insane. – How could this not be a joke? Look at my face. – I know, look at those glasses. (screams)
– It’s us! – I look like an actual chubby bunny. You’re cheesin’. – Because I was excited. – To meet your fave? – I wasn’t, like,
necessarily a jennxpenn fan. – But you knew of me.
– Yes. I knew of you.
– Because I remember one time you told me that
you had never even seen one of my videos when we
talked about this picture. You were like, “No, I have never even seen a video of yours.” – I had, I had.
– You had to have. – I knew who you and Jack were. You were, like, very popular at the time. – That was my glory day. – Oh my, I have so much to say about this. Okay, first of all, first of all, the caption is, “Trudy
put the Honey Nut Cheerios out of my Ayydubs reach. Enjoy my strange climbing position”? Bitch, we all know you’re just sticking your fucking ass out. You’re literally, like,
disguising, like, a bod pic. – I know.
– You’re like, “Oh my God, let me just grab
the Cheerios really quick.” (laughs) Excuse my climbing position. – Me, like, taking my clothes off, “Excuse my climbing,” just naked. (both laugh) – No one climbs like that. – No, and no one climbs a refrigerator. – And, like, you don’t care
about Honey Nut Cheerios that much, and you could’ve gotten them. (laughs)
You could’ve gotten them. Honestly, if you just
straightened your body out, like, you could reach
them, I’m not kidding. Is this you?
– Yeah. Oh, “Peace. Love. Zumba.” Oh my God! “Peace. Love. Zumba.” You also look like a bodybuilder. – I went through a phase where I literally did Zumba three times a day. – How do you even have
enough time to do that? (sighs) (exhales sharply) – First of all, you do not
know how to skateboard. I know this for a fact,
because I used to skateboard, not even legitimately, but I can still do it better than Alyx. It’s covered in marijuana leaves, and the caption, “Justify my thug. If you shoot my dog, I’mma kill yo cat”? What does that mean? – I don’t even know!
– Is that from a song? Okay, Lauren, this is a pity like. Like, this is almost, like, I feel like Lauren laughed at this
and then clicked “like.” What is this? – It’s bad, it’s really bad.
– Who’s, who’s skateboard? – Fun fact.
– Who? (both laugh) What is that dress?
– Hideous. – It’s really bad.
– It’s bad. I look scary.
– You look so uncomfortable. It looks like there’s no one in there. – (laughs) There wasn’t. Dude, there was no one in there. – That’s kinda dark. Kinda just got dark. But you look dead inside.
– I was. – Okay, I’m just gonna move on. – That “X”!
– Oh my God. This might be the worst.
– “I’m a pirate hooker”? “I’m a pirate hooker”? “I’m a pirate hooker.” – I think college got the
best of me in that photo. – Who is this? Justin Bieber? – It’s Aaron Carter, and
then I put my face on him and then the background photos. – Is this your first red carpet? – Yeah.
– Your dress is pretty bad. – Looks like I’m wearing–
– The wallpaper. – Wallpaper. – Yeah, you’re wearing wallpaper. – Hey, well, it gets definitely
a little better here. (laughs) – It’s your Garnier commercial! Oh my God.
– Shh. – Please look it up. – Don’t look it up. – Oh my God. – It’ll haunt me for the rest of my life. I can probably legally
take it off my channel now. – I know, I was just gonna say, you probably could take
it off by now, but don’t. Please don’t, please don’t, please don’t. That’s, like, literally what
gives me life in the morning. Look, it’s me. Oh, my favorite thing
about this photo is Lauren. (both laugh) “Fairly local, but not for much longer.” She’s getting ready to move.
– Yep. And here I go.
– Oh, did you move? – You can see the transition in me trying to have a fuckin’ feed. – But this is a really good theme, I’m just gonna let you know.
– I know. – It’s really good.
– I know. – I think it’s about time to stop soon because you kind of…
– Yeah, everything’s kinda normal here.
– You blossomed a little bit. – Yes, Garnier. This picture. It literally looks like
someone is holding a gun behind the camera, and
they’re like, “Smile, bitch!” Smile, bitch!
– That’s how I felt, honestly. – Like, one, like–
– Not as bad. – This one, I can just tell you’re uncomfortable with the hairstyle. – Dude, what is that hairstyle? – And what’s the necklace? – Am I contractually, legally
allowed to say this is bonk? (both laugh)
– I don’t know. – It was a Garnier brand
deal, which by the way– – I commented saying “Cute!” I think I was making fun of you. (laughs) – Fuck you, bitch! Oh my God, you’re a bitch. – What? We were friends at this point. We had gone to Mexico together. – I guess that’s true. You know what, I think I
told you that I was insecure about these photos.
– Well, of course, because if anyone looked at
this, they would know that. What did your, like, fans
even comment on this? Were they like, “Are you okay?” – It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t good. I hope I didn’t bully you too much. – I mean, I asked for it
by filming this video. – I mean, you did the same
thing to me on my channel. – Yeah, I was harsh.
– Yeah. – And I still love you. – I still love you too. – BFFs for life? – Yeah. – Cool. We filmed another one of these
videos on Jenn’s channel, except I went through
her Instagram account. – And then she bullied me at a time. – Yeah, it was pretty good. – Yeah, it was good. I had equally as embarrassing photos. Maybe not as embarrassing. – Maybe less of an identity crisis. – As asking strangers
to take pictures with me and pretend to be my friends.
– Yeah, I gotta go. Can you do my outro? – No, come do it. – Thank you goys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you
leave a comment down below, give this video a thumbs up, and subscribe because I upload videos every… – Thursday.
– Yes. See you next week. – Bye. (dubstep music)

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